Your Questions About Most Fattening Foods To Gain Weight

Joseph asks…

What are the most fattening junk foods?

im 18 5 foot 5 and weigh 105 pounds and im frightened if i drop any more weight so what are the most fattening junk foods i want to gain 15 pounds how long would that take?

admin answers:

French Fries.

Sandra asks…

Can anyone provide me a list of the most fattening foods out there?

Unlike everyone else, I need to gain weight. I never really ate that much and now I’m losing weight. Started eating 2 and 3 meals a day for once lol. That’s beside the point though.

I want to become the world’s fattest man! You can help me realize this dream!

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Robert asks…

What are the most fattening things I can eat to gain some weight?

40 yr. old female, no kids, 5’8″, 115#’s and I want to gain about 10-15 pounds. It’s virtually impossible. I eat anything and everything I want, drink protein shakes and all kinds of fast food and home cooked meals as well. My 72 yr. old mother only weighs 90#’s so it’s just in my genes to be thin. HELP!!!

admin answers:

Its in your gene’s

Helen asks…

What is the MOST fattening food you can eat EVER?

Just so I know to avoid this stuff lol

But what is the most fattening food EVER, that even would make the thinnest person get fat.

Same with drinks too, what is the most fattening drink to avoid so i dont gain weight lol

admin answers:

A kebab has like 1500 calories sometimes
also chinese food has loads
search on google

Richard asks…

What is the most fattening form of sugary foods?

I was just wondering what the worst forms of sweet foods are in terms of sugar content and what will be likely to make me gain weight? Would it be sweets, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, cake, sugary drinnks, honey added in hot drinks, fudge, toffee, yoghurt coated raisins?
Any feedback would be great,

admin answers:

Anything that mixes high fat with high sugar. Croissants smeared with frosting for example would be perfect, premium ice cream works, heck sugary sodas are awesome in keeping blood sugar elevated AND you don’t quench your hunger so you eat more.

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