Your Questions About Most Fattening Foods Ever

George asks…

anyone know the most fattening food ever?

im a skinny girl but im not anorextic everyone thinks i am. no matter how much i eat i never get fat!

admin answers:

Eat fruits and veggies…dont go for mcdonalds just cuz it makes u fat. U want to be fat, but healthy fat. Not like obese, but u want some meat on u haha. Its true. So just eat more lean meat and veggies and fruits, maybe have an ocasional sweet stuff for parties but eat ALOT of the fruits and stuff. Good luck.

Jenny asks…

What is the most fattening food ever?

admin answers:

Lard. After all, it’s pure fat.3,500 calories a pound

Sandy asks…

What do you think is the most fattening food ever?

admin answers:

Hehe good question. I’d say oils, or butters. By the amount of fat per serving standpoint, and the most fattening food-food, would be a twinkie or frosting.

Fats are okay if eaten in moderation.

Chris asks…

what is the most fattening food ever?

admin answers:

Try the Quadruple Bypass Burger with Flatliner Fries at the Heart Attack Grill. I dunno if it’s the most fattening food of all time, but surely it comes close!

Donna asks…

whats the most fattening food?

whats the most fattening food ever you think?

admin answers:

Ummm……lard? Its pretty much 100% fat :)

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