Your Questions About Jogging In A Jug

Donald asks…

Trying to lose weight will this help?

Ok, well im 5’7 and 250lbs. Obviously obese and im tired of it. I was 125 before I had my daughter and after i had her i stopped exercising eating more ect and got to where I am now. Tommorrow morning I plan on getting up at 6 like always and going on a jog for 2 miles. I havent touched a pop in three weeks (i was addicted to pepsi) been drinking milk and apple juice. I cleaned out a milk jug and plan on drinking a gallon of water a day. I cant do much with my diet as me and my husband and our three yr old live check to check so we have a very limited food budget. But I did plan on cutting my meals in half and cutting out the junk..Do you think this will help me lose weight. I plan on jogging a mile more each week. (Pleas no rude comments) I just wanna get healthier for myself. Also for my husband who has never said anything or even looked at me differently since my weight gain. I also dont want my daughter growing up thinking its ok to be unheathly. ty.

admin answers:

First off, kudos to you for wanting to get healthier. That’s a very good first step.

Secondly, if you want to know a good way to lose weight and keep it off, please, PLEASE go to your physician. They can help you figure out a plan that’s just right for you and the goals you want to set for yourself…without all the yo-yo dieting gimmicks that are out there that don’t work.

Don’t go for the pills, the shakes, the energy drinks, or the diet sodas and things like that. Any doctor will tell you that they’re very, very bad for you. And you have to stay on them forEVER to keep the weight off. I have an aunt who has been on/off NutriSystem for YEARS. She goes on it, loses weight, but then gains it back and then some whenever she stops.

Seriously, the best thing to do is speak with your physician. Cutting out the junk food and sodas are a good start, but only a doctor, not a bunch of folks on the internet(including myself, which is why I’m telling you to talk to a doctor), can help you figure out the best plan for you.

Good luck to you! :)

Mark asks…

do you see whats wrong with this picture?

okay, so here’s a little background. this happened about 4 days ago, and the kid, jacob who’s 14, has always hated me for some reason, i don’t even know the kid other then he lives a few blocks away from me and that he hates me and that i saw him around school a few times.

okay, we were low on milk so i was walking to the local star mart to get some, after i got it and i was about a quarter of the way home, i noticed a kid in a hoodie was following me, i knew it was a kid because he was short but he covered his face with the hood. i started jogging and about half way back to my house, he ran near me and started throwing eggs, EGGS!?!?! well he threw like 6 at me but only one hit on my leg near the bottom of my jeans. well, i started to run at him, dropping the milk on the grass as i sprinted at him, and i heard him say “oh sh*t” but by the time he tried to run, i was on him. well, i grabbed his jacket and pulled him back by his hood, im pretty strong so i picked the little runt up and saw it was jacob. i started yelling at him and he spat at me so i punched him in the eye and threw him into the grass. i picked up my milk jug and started heading home, i passed him, still sitting on the grass and the little pr*ck was crying, CRYING!!! it felt so good to teach the kid his lesson. so i went home, my mom saw the gg and asked what happened, i shrugged her off saying i stepped on a egg in the street and the day went as it normally would. the next day, a cop came with jacob and his mom, jacob had a black eye, and started asking me questions, i told him the whole story, about jacob throwing eggs at me and me defending myself and now I, ME, got in trouble. i seriously think this is messed up, he threw the eggs at me and started it, i just punched him and ended it. well, im going to court in a few days for this little mishap and i think that this whole thing is frickin messed up.

my main reason for posting this here is to blow off some steam and ask your guys opinion on this and a few questions.
should i be getting in trouble?
what should i say in court?
should i have given him more then a black eye?
whats the kids damn problem?
why am i getting in trouble?
@ I luv’s my bub’s -why would i get in trouble, he started it, he threw the eggs first, and then he tried to run. the kids messed up, i just taught him a little lesso, dont f*ck with me.
oh, and im 16.
plus anyways, i didnt want to hit him, i was just trying to scare the runt and yell at him but he spat at me, he wouldnt learn his lesson any other way then the hard way.
@I luv’s my bub’s – im talking about the kid, my lesson to him was, dont f*ck with me. i aint got no beef with you, your just another poster out of a billion others.

admin answers:

Ah.. Where common sense meet the court system. The problem is that he can prove you hit him, because of your statement about the black eye. In my opinion, you should not get in trouble over this. He should be given the restraining order, not him.

In court you must simply stick to the version you gave the cops. If you can add that you felt his behavior was threatening, that would be good. Try to play it off as self defense. If you could have stated that he approached you, and not vice versa, that would have been good. But if the police report stated otherwise, then better not do that.

What you have to understand is that his parents are probably the ones that called the cops, and this kid probably “never did anything to you”. So if you can get witnesses who has seen him harass you, then that’s good.

The kid deserves more than a black eye, but be glad you didn’t do anything more serious.

