Your Questions About Healthy Foods That Fill You Up

Helen asks…

What healthy foods fill you up?

I’m a teenage boy and am always eating biscuits. I’d like to be eating something that isn’t bad for my teeth or anything and preferably something tasty.

admin answers:

Anything high in protein will fill you up fast. As far as I know protein builds muscle as well as fills you up. As far as I have tried, beans are the food that has the most protein, also has plenty of fiber as well.

Mandy asks…

what healthy foods fill you up?

i always feel hungry and most of those foods that say controls hunger for me dont work, any suggestions?

admin answers:

Fruit!!! They are full of water and fiber which both fill you up for a while. Plus they are delicious =)

Maria asks…

What healthy foods can I eat that will fill me up?

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been on a 1300 calorie diet by my doctor but non of the foods printed on the chart that she gave me fills me up.

No matter how many fruits or veggies I eat I never seem to get full. I’ve been baking my foods and avoiding all foods that are greasy and high in fat but I DONT GET FULL.

Can you give me any suggestions of healthy foods that will fill me up?

admin answers:

Your body is still getting over its addiction to inappropriate food. This is natural, and although it makes things hard, you’re just going to have to get there, to the point where good food is something your body accepts and wants.

Drink lots of water. And i hope you’re being serious that this diet is being followed by an actual doctor, because 1300 calories is insanely low if you actually do any physical activity. Grains like oatmeal, or nuts–stuff with protein in it will help with feeling full too.

Jenny asks…

Healthy foods that fill you up?

can you recomend healthy foods that fill me up but are low in fat,sugar,salt and calories.

admin answers:

Try a tuna salad, or nibbling on a bag of baby carrots. Eating some low cal crackers can do good in hunger spots. Also maybe try a mango or watermelon or some other fruits. And no matter who you are i would NEVER suggest you take the rice cake route, ugghh they taste like, well they have absolutely NO taste.

Richard asks…

what healthy instant foods will fill me up?

Please don’t say as the instant food is healthy I can eat as much as I can until I am full. I mean a normal portion. I mean instant because I do not want to cook anything unless it is really easy and a 5 min job as I work 6 days a week, and due to the job I can’t be cooking. I am having a problem that dinner (Tea if you‘re up north) gets cooked for me, so in the morning at work I have something fatty that doesn’t fill me up usually and still tend to have snacks in between. Also if I do have something healthy in the morning I tend to eat unhealthy snacks in between to try and fill me up. Also normally have something unhealthy at lunch and still eat snacks in between lunch and dinner (Tea if you live up north) I just never feel filled up with healthy foods or unhealthy foods. Hope you understand lol.

admin answers:

Cous cous – you can buy ainsley harriott cous cous all different flavours and its really nice! Plain cous cous is awful. Even my boyfriend eats ainsley harriott cous cous! All you do is put the cous cous in a bowl, boil the kettle and pour 160ml of water into it and leave it for 5 minutes to cook.
Mugshots – Pasta in a mug basically. You can get sweet and sour noodles, tomato and herb, chicken and minestrone flavours that are less than 1% fat. Boil the kettle and pour it in so it covers the pasta. Leave for 5 minutes.
Beans on toast – Wholemeal bread with baked beans – high in fibre and filling!
And i do understand – im always hungry! Lol

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