Your Questions About Healthy Foods

George asks…

Healthy Foods?

My mom and dad are getting really healthy and trying new things tomorrow we will go shopping what are some tasty healthy foods to try and make. My mom made this delicious salad with mandarin oranges and strawberries and nuts and stuff it was soo good i want to have more stuff like that but I’m confused on what to buy! What do you recommend?

admin answers:

I really like getting chicken breasts and putting a little marinade (you can get them at your local grocery store, and there are tons to chose from) and just grill it in a george foreman grill or bake it. Its reallly simple and high in protein. Try it with some broccolli or rice.

Chris asks…

Healthy foods?

I’m dedicated myself to eating healthier foods. I am also going grocery shopping this weekend and need a grocery list of healthy foods to buy. Please provide healthy suggestions and maybe some recipes—thanks!
Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions so far!

admin answers:

The obvious any fruit and veggie
Lean meats such as chicken and turkey
Whole grain breads and crackers
Whole grain cereals
Organic Peanut butter
Bagged salad greens are easy
Low/No fat dressings
Low fat cheeses
Olive Oil -perfect for sauteing chicken or drizzle on some veggies
Tomato sauce-add some lean ground beef and Italian seasonings, a bit of paste, a dash or two of sugar and have spaghetti
Nuts, espically almonds
Prepare for your sweet tooth, get sugar free jello and pudding or sherbert.

You can do so much withe boneless skinless chicken breast

Boneless/skinless chicken breast are easy and versatile.
You can cook them in a skillet with olive oil and garlic and serve with a side of pasta or rice and steamed veggies.
You can dice them up, cook in the oil and garlic, when the pink is gone throw in any veggies you like (I love mushrooms and broccoli) in the meantime prepare some pasta (al dente) drain and add to the skillet and toss and heat through. You can add a jar of Al Fredo sauce if you prefer, I love just the oil and garlic, use garlic salt or powder if you prefer.

You can dice them up or cut into strips and add some taco of fajita seasoning, serve on tortillas with your favorite toppings.

Cooked diced up and add to some rice with a can or two of Cream of Chicken (or whatever) soup.

Cook in a skillet whole and add BBQ sauce, serve with baked taters.

You can serve them on buns.

You can coat them with breadcrumbs and serve with mashed taters or on buns with fries or onion rings.

Grill outside with veggie Kabobs, better yet cut into chunks, marinate and make chicken and veggie kabobs.

You can get a great deal on boneless/skinless breast if you buy them frozen in the bags in the frozen meat section.

Donald asks…

healthy foods?

healthy foods for my project.Where can i find it?

admin answers:

The supermarket.

Carol asks…

What are some healthy foods to eat for breakfast?

I’m 15 and usually I eat Cup Noodles, chips, chocolate, or candy for breakfast. My parents never bother to buy yogurt, fruits, or anything healthy for me because they themselves eat Cup Noodles for breakfast every morning.
I’ve recently decided to begin buying food myself. I’d like to know some healthy, but cheap foods that I can eat for breakfast. I’m not overweight but I think I may have high blood pressure.I need to start eating healthier foods. Please help!

admin answers:

There are Quaker and Kashi cups of oatmeal you can buy at supermarket. You just pour hot water on it, just as easy as making Cup Noodles, only healthier.
Yogurt on sale is not expensive. Try Carnation instant breakfast. Nutri grain, special K and fiber one breakfast bars are healthy for you. Eat a banana. Make whole wheat toast, bagel or english muffin. I take it that you want cheap easy to prepare stuff that wont kill you.

Buy stuff on sale, store brands use coupons to save money.

As a college student, i had a diet of Oodles of Noodles and Cup of Noodles like every one else. I have the real high blood pressure now and lost 20 lbs at gym. I eat healthy now. Cannot cook because disabled.
Good luck.

Paul asks…

Why are foods that are good for you and healthy so expensive?

Like organic foods or just healthy foods with fiber and stuff like that? Why is it more expensive to live a healthy lifestyle? Why is it more expensive for foods that come straight from the source versus foods that have adatives to make them last longer and processed foods and foods that have a whole bunch of extra ingredients???

It is just something I have not come to understand. Any thoughts?

admin answers:

What you are paying for is mostly the cost of production. The more mechanized, the lower cost of production, the lower the cost to you, the consumer, but that also means the lowest quality food stuff. The low cost of highly mechanized farming is to blame, and that means they have to have a high yield, which means pesticides and it also means additives for spoilage and such. So, to have an equivalent yield from organic farming means more labor intensive production which drives the price higher. The cost of food is directly related to the amount of manual labor versus mechanized production. People want perishable items year round when really these are seasonal plants and such. To get year round crops means growing crops year round and that means transportation costs from the places where you CAN grow year round to the places you can’t, and time is of the essence to keep the plants viable through sometimes long transport times. It all comes down to supply and demand combined with manual labor and mechanized production.

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