Your Questions About Obesity Epidemic

William asks…

Obesity Epidemic?

What is the obesity epidemic that’s happening in America? I was doing this research on how America is feeding us fat on a silver platter. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

It’s pretty much fast food places ie, McDonalds, Buger King ect.The more places like those that exist, the rounder Americans are going to become. It’s a horrible thing thats moslty happening to the kids of america, and will greatly effect their future, by forming bad habbits now, such as eating out every night. Don’t get me wrong though, eating out 1-3 times a month is fine, they even say it helps you keep going on your diet.Video games are also the problem. Instead of playing in their back yards or parks, kids are inside playing the newest Halo video game(you get what I mean right?)This really needs to change if these people want a future, because as you probably know, obesity can lead to life threating diseases. I hope this helps!

Carol asks…

Is the obesity epidemic in America getting better or worse?

What is the news on the obesity epidemic? Not to sound offensive, but is America still getting fatter?

admin answers:

I think it’s been worse over the last few years but may be getting better in some views.

There are a lot more GOOD diets and health plans available than there used to be. Programs that started in the 70s or 80s that focused on only one food category or one type of exercise have either been wiped off the market or have changed their plans based on what’s been discovered over the years. Plans are now being issued by doctors and nutritionist instead of just zealots who think because they are thin they know all the answers.

More people are joining gyms and speaking with their personal trainers and working out correctly , instead of using videos made by celebrities and models who know nothing about being overweight or obese.

The FDA is becoming more strict on diet pills and what really should or shouldn’t be on the market and, though there are a lot that are being sold, consumers have bought less diet pills and shakes in the last few years than before I think because they are finally realizing they just don’t work.

More people are also taking the steps towards surgeries to lose weight. It is unfortunate that a lot of society gets to that point but we are lucky that it is available, that many options are available, and that those options are not as dangerous as they were a decade ago.

There will always be those who order double the amount because it’s cheaper that way, think that taking a fat burner and eating a pack of oreos is OK, say that they will walk an extra mile because of the pound of fried something they ate the night before, think they are just predispositioned to be heavy and so forgo a balanced and healthy lifestyle but I think most people are starting to be more knowledgeable about how unhealthy they really are.

Meal times and types are being changed. Families are getting active together. Doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, and chefs are telling us WHY we are unhealthy…instead of just telling us that we are…and helping us to figure out how to change that.

I think you will find, as happens with all ‘epidemics’, that America’s weight issues will increase and decrease every few years. People will always be unhealthy and healthy. People will always be overweight and average. There will never come a day when everyone fits into one category.

James asks…

How should our schools address the childhood obesity epidemic?

Besides promoting nurtition and exercise, do schools have any further responsibility to obese students? Should schools make nutrition and exercise classes mandatory to kids who have a very unhealthy BMI? Should this be the responsibility of the parents instead? Is this a form of child neglect that requires state intervention?

How should our schools address the childhood obesity epidemic?

admin answers:

It really wouldn’t be that hard. First of all, they need to restore p.e. To 5 days a week. Most schools have cut it back to 1 or 2 days.
Second, they need to quit serving crap in the lunchroom. Offer the kids salads instead of tater tots and greasy pizza.
Finally they need to reinforce this by teaching them how to make good decisions about food and the importance of being physically active.
Yes, parents should take responsibility for this, but many obviously don’t.

Lizzie asks…

Is this why there is an obesity epidemic in America?

When women breastfeed, they lose that ‘baby fat’ they developed during pregnancy. When women breastfeed, their children are less likely to become obese. But there has been a decline in breastfeeding in America for various reasons.

So, to what extent does this contribute to the obesity epidemic in America?

admin answers:

but i don’t think so

Paul asks…

Is the obesity epidemic full of myths or “truths”?

I want to know if many of the health risk claims about obesity has some truth to it or just myths. If so, does diet, religious beliefs, and/or genetics contribute to the obesity epidemic that is presented in the United States, according to the media?

admin answers:

The CDC has a slide show, at the link below, that shows the progression of the obesity epidemic, from 1985-2008. In 1985, the highest State rate was 14%. 1991 19%, 1997 >20%, 2001 >25%, 2005 >30%.

Our genes don’t change enough in twenty-five years to account for the increase. I don’t know of any rapidly growing religion that encourages their members to gain weight. Has our diet changed enough to account for the increase? Let me count the ways. These numbers are for the adult population, so we can look for changes since about 1970.

The proliferation of fast food joints and pizza establishments is one obvious change. Watch the video, “Super Size Me”.

The ubiquitous partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Encouraged to switch from butter to trans fat laden margarine. Highly refined corn, soy, canola or cotton seed oil in nearly all prepared foods.

Genetically modified “foods”. About 85% of our corn and 93% of our soy, has been genetically combined with other species. There have been no human studies that show these things are safe. The only human test was with people who had had colostomy’s. They were fed a meal with GM corn and soy and their colostomy bag contents were checked. Their gut bacteria had been changed to start producing pesticide.

High fructose corn syrup, hfcs, was introduced about 1975. It has been very successful so that now, fructose is the number one source of calories in America. Read the label on your packaged food. One problem with fructose is that it causes leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that signals the brain that you’ve had enough to eat. Without that signal, you continue eating.

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