Your Questions About Obesity Essay Thesis

Lizzie asks…

Need help writing a thesis for my obesity essay.?

Here is what i got so far. It’s a cause and effect essay

Throughout the past couple of decades, obesity has become a greater issue in today’s society than ever before. We are slowly leading our country into an uncontrollable problem that will have dramatic effects on every individual’s future. There have been hundreds of studies that show how obesity can and will become the number one killer in the United States if nothing is done to prevent it. As newer ways of losing weight are been created every day, over weight and obese people are looking for the easy way out, such as liposuction and tummy tucks, forming our country into a lazy country. Just imagine what other countries must think about us when there are people who are dying of eating too much here while in their country they are starving to death. The cause to this issue can easily be found in the evolution of our society in things such as new technology and the increase of fast food choices. When it comes to the effects of obesity, there are many categories that they can fall into, but the main ones that seem to hurt the majority of the population are the physical and emotional effects.

admin answers:

Your thesis needs to sum up the overall message of your paper. You mention several different ideas so far. I recommend you think through the cause of obesity (one) that you will write about.

For example, if you think the cause of obesity is the availability of plastic surgery then your thesis might be:

The availability of plastic surgery to physically correct poor eating choices and lack of exercise has resulted in a obese society.

Good Luck.

Ruth asks…

thesis statement for an essay on obesity?

i cant think of a godforsaken thesis statement. please help. thanks.

admin answers:

Obesity is an epidemic that increases the risks for developing many chronic diseases.

George asks…

what thesis should you use when writing an 8 paragraph on obesity (Essay)?

admin answers:

Just chose anything related to obesity. There are no rules to having an opinion, but you should probably keep it nice (don’t insult fat people).

Some suggestions:
1) Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases (for example, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, depression)
2) A healthful diet is the best way to control obesity.
3) Obese people are socially discriminated against.
4) Several factors contribute to obesity amongst the poor. (Or “Why are a lot of poor people obese?” Interesting, because you’d think no money=no food=skinny, right?)

You’ll need to do more research to answer the questions or discuss the topic, of course.

Thomas asks…

So im writting a cause and efffect essay on obesity can someone help me with the thesis !!!?

So far i know i will be talking about. issues such as diabetes that come along with obesity
2.Technology such as tv has made us lazy
3.and how it affects our self-esteem

admin answers:

Wow, I wish they had Y!Answers when I was in Jr High so I could just come on here and have people do my homework for me. You are SOOO lucky.

Michael asks…

what is a catchy title and thesis statement for my essay?

I read the article “The Battle against Fast Food Begins at Home” by Daniel Weintraub, “If You Pitch it,They will Eat it” by David Barboza, and “It’s Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat” by Shannon Brownlee.
Now I have to write an essay about parents and the fast food industry for being the blame of child obesity and I really need an interesting catchy title and thesis statement for it

admin answers:

@ Amazing Grace: That title has been overused enough times dumbass.

Heres a better one for 10 points: “McDonald’s, KFC, and Wendy’s…only contribute to liver cancer, obesity, and heart disease”

It rhymes too ;)

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