Your Questions About Healthy Fattening Foods To Gain Weight

Paul asks…

Did you gain or lose weight after having your gall bladder removed?

I got my gall bladder removed like a week ago, and i am hearing a mixture of things, some say they gained alot of weight after having it removed, and some say they lost tons of weight. I know that your suppose to cut back on eating, and eat alot healthier, but i still eat the same, which is healthy, but i still eat greasy or fattening foods every now and than. So in your experience, did you gain or lose weight after having it removed.

admin answers:

I had my gallbladder removed about 5 years ago. I did not lose weight. If I eat greasy food, I have to get to a restroom Quick. Every body is different, so don’t feel discouraged.

James asks…

Is it normal to eat more fattening food, gain wait, and be more lazy, during the winter? Read please?

I’m vegetarian therefor I usually eat very healthy with tons of veggies included, however during the winter I can’t help but eat unhealthy fattening and/or starchy a lot. Examples-

winter- grits for breakfast, cream soups for lunch, pasta for dinner, 3-4 cookies for desert

every other season- eggs and fruit or veggies for breakfast, salads for lunch, a veggie burger with greens on the side, fruit or healthy small bowl of cereal for desert

See? Is this bad or is it normal to eat unhealthy during winter? Do you do the same thing? I’m also lazy during winter and a bit of weight.
ps- I eat some healthy stuff and veggies/fruits during the winter, just not nearly as much.

admin answers:

I mean, bears stock up and hibernate during the winter, humans might have that response as well. Almost every culture has a huge winter feast, after all :P Could just be evolution protecting us from freezing our butts off – if we didn’t have heaters, you’d need those extra pounds just to survive.

Lisa asks…

What are some food that are fattening but healthy to eat?

I am 22 years old and weigh 99 pounds. I’ve been trying to gain weight for a long time now, and I can’t seem to gain any weight. What are some foods I could eat to help me get bigger.

Thank you

admin answers:

If you want to put on weight, you should work out, to insure that you
put on muscle and not fat. Healthy weight gain, just like healthy
weight loss, takes time and
requires a conscious effort to apply good habits.
Recommended Ways to Gain Weight
Have meals with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and the
right kinds of fat (such as unsaturated and monounsaturated fats,
olive oil, canola oil, pistachios, almonds and walnuts). Heinemann
suggests the following ratio: 60%-70% carbohydrates, 10%-15% protein,
and a small amount of fat.
Eat foods higher in calories, vitamins, and minerals, as opposed to
higher in fat or sugar.
Pack more nutritious calories in each serving. For example, you may
add grated cooked eggs to mashed potatoes, ground chicken to soups and
gravies, cheese in casseroles, eggs, and soups, and nonfat dried milk
in soups, shakes, milk, and mashed potatoes.
If you get too full too fast, try having more high-calorie foods or
slices of foods as opposed to consuming the whole thing (raisins
versus grapes, granola and Grape Nuts versus corn flakes, mango slices
versus the whole mango).
Limit drinking beverages to a half-hour before and after a meal.
Drink mixed juices (apple/berry, peach/orange/banana as opposed to
one juice beverages) for a higher calorie intake.
With moderation, you may add in good fat sources to meals such as
nuts, avocado, olives, and fatty fish (salmon and mackerel).
Snack in between meals. Nuts, dried fruits, and yogurt are good
options, but it’s also important to find nutritious foods that you
will enjoy.
Have a nutritious snack before bedtime, such as a peanut butter

Donna asks…

What foods to give a child who is slow to gain weight?

My daughter is almost 4 and has been thru so much, she is othewise normally healthy, with asthma now and finally gotten tubes in her ears, no more ear infections. She at one point was on Megace which is a drug normally given to patients with cancer, to help increase their appetite. It did nothing, she was also on something that was a powder that you added to foods, to increase calories in that food. But nothing there either. She was 20 pounds at 1 and 1/2 years old, and being that she will be 4 in march she is only 28 pounds. Any suggestions as to what can put on her weight would be greatly appreciated. Also she doensnt like avocados, or usually bread (lol) will pick out the lunchmeat of her sandwich almost everytime!! Mostly I think she has mentally put herself on the Atkins diet, loves meats and cheeses butnot a whole lot of fattening things!!! Thanks Any suggestions would be great!
I wanted to add, we did see a gastroenterologist last year, did all kinds of tests and studied what and when she ate, she was at one point drinking up to 3 cans of pediasure a day, and did nothing. Now she does drink strawberry syrup in her milk everyday, and i do get her do eat puddings, and things like that, but she just has no interest in the “good fat” foods i know of, i will be looking at CVS for that you described, whatever works. I do have to add, what bothers me most, the people that complain that their kids are overweight because of fast foods, do NOT know what they are talking about, my kids used to eat McD’s happy meals every day for lunch thinking it would fatten her up, but no, however she is active, if more kids played physically instead of just their thumbs it would be great! Thanks for all your answers.

admin answers:

My son has the same problem he went to the doctor and they say he is under weight he is 15 months old and weighs 20 pounds my mother had a baby 8 months ago and he weighs 27 pounds so i dont know what to do the doctor told us (me and my husband to give him yogert and chicken nuggets and french fries what ever has alot of calories.

Susan asks…

How can I gain weight at a healthy pace naturally?

Hey. So, I am 15 male, and I am 85-90 pounds. I do not suffer from an eating disorder. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Because of this many foods with fake additives and fried fast food cause me issues. So, I was wondering if anyone knows any good natural ways to put on weight. I eat a lot of food. The problem is not much of it is fatty because it is natural, and usually not fried. I have 2 protein Odwalla shakes a day, snacks between meals, and 3 full course meals a day.

[Question]: What are some natural fattening foods that will pack on the weight at a healthy rate.

admin answers:

Try some food fats like alvocados, almonds and olive oil(like a 1/2 teaspoon on pasta instead of butter)

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