The reason you got into trouble is that as a society we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves anymore. What the justice system wants us to do in your situation is to swallow any human pride, run back home, call the police and have them hang up on you because you are calling over a crazy kid throwing eggs.

Ruth asks…

How do I drop a bunch of weight FAST?

My wedding is in 2 months and I need to lose at least 30 lbs. I have no money to join a gym or buy equipment but I’m jogging every day and also doing an old Denise Austin non-aerobic workout for toning/resistance training. The only meat I eat is fish, also don’t drink milk. I have a big jug of low carb soy proteine. How much should I have per day? What else can I do to drop the weight (fat)? I’m pretty much living off a low carb soup I made and the soy proteine. I’m not eating bread, rice or potatoes. Is there anything else I should do in other people’s experience? I’ve never lost weight before. Advice please!

I’m 5’4, 180 lbs. How many calories should I be eating? I know nothing about calories either. I’m eating a soy proteine shake with about a cup of low fat soy milk and maybe half a banana for breakfast. Then for lunch I have my carrot soup, then for dinner I have something small or more soup. Am I doing anything wrong? Is that too much calories or not enough? How would I know how many calories is in home made soup? I don’t get it!

admin answers:

You actually arnt eating enough calories in a day. You should be eating atleast 1200 calories a day. You can track how many calories your having here:

This is more like what you should be eating

Scrambled egg whites
1 fruit
1 wholemeal bread slice

handful of nuts/almonds

Grilled chicken with vegies
or soup n vegies

low-fat yogurt

soup with vegies and a salad or fish n vegies and a salad or grilled chicken with vegies and a salad

Also consume 8+ glasses of water a day and eat every 2-3 hours. Also get in that regular exercise; atleast 30mins of cardio a day.

Good luck & congrats on getting married hope everything goes great :)

Mandy asks…

!!!First AQHA show!!?

Ok I’m 13 and have a 4 year old Quarter horse. His registered name is HotLoss N’ FanceFree. He is a great horse when I got him he was very green and I rode him around are property for over 2 months and he did great. He is now in training and has been for almost a year!!! He is with the best of the best AQHA western pleasure/halter horse trainer in the area. We have done 1 small local show in walk, jog. We did very well it was double jugged, and we got 3 first, 2 seconds and a 4th. I did not expect to get anything at all. Joker did great when horses passed him and boxed us in he just keep going like nothing was happening. We have another show at this barn in a few weeks, we are going to do walk,jog,lope this time. But next month we are thinking about doing a AQHA show, my trainer says we are ready. But I have been to a lot of the AQHA shows and horses the would kick butt at any local show, don’t even place there.
So I need some tips. I know for the most part what the judges are looking for, but not everything. Should I try to do the snooty look, the if you don’t pick me your an idiot lol. . Is there anything I should now before going into the ring? Thanks much
Thanks a lot.. my question was just what are some tips, things to look out for. And about just not doing AQHA shows, we have put tons of money into this and with the plan to excel in AQHA shows. Joker is to good of a horse to do small shows. here is a vid, keep in mind this was 6 months ago and he is 110 percent better..I will make a new vid at the upcoming show and ask some new questions

admin answers:

It’s been awhile, so this may qualify as antique, but I have worked in the ring with AQHA judges years ago, and the first thing they look for is how you come through the gate. The judge eliminates the majority of competitors before they ever make it around the arena once…he/she will only be watching the ones that were already showing on their way in. Look like a movie star, spit and polish everything, and look like you came there to win.

George asks…

I have a new workout plan that’s perfect, anyone want to try it?

Strength exercises : 50 reps each Cardio : 30-60 minutes

Pushups- standard, on knees, feet propped up on a chair, leaning on a wall, upper body propped up on a couch, hands wide.

Crunches- feet on floor, lets bent in air, legs straight in air, bicycle crunch, full sit-ups, oblique crunches, plank.
Lunges- walking lunges, stationary lunges, side lunges, reverse or front lunges.

Squats- feet together, feet shoulder-width, feet wide, back on wall (holding wall sit), holding extra weight (dumbbells, water jugs, etc), one-legged squats (advanced!)

Bridges- lie on your back, legs bent, feet on floor. Lift hips toward ceiling, squeezing glutes the whole time. Challenge yourself by keeping one leg up in the air.

Cardio- climbing your stairs, running/walking/jogging outside, hiking, jumping rope (or just jumping period), kickboxing routines, fitness videos, biking, etc.

give me any advice about this plan that could make it better because I want it to help me lose weight

admin answers:

This is a great workout plan. It reminds me of the body sculpt class I am taking. The only difference is that we actually use weights as resistance for a lot of these exercises. Start off light (about 5 lb weights.) and work the resistance weight up.

I have lost 30 lbs with a similar exercise program and healthy diet in 2 months. But I work out with weights 3 times a week and do cardio 5 times a week for about 30-60 min/day

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