Your Questions About Healthy Fattening Foods To Gain Weight

Steven asks…

How do I get my parents to stop buying and force feeding me fattening foods?

So this year I started college at about 5’9″ and 135 pounds, pretty healthy. Then from partying too much I gained about 5 pounds, but was still a healthy weight at 142 pounds. I decided I wasn’t happy with my weight anymore, and went on a crash diet of sugar free jello, almonds, light soups, and salads. By the end of February, I was down to 130 pounds again. I kept on the diet and excercised 1 hour 5 times a week. I got down to 118 pounds about two weeks ago.
I loveeeee being thin. I feel happier, sexier, and healthier. Lately i’ve been eating an apple and peanut butter for breakfast, fish for lunch, and a soup or salad with a slice of wheat bread for dinner. I know i’m a bit anorexic, but I plan on gaining five pounds when I come back from the beach in two weeks.

Problem is, I just moved home this weekend. My parents eat HORRIBLY and I’m afraid of becoming overweight like them. I beg them to buy healthy foods, but they only come home with ice cream, pop tarts, nutella, and chips. They keep force feeding me these fattening foods. I feel more groggy, bloated, and just plain ugly. I know i’m gonna gain weight all the back I lost if they don’t stop.

How can I stop binging when i’m at home? And how can I get my parents to stop buying and trying to force feed me these fattening foods?
I have two jobs. And I do buy some of my own foods, like apples, cans of tuna, salad, etc.
But my parents make me eat their food
: ( How can I get them to stop from doing that?

admin answers:

Get a job and buy your own food

Robert asks…

How do I resist fattening foods when family loves them?

So I am pretty overweight and I want to lose a bunch of weight but my family, who are all very thin, love fatty foods i.e. pizza, steak, and fries. While they can eat all that and not gain weight I am very different. They say they don’t want to be in food jail just because I need to lose some weight. How can I resist these yummy foods…anyone have a recipe for something good AND healthy?

admin answers:

You can eat these foods in moderation.
Have friends over for dinner. I find having friends around to converse with, I don’t eat as much as I would alone.
Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!
Don’t completely deprive yourself. Give in once in a while!

Sandra asks…

Is cheese healthy for weight gain?

Hello, I’m an 18 year old girl trying to gain weight almost 100% healthily. I know cheese is very fattening, but it is unhealthy for weight gain? Would half a cup of organic cheese with tomatoes, onions, and a spelt flour tortilla be a good idea as a snack? it’s around 400 calories.

I don’t want to eat foods that are going to hurt my body while making me fatter. Thank you!

admin answers:

Yes, unless its over diet.

Michael asks…

What are some of the healthy and non-fattening food I can eat after yoga?

I do around 4 times of yoga a week, and I do yoga right after I get out of bed, and I always do yoga with an empty stomach.

My question is, I always get very hungry after doing yoga (of course right, I didn’t even have breakfast yet), but I don’t want to have a big meal after a good 1 1/2 hour of workout. What are some of the healthy and non-fattening foods I can eat after yoga?

I’m 25 female, 5’2 and around 90-95lbs, and I’m hoping to tone my muscles and not gain any weight (hopefully lose a few pounds). Thanks!

admin answers:

Great. Yoga is very good for you. Keep up the good work.

The best way to satisfy your hunger is to eat small meals. Proteins are great because the keep you fuller for a longer period.

So the best meal would be some cooked(fried or boiled) egg white, or some baked chicken and bread.

If you are a veg then try some nuts, milk and bread. You could also eat a salad with a non fat dressing on it.

All these are good and healthy. Remember never go hungry for long, it will hurt you.

Mary asks…

How do I gain weight in a healthy way?

Recently I lost a lot of weight and now I am underweight. When I was losing weight, I decreased my caloric intake. My doctor told me to try and enrich my diet and have an odwalla as an afternoon snack everyday to make sure I am getting more calories. I have been eating a lot more and a lot more fattening foods (potatoes, meat, etc.), but I haven’t noticed much weight gain. I find it very difficult to gain weight. How can I gain weight in a healthy way where I don’t feel like I am overeating? And what about days that I exercise and burn calories? Thank you so much for any help.

admin answers:

I know how frustrating it can be to try to consume more high calorie foods to gain weight but end up failing. I believe in your case you may not know exactly how much you’re eating since you haven’t told me what foods you’ve written down throughout the entire day. I believe if you follow these tips mentioned below you will start to notice yourself gaining weight. Take notice of the first tip as this maybe what you’re missing.

Write Up A Weight Gain Plan – Firstly you’ll need to write up a plan detailing exactly what needs to be done to gain weight. Your plan should include how much weight you would like to gain, a deadline to reinforce the urgency to reach your goal, what foods to consume and which exercises to use.

Eat Smaller Meals Frequently – In order to consume more food you’ll have to eat smaller but more frequent meals throughout the day. So that means instead of 3 large meals per day, you’ll consume 6 smaller meals throughout the day. Foods to consume include brown rice, whole grain bread, pasta, beef, chicken, full-cream milk, high calorie fruits and vegetables. Benefits of eating smaller meals frequently include more energy, greater chance of gaining weight and satiety.

Use Resistance Exercises – Not only will you need to eat more food you’ll also need to do resistance exercises to gain weight. These exercises include push ups, pull ups, chin ups, dips and squats. If you have access to the gym you should consider doing deadlifts, barbell and dumbbell squats, barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press. These exercises are one of the best for building muscle and gaining weight.

Within a few months you’ll not only gain a considerable amount of weight, you’ll also change the way your body looks, rounder curves and more feminine looking.

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