Your Questions About Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Michael asks…

I Need tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle?

The Things I already do.

Take a Multivitamin
Drink plenty of water
Get plenty of sleep a night
Use plenty of creams for face and body
Exercise 30 min a day plus sometimes a little more.
Eat kinda healthy (Still eat abit of junk food except sweets/Candy)

What else can I do to live a healthy lifestyle.

admin answers:

Sounds like you already do a lot Tony, that’s great! :)

Here’s what has worked for a long time for me: Stick with grilled lean protein like chicken, fish, and eggs, veggies, fruit, and some oatmeal ……try to walk/jog as much as you can….drink lots of green tea and water….and you’ll do it! :) Good luck you can do it! :)

Laura asks…

What are some tips you can give me to living a healthy lifestyle?

Any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


admin answers:

You are what you eat. Starts with you. You need to avoid stress altogether. Start exercising, walk, jog, run, cycle join a health club, start strength training, martial arts become discipline, more focused then you look at your diet. Organic foods like, veg, fruits, milk, green tea, wholemeal or spelt bread, grass feed red meat, free range chicken and free range eggs, gluten free/wheat free pasta, stay away from soft drinks, limit alcohol intake, cut down on smoking, drink plenty of water, you should get the idea.
Take away foods, stick with healthy alternatives not your Mc Donald’s etc. Try and get away for a weekend trip or even a long deserved holiday. Go to a retreat, where you don’t have to associate with the rat race. Get a massage, great for the muscles and body.

Maria asks…

Tips and Tricks for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.?

- I am about 5″3 and around 115 pounds.
- Please keep in mind that I am not trying to lose weight. I am very happy and satisfied with my hard work and results.
- I go to the gym with my boyfriend 5-6 days a week and we both eat very healthy

* What we are looking for are just quick and easy tips and tricks for the gym, eating (etc) from people, rather than internet sites, books and magazines :-)

thanks everyone!

admin answers:

Eat a good mixed diet, do any exercise you like doing whether walking, cycling, the gym, any sport etc etc.
Enjoy each other and enjoy life.

Steven asks…

3 Tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Hello, Can someone please tell me the 3 most important things in living a healthy lifestyle in school
I would say
1) Sleep (8 hrs)

What can be the third one?

Please someone help me out, its for my essay.

admin answers:

Under diet, you could take time to educate your classmates about the glycemic index and the related dangers of over-indulging in sugars. Help stem the tide of diabetes in the nation, and educate your classmates. It’s good to see a young person interested in this matter. Keep up the good work. Don’t think of it as an essay, consider it a chance to do a public service. You may save a classmate’s life with this info and not even know it .

Susan asks…

I want to live a healthy lifestyle… any tips?

I used to be healthy.. but since the summer I became very lazy with no routine. I think I have anxiety… it makes my emotions go crazy and I stress about the tiniest things. I want to get healthy again.
I’m chubby and hate the way my body looks.
I abused my body with food because of my emotions.
I want to get in the habit of doing atleast 30 minutes of cardio everyday.
I want to do strength training 3 times a week, to tone my muscles.
I want to eat extremely healthy everyday, with a treat once in a while.
I want to never binge eat again and never eat infront of the t.v or computer.

How can I motivate myself to do that and stick to it?!
How can I make sure I won’t fail?
Any tips?
Please help :)


admin answers:

You reward yourself after the day or just encourage yourself.

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