Your Questions About Healthy Lifestyle

Lizzie asks…

Healthy lifestyle?

I usually go on a medium intensity run for 60 minutes a day, four to five days a week. In addition, I do a total of at least 150 push ups and sit ups in each work out. I don’t consume more than 1500-1600 calories a day. I eat little to no junk food, and take my vitamins. I’m 18, male, and weigh about 164, around 14 to 15 percent body fat. Do I lead a healthy lifestyle? If there are ways to improve, let me know.

admin answers:

I think you are doing very well. Never give it up and try to maintain it as your lifestyle.

Good Luck

Joseph asks…

healthy lifestyle?

I need help with my health hw, so if any of you could help with these questions thanks!

What does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle?
What should I eat and how often?
How often should I exercise?
What type of exercise?
How hard should I exercise?
How much time should I spend exercising?
How much sleep should I get each night?
How do I deal with stress?
How should I manage stress?

admin answers: has all your answers.

Betty asks…

Healthy Lifestyle………?

I wanna start a healthy lifestyle but I dunno where to start, can you please help? I’d really appreciate that and by the way, I’m 16.

admin answers:

Begin by giving up fast food it is so full of fat, sugar, carbs, and all the wrong things for you. My daughter gave up soda and lost 20 pounds because it is loaded with sugar. Eat fish not fried 2 to 3 times a week, chicken 2 to 3 times a week skinless, lots of vegetables, and fruit and you will be getting there.

Sandy asks…

What is a healthy lifestyle for a 30 year old male adult?

What foods should he be eating to be healthy?
What can he do to become fit?

Please also give me some tips on what a healthy lifestyle would be.

admin answers:

Ummmm… These don’t seem like really hard questions

foods= fruits, vegetables, meat (not too much), whole grains
male adults should avoid eating too much sugar because sugar begets wrinkles

fit?= get exercise, stop watching the TV and sitting on the damn sofa
i recommend not eating late too

pretty much common sense

here’s my question about my apparent lack of a refractory period…

Thomas asks…

How can I pursue a more healthy lifestyle to help me attain my maximum potential in life ?

I am 28, and have always had a bad health because of depression and anxiety. But I want to change it I need some tips on how to pursue a really healthy lifestyle which helps people in their mental and physical wellbeing?

admin answers:

Two of the healthiest diets in the world are the Mediterranean diet and the Okinawa diet.

Yoga often helps for anxiety and depression as it promotes mental and physical wellbeing.

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