Your Questions About Healthy Foods That Fill You Up

Jenny asks…

What are good healthy foods that can fill you up fast?

The only time I eat is, when I’m hungry, but some foods that I eat don’t fill me up that much. My mommy always says “Drink water, and eat a slice of bread while eating supper. But oatmeal is the only thing I know that fills you up, but its for breakfast!

admin answers:

Apple dippers. In fact, any kind of fruit or vegetable dippers. They sell them at the grocery store already in individual prepackages so they’re so nice to get and easy to store.

Usually they come with apple and caramel, carrots and ranch dressing, apples and fruit dip… They come with a lot and don’t have a lot of calories in them, so it’s great! I usually don’t even finish a whole package of them because they fill so well.

Susan asks…

What are some easy to make healthy foods that i can fill up on, I’m a chubby dude trying to lose some weight.?

I love to eat and I refuse to be hungry… ever. What can i eat a whole bunch of, that‘s filling, and healthy? Lately I’ve been cramming yogurt and grenola, sauteed veggies and beef. Can i eat a lot and still lose weight.
I’ll try any recipes you guys offer, thanks!

admin answers:

Almonds will fill you up and they are even supposed to help with weight loss.

Ken asks…

What are some good healthy foods that can fill you up?

Im trying to watch my Calorie intake and basing myself on a 12- 1500 cal diet. Its hard to find food that is low in calories and will also fill me up. I’m always hungry and need some food suggestions of any good foods, snacks, or drinks that can fill me up.


admin answers:

Reach for the veggies. I keep my vegetable bin full of ready-to-serve celery, carrots, cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and snow peas. I put each of the veggies in their own zip-lock bag to make sure that they stay fresh and don’t transfer flavors from one to the other. These make terrific snacks, and are also very good for you. Eat them plain and raw for the best benefit. Do not use veggie dips which are high in calories, fat, and sugar. Hope this helps. Happy munching.

Carol asks…

What are some healthy foods that will fill you up?

I’m pretty tall so I need something big for breakfast, lunch and dinner

admin answers:

Oat meal
whole grain pasta

Donald asks…

What are some healthy food that fill you up?????

What are some healthy, good foods that fill you up so you are not always hungary??

admin answers:

Foods high in fiber are you best choice. Green veges, apples, whole wheat pastas, beans and oatmeal are all examples of high fiber foods. Also if you drink a lot of water that will make you feel full.

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