Your Questions About Most Fattening Foods Ever

James asks…

I’m starting to feel even more ugly than ever help?

By the way If this is to long to read then don’t bother reading and answering and skip to next question please. But if you have time to help me out please try, or if you have been through the same situation.

well i started a new acne routine and like most acne medications they make you break out more in the beginning, and its been two days with this new routine.

I have many black heads on my nose, cheeks, chin and i got white heads on my chin , and pimples on my cheeks, forehead. I have even counted how many pimples i have and it adds to about 50 pimples in all. and I also have a large amount of cystic acne on my cheeks. I wash my face twice a day I even go to my dermatologist every two weeks, who prescribed me the new medication.

I had acne for 4 years since i was 11 sadly , and i felt ugly since i was 9 years old compared to other girls.

I know probably to you , your thinking about my profile picture why my skin looks so clear but thats due to lots of makeup and photo editing = and it isn’t natural, thats what bothers me. I want to be naturally pretty but this acne is preventing me. I do lots of routines for my skin, and i make sure I don’t use to much chemicals, and i make sure i drink 8 cups of water a day and eat healthy, and I stopped all fattening oil foods .

Has anyone been through this faze and did it go away =(?

And another question when people say people are born with nice skin due to genetics. What do they mean by genetics, like what type of genetics requires nice skin and less blemishes , while another persons genetics can get acne. I have never understood the excuse with “good” genetics to have nice skin. Is it because they have less oil glands or something? I just don’t get it.
I have actually tried proactiv but its too harsh for my skin and benzoyl peroxide is very drying , but thank tyou for trying to help

admin answers:

Well you’re not alone. I’ve had acne since i was about 12 too, it wasnt really that bad at first but it got worst when i was about 14 or 15. I also went to a dermatologist but that didn’t help, i think it was because I have hormonal problems like i got my first period when i was 14 and for about two years it only came once a year, the ob said that it was because i was underweight or something anyway don’t worry it will just go away i guess. Im 17 now and i barely have acne anymore, i get a pimple once in a while but i rarely have it anymore, anyway just drink lots of water, SLEEP, eat healthy and avoid stress. :)

Jenny asks…

How can I cure my depressions?

Info –
5″2 Weighs about 140-150~ 13 years old

So my mind has been EVERYWHERE not pervertedly.
My mom lowers my self esteem. She tells me that I’m overweight and is always comparing me to other people. Sometimes she treats my brother like an angel and just ignores things what I have to say.
I’m not huge or anything (just saying)
School has been a hassle. Ever since I did swimming for middle school sports, its been running into my violin classes and I didnt have much time to do homework cause of it.
I always blast music and just hum along and lay on my bed.

My mom isn’t a bitch or anything. She just warns me kinda… sometimes she says it in a bad way.
She always yells at me, because my room is messy or some shit. -.- Then again she tells me
“Oh your fat. Go lose weight. Be like your brother” and yet she’s always cooking fattening foods.

Of course like most girls. Because I’m so depressed nowadays I eat when I’m not even hungry. I sit in my stupid computer chair watching Korean Drama’s. -.- Or play a game called MAPLESTORY.

^ I’m just explaining what I do and why I’m depressed

What should I do to get things off my mind? Also what can I do to lose like 20 – 30 pounds within like 2 months… I really want to have a flatter stomach. My cousin suggested that I jump rope for 20-30 minutes everyday. I think I’ll do that because I’m not running around in public when people look out their windows and probably say stuff. >.>

admin answers:

Don’t worry, you are too young and with in a few years your height will take away some weight. You could perhaps add some light exercise e.g. Jogging to your daily routine that may help you to get agile and that is whole different than losing weight.

Oh yes and never worry about the ways of parents, they lose their cool too fast on kids between 8 to 16-17 but that is like come and go. Try putting 1-2 hours helping your mother or doing some contribution to household activities that rather you would put on your compu. It will work like a charm.

Daniel asks…

Do i Have Anorexia Nervosa?

Wel i used to eat what ever i wanted with out caring.but not so long ago i started cutting down on my foods so i could lose weight…normal right…and i did lose a bit bt not enuf.. but its got to the point wher iv restricted sooo much that its less n less im eating’ i feel guilty if i eat more and try in do exercise a walk r sumthin…i label foods as good and bad..i cut out red meat,iv low blood presure im afraid of gaining my weight bk…i kina stick 2 d 1 food now…bt i feel lik thats even fattening‘ i dont think i do have it since im not realllyy skinny…bt most the signs i have…alota people tell me iv lost so much bt i think their lying and they say iv lost it on my face…i make food for udr ppl n sumtyms nothing r sumthin small 4myself.i always complain about my hips etc…i duno can sum1 please tell me whats up…1st ting 2 the tym i go 2 sleep i thing about food…and wat il have its like a routine…i dont think i do bt be good to get opinions….
ok honestly dont beleive i have it….just curious’ is dry skin on hands a symthom?being cold,feeling your eating to much.afraid your gaining it back if anything…cut 2 about 500cal wanting less….im not skiny so cant have it. just wondering

admin answers:

Yes, that is exatly how I developed my eating disorders. Please consult your doctor or your parents to help you. Food is not the enemy. Try to eat fruits and veggies if nothing else, also good carbs. If you need any help or support, you can email me anytime. Xoxo

Lisa asks…

I am too skinny and want to gain some weight. tips?

