Your Questions About Most Fattening Foods To Gain Weight

Steven asks…

My sister has Cystic Fibrosis, why does she never gain any weight?

My fraternal twin sister who has Cystic Fibrosis can eat the most fattening rich foods (not bad food but home-made food my mother always cooks) and she can eat big portions but she never seems to gain any weight and is very thin. She even has to have a feeding tube that gives extra nutrients. We are 16. Why is it that she just doesn’t seem to gain weight despite having the enzyme supplements and the feeding tube and so many calories?

admin answers:

Unfortunately, CF patients tend to build up mucus in the pancreatic duct and sometimes in the hepatic duct and biliary ducts. The liver and pancreas secrete digestive enzymes into the intestines through this ducts. Whenever they’re obstructed, you can eat as much food you want but they will not be broken down for absorption. Enzyme supplements are not perfect and require special conditions for them to work (pH, cofactors, coenzymes…) which are absent if you introduce them artificially.

Mandy asks…

Whats the most fattening day of eating you ever had? Did you gain weight?

I think I may of had mine today.
Breakfast: 3 eggs, 5 slices bacon, biscuits and gravey, glass milk, glass OJ
Lunch: A whole sausage calzone from NY pizza all to myself.
snacked on snickers during day.
Dinner: 6 pieces of original KFC and…
I woke from nap just now and am drinking a root beer float made with whole ice cream and full sugar Root beer.

And yes I am getting pudgy. My lover said I never needed watch my weight. And, I was 117 two months ago and am up to 145. I love it and adore my new squishy parts. I have never felt sexier. I plan to maybe slow down at 165 to 180. I have always wanted to let go and be a little pudgy.

Don’t anyone dare say anything negative about this wonderful time for me. I have considered all sides.

My msger is on if you want to IM me, just click to my profile page and you will find the link to msg me on yahoo msger.

I love that my lil belly sticks out a bit, its so cute. And I love eating comfort foods, they make me so hot.
Actually nobody IMs me here. I add that just on off chance of finding a friend that might want to bs in this time slot that I watch the late comedy channels. Save me from TV.

admin answers:

I always go overboard at Thanksgiving and Christmas cuz the food is always so good and so is the company and we can sit and eat and laugh together for hours on end. I usually gain about 5 pounds by January but it comes off really easy. It all goes to my thighs and I don’t like them rubbing very uncomfortable.

I see your questions on here all the time…always about your gaining weight and how beautiful you are now and begging us to IM you. Are you really wanting answers or just wanting to talk to people cuz you’re lonely. I do believe The Love Machine may have you figured out Emily. Not sure about how I feel about your using your body to entice people to IM you though…hehe
no harm no foul I guess. Enjoy!

Edit: Here’s one you should enjoy answering:;_ylt=Ap1OLVhJl_Y8kYFVJvEfcTWmHwx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080624021037AAioa3n

Helen asks…

Name the top 2 MOST Fattening Foods anyone can buy?

Im trying to gain weight because im maaad skinny (90pounds). i eat normal and workout but it hasnt helped for the last 2 years. tell me some foods i can buy (preferably cheap ones) that will make me gain weight fast.

Dont tell me to eat other more healthy stuff because iv been eating that way for the last 5 years and it hasnt helped. i need to gain lets say… 10 pounds for the next month and a half.
o yea i forgot to mention that im skinny like that because of genetics i guess, both my parents were sknny like me at my age but got fatter later on in life.

admin answers:

Eat lots of carbohydrates, less fatty foods and lots of good protein. If you eat soy foods, it will help you gain weight, but will make you more feminine from the phytoestrogens in soy. Many men get “MAN-BOOBS” from eating soy and reduce their sperm count by over 60%. Soy is loaded with goitrogens, so it slows your metabolism down and will cause you to gain weight.

Bread contains lots of carbs and will help you gain weight, but again, at a price. Grains that are not soaked overnight before putting it into bread contains lots of phytic acid that binds to the minerals in your body and depletes you of minerals. When you heat grains over 130 degrees, you create what is called the “Maillard reaction.” This is when proteins in the grains combine with the sugars and at high temperatures, they for carcinogenic elements. Bread is made at about 350 degrees and this reaction is part of that process. Toasting bread creates this reaction. The brown color is the indicator.

Eat lots of potatoes and nutrient dense foods, especially carbs.

EDIT: Saturated fats? Who are these people telling you saturated fats are bad for you? That is just ignorance to believe that. Man-made saturated fats like hydrogenated soybean oil, canola, cottonseed, or corn oils are terrible for you and that is correct. Nature, however, makes saturated fats that are very good for you. Coconut oil is one great example that is 92% saturated fat and contains about 49% lauric acid, 8% caprylic acid, and 7% capric acid; all good fatty acids.

This whole idea that saturated fats are bad comes from an old myth created by Ancel Keys years ago that the drug companies have latched on to to promote very dangerous and damaging statin drugs. Cholesterol is NOT a bad thing and this “Lowering of cholesterol” has simply gotten way out of control to increase profits for drug companies, nothing more. Blaming saturated fats for heart disease is like blaming a fork for making Oprah Winfrey fat.

Good luck to you

John asks…

What are the most fattening foods?

I lost alot of weight and im trying to gain it back as quickly as possible so what are the best things for me to eat to do this?

admin answers:

Here are the most fattening foods I searched them all by the way
Fried Foods
French Fries
Onion Rings
Rice Cakes
Fruit Juice
Flavored Oatmeal
Salad Dressings
Breaded Chicken and breaded fish
Frozen Yogurt
Deli Meats
Hardee’s The Monster Biscuit
Voodoo Doughnut
Carl Jr’s taco salad
Dairy Queen The large chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard
McDonald’s Double quarter pounder with cheese

Laura asks…

How do i gain weight?!!! HELPP PLEASE!!?

I am turning 17 in less than a month and only weigh 100lbs! I eat non stop prob more than most teens do and i cant gain weight. I am 5”3′. I eat fast food non stop and just about never excercise and still dont gain weight. I try because i dont want to be classified as ANNERXIC. because i know im not. Whats a good fattening food? …. please helpp.

admin answers:

Check with a doctor first. The doctor may want you on a specific diet if she feels that your weight is a concern. If not, eat what every you want to eat. Because you are young, your body’s metabolize is very high because you are still growing.
When I was in 8th grade I was 5’10 and 120 lbs. During the summer I grow 2 inches over 3 months and lost weight. By my freshman year, I was 6’0″ and 103lbs. Basically my weight could not keep up with my height at that time. A toothpick was fatter than me. My doctor told me that my fast growth although rare, he felt that as long as I continue to eat regularly that was no heath concerns, especially annerxia.
Almost 20 years later, I am 6’3″ and 250lbs and someday I wishes I was about 50 lbs lighter.
So eat regularly, eat what every you want. There will come a time when your body’s metabolize will slow down and you will gain the weight

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