Your Questions About Most Healthy Fattening Foods

George asks…

Is Arabian food healthy, and what are the most fattening/healthiest?

I wanna find out what Arabian foods are healthy and what Arabian foods are fattening. I tried researching and couldn’t find much, if you have any info(like calories) on any Arabian foods it would be helpful! If you have experience with arabian food then PLEASE answer!

Arabian foods i know of ->
Stuffed Lamb (with arabian stuffing; rice and meat)

(if u can think of any others and have info on them, feel free to include it in the answer)

admin answers:

Healthy Arabian Foods:

1. Minsef
2. Diwali
3. Fusulia
4. Humus (not actaully an Arabian food)

Unhealthy Arabian Foods:

1. Mekloobeh
2. Stuffed Lamb (with arabian stuffing; rice and meat)

Donna asks…

What are the three most healthy food dishes that you can think of?

Not fattening, but really healthy!
What are the three most healthy dishes of food you can think of?

admin answers:

Twigs and berries, dust, air sandwich

Lizzie asks…

What is the most fattening foods??

I have lost too much weight and in two places. My breasts and my butt! I want my assets back !

I will also be workin out while i am eating these fatty foods. Lol sounds crazy but i dont think its healthy to be so skinny.
the food has to be EDIBLE! haha

admin answers:

While your are right it is not healthy to be too skinny. You also don’t want to be eating a lot of bad for you fatty foods. The best think that you can do is Work out especially those areas.

Muscle weighs more than fat, and is healthier so if you start working out you can build some muscle. I start strength traninig and lifting weights this will help.
To gain weight healthfully you need to do it slow. Make sure you eat enough calories.
Here are some tips to help you

Eat three meals every day. Yes, this means you need to get up in time for breakfast, that you can’t skip lunch, and that dinner actually needs to be prepared and eaten.
Eat three snacks every day. That’s right: midmorning, midafternoon and evening. In order to gain weight, you need to fuel your body at regular times. The easiest way is to set up a schedule of three meals and three snacks.
Stop drinking non-caloric beverages. That includes diet soda, and plain coffee or tea. You’re looking for calories, right? Choose skim or 1 percent milk (we want healthy calories, not fat, so avoid milk with higher fat contents), 100 percent fruit juice or sports drinks.
Choose calorie-dense foods. That means eating potatoes, corn or peas instead of celery and carrot sticks. Or choosing a banana or cranberry juice instead of an apple or orange juice. Granola cereal is more calorie-dense than puffed rice. Read food labels for the serving size and the calories, and make it a habit to routinely choose foods that are higher in calories.
Expand your meals. Each meal should include some type of starchy food (potato, rice, pasta, bread, cereal), fruits and vegetables, and a protein source (chicken, red meat, fish, tofu, peanut butter, legumes, eggs, cheese). Use two or three teaspoons of margarine or salad dressing with each meal to add moderate amounts of fat without going overboard.
Exercise. Regular exercise and activity will help your body gain muscle and not unwanted fat. Thirty minutes of daily activity is plenty to get your system moving yet not so much that you’re burning up tons of calories. If you are more active, you’ll need to increase your calorie intake.

Think like the butt blaster in your gym will help build muscle in your but so it is not too small but also not giggley big…lol…you know
and pusc ups and pull ups will help build your pes muscles so your breasts will get bigger but not saggy from just fat deposits.

Good luck I hope this helps

Nancy asks…

Why do most humans “prefer” sugary and salty foods over others?

Essentially why do we “like” the foods that we like. Most people love Mcdonald’s french fries.. etc. etc. Fast food is super popular. What’s the science behind most humans preferring salty, sugary and generally fattening foods over healthier options??

Thanks :)

admin answers:

Yes – material scientists are responsible for turning out some pretty horrible “food”. Humans are attracted to “sweet” because it is so rare in the environment when we were cave people – so Nature put it into our heads to eat all we could find. In those days it was berries and honey – most fruit had not yet been domesticated.

Berries and honey are very important foods – and so Nature made them taste Really Good.

Salty foods were also very important – it often meant fish or other sea foods – and also salt is very rare for somebody who lives inland from the sea. So again Nature made salt taste real good to us.

So now material scientists supply us with sleazy sweet/salt garbage which we can eat daily/hourly – where in our caveman past, we’d get sweet or salty foods maybe a couple times a year.

And that’s why America is full of big fat adolescent slobs who will be dead of diabetes or heart attacks before they’re 45 years old.

Daniel asks…

what would be the most fattening food to snack on?

I was wondering what would be the least fattening food to snack on? Toasted white breaded muffins or milk chocolate? I have heard that white bread is really unhealthy and bad for you, but is it healthier for a snack than chocolate would be?

admin answers:

A stick of butter would be as close as you can get.

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