Basically I’m too skinny, I am currently 16 nearly 17 (MALE) and i weigh between 8 and 9 stone and i am just over 6 foot tall. I don’t particularly eat abnormally but i also don’t eat extremely well (I think this is where i could start), As I am currently seeking employment and going to bed quite late and waking up around lunch time its hard to fit a breakfast in somewhere. Even when i was undergoing a college course (or school for that matter) and getting up around 6AM I found it hard and frustrating to get a breakfast and actually like breakfast meals.
It could just be called laziness but I find it is deeper than that and more to the fact that i don’t particularly like breakfast (or don’t know how to like it).

When it comes to dinner times there is plenty in the house for me to eat and plenty that i like but i usually just grab a bag of crisps or something snacky like a pot noodle. I think this is mainly because I will be occupied with something else like the TV or my Xbox (sad i know.. but w.e).

Tea/dinner/evening meal times are my best really because as a family i generally get to pick what we have each night when my mum does the weekly shop, my meals are prepared for me each night and i enjoy and will more often than most eat everything on my plate.

So heres the problem, I have been picked on about my weight but it hasn’t really come up much until my teenage years where everyone started to fill out except me where i just started to grow upwards, i tower over everyone in my family and i just don’t look natural having such height and not so much of a body mass. This is why i want to fatten up a bit.
Most people over the internet and sites suggest high protein foods, but i just wouldn’t know where to start and what to suggest for my mum to buy from the supermarket.
I ate a lot better when at school or college as i would be given dinner money and would buy things in the morning and afternoon that would fill up more of a normal diet but I just cant find the motivation to make or get something at the moment.
My body in itself is quite weird in the way it works as well, i don’t really ever get hungry, i don’t think i have ever felt the feeling of hunger. I never get pains and my body always feels the same but i do get full quite easily where i feel i cant eat anymore.

All I’m really asking for is advice and tips into getting myself into a more normal and suitable weight.


admin answers:

Try eating things like beans, nuts, meat, vegetables (believe it or not, veggies have protein and other vitamins that promote growth), fruits, dairy etc.

The more you eat, the more you may become accustomed to eating more. I was like that as a teen too so it may just be a growth faze. You’ll probably gain more weight when you get older. But eating the foods I mentioned will help.

Betty asks…

Why is my hamster getting thin?

I bought two russian dwarf hamsters last year in january. Both male, though one was always slightly bigger than the other. They were seperated when they started fighting. When I got them, they were tiny. They grew up a bit and fattened up for the winter a bit, and have since lost a little weight. Only thing is, one of them has lost a lot more then the other and seems to have shrunk almost back to his original size. I can feel the bones down his back. My other hamster is a normal size for the breed.
The skinny hamster always has food there, though hides most of it in his bedding, but he does eat a bit. He doesn’t like fruits, but likes Brocoli, cheese, baby sweetcorns and mange tout on top of his reqular hamster-ish food.
He’s still as enegetic as ever, and runs in his wheel all night, and his poops don’t seem to have changed. I’m just a little worried about his weight.

Any ideas?

admin answers:

Hi =D

This seem to be normal with hamsters. This happens to mine all the time. Something they get fat, and sometime they get thin. But, they do look cuter when they are fatter. It could be like what others have said. Check his teeth first. They may have over grown, that prevents the hamster from chewing properly. If you know your hamster has cage biting problem, or that you haven’t provide any chew toy then it’s at risk. I usually give chest nuts. The nuts are really good treats, and the shell helps to file down their teeth. I give them one once a week.

When my male syrian shrinks he still play just as much as he usually does. It can be a result of health problem at birth. Some hamsters, like people, just wasn’t born healthy. They are weaker than average. But, as long as you don’t see any sign of illness, like discharge on eyes, wet tail, or feel any bump, your hamster is going to be fine. It can also be that one isn’t eating as much, because the other one ate all of the foods, but this barely happen to mine.

If you really worry, then you can hand feed your hamster with boiled egg (not too much), oat or meat if you want, but chest nut really helps.

Good luck!

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