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William asks…

Healthy food doesn’t fill me up!?

I’m getting a little fat and I know it’s cause I’m not eating healthy. I’ve made big changes this week and started eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, soups and an occasional veggie burger. But none of this stuff fills me up! I feel like bread and potatoes and stuff like that does a much better job. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

admin answers:

You need to be eating a lot of protein and fibre to fill you up
fruits and vegetables lack in the protein department
and protein is what fills you up
eat 3 well rounded meals a day
and if hungry inbetween, have a healthy snack
things like nuts, although they have fat
are extremely healthy and can aid in weightloss
same goes with milk
just go with lower fat milk
don’t just eat fruits and veggies because you will always be hungry

Mark asks…

does anyone know any filling healthy food?

I am on a diet but I get hungry so easily and especially at night. I can’t seem to find a filling food that is low in calories and saturated fat! Does any one have any ideas? P.s salad and fruit, although I eat a lot of it doesn’t fill me up. Thanks

admin answers:

Protein will always fill you up faster than anything else. Pick your protein…

Ruth asks…

what are some healthy foods that will also fill you up?

I am trying to lose weight without much success (have actually gained weight!) and need a list of food that will actually fill me up but isn’t full of crap..
Since having children all i want to do is eat (unsure if i have an addiction tbh) but lets just say 3 sandwiches didn’t fill me up!!! Water doesn’t fill me up, and fruit doesn’t either. What’s wrong with me? I can’t stop eating.. i don’t get “full” at all and if I do feel satisfied after likr 3-4 sandwiches… i am hungry after 1 hour again!!!! do i need to see a doctor? I dont want to starve myself and go hungry… but i dont want to keep getting bigger!

admin answers:

It should be no surprise that some foods make you feel more full than
others –even if they have the same number of calories.
Dieters often eat a healthy, low-cal breakfast, then find themselves
“starving” a half-hour later. University of Sydney researcher Dr.
Susannah Holt conducted a study to determine the satiety index of
commonly-eaten foods. Incorporating satisfying foods into their diets can help curb hunger
pangs and prevent overeating at subsequent meals.
Satiety Index’s Most Filling Foods list:
1. Boiled/baked potatoes
2. Fish
6.Brown/whole wheat pasta
8.Baked beans
10.Wholemeal bread
11.Popcorn and Wholegrain bread tied for this spot: If you like to
snack then take into account that you will get to eat much more
popcorn than bread.
15.White Rice
17.Brown Rice

Sandy asks…

I try all the time to start eating healthy…?

I try all the time to start eating healthy but i always go back to junk food. I think it’s because healthy food doesn’t fill me up as much and I’m always hungry. Any suggestions? Please gives me tips on how to keep eating healthy.
I’m not looking to lose any weight… I just want to be healthy and fit. I’m not at all overweight.

admin answers:

Eat in moderation. Set aside one day of the week for you to eat whatever you want, to satisfy cravings. Eat more high fiber foods so they’ll keep you full longer.

Joseph asks…

What is a good filling food?

Hi all, i need a healthy food, that doesn’t take long to prepare and is largish and will fill me up so after a meal i am not looking for more. Any suggestions?

admin answers:


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