Your Questions About Fattening Foods To Gain Weight

Sharon asks…

I’m trying to GAIN weight… any pointers and tips on weight gaining? fattening foods?

i am underweight and i’d like to gain a few pounds expecially in my bust, butt and hip areas… what kind of “diet” should i use (all-carb, all-fat, no exercise, ect.)? what kinds of foods should i eat? any kind of advice would be appreciated

admin answers:

You can’t really spot gain, any more than you can spot lose. When you put on weight, it goes all over your body although people do tend to have areas that will collect the fat more than others…still, you can’t eat and just expect your bust and butt to get bigger (for example) without also knowing that all the rest of you will get bigger too…so what is likely to happen, is proportionately even if your bust and butt enlarge, as the rest of you does too, those areas won’t appear significantly larger than the rest of you (which I assume, is the desire)..

Also, eating to put on weight doesn’t mean gorge on junk foods and sweets…people who actually need to put on weight still eat healthy foods, but just those that are high in calories to promote weight gain…

Do some research online on eating to put on weight (healthily)…but also know that you are likely not going to get the results you desire…

Your want your bust to look larger? Stuff your bra or get plastic surgery…you can’t really get bigger boobs otherwise.

You want your butt to look larger? Do exercises to tone, tighten, and lift the buttocks so they appear larger and do exercises to trim your waist so it will appear smaller (and thus your butt will look even bigger)…

Good luck to you…and do be careful with your health…

Lisa asks…

If i ate alottttt of fattening foods, and i gain weight from it,how long does it take…?

to gain the weight? Like will it show right after,tommorow morning or a week or what?

admin answers:

No it takes time to gain weight, even fat

u’d have to eat like a pig for a week or two, to start seeing even the slightest fat gain

Mandy asks…

neeeed to gain weight. what are some super fattening foods?

ok im 15, 5’5″ and only 84 pounds. i need to gain weight. obviously. hateee skinnyness (: anyway…what are some VERY fattening foods i could eat. like big macs or something like that???

My main prob is my legs. theyre so skinny!!!! like only 7 inches across,,,,
and yes iv seen a doctor its genetic HIGHHH MATOBLISMMM. im not sick im not anorexic.

admin answers:

Dairy Products

Ice Cream
Cream Cheese
Homo Milk
Milk Chocolate
Whipped Cream

Also try
French Fries
High nutrient drinks like Ensure

But it’s not necessarily all about fattening foods either. Do a simple BMI calculation to figure out how many calories your body needs a day to maintain weight. Then calculate a plan to eat OVER that amount.
It’s not healthy to gain too much too fast. So you should go see a dietition to figure out a way to do it properly.

Susan asks…

what is an easy way to gain weight by protein, i don’t want fattening foods, i want to gain muscle mass?

i have been trying to gain weight for a while now, i’ve started to buy a whole loaf of bread and turkey because it has high protein and eat about 10 sandwiches a day but i see no results… i know to eat eggs, turkey, peanuts, and all of that stuff… and extra advice would be greatly appreciated

admin answers:

You gain weight by having more calorie intake then your bmr…. Try weight gainers…they have 600-1k calories per serving…. 3 of those a day is around 2k in calories right there…. On top of say 3 other meals and your set…

The guy below me is retarded… Weight gainers ( the good ones) have no sat fat and the fat in the weight gainers are good fats from omegas 3, 6′s, and 9′s…. And there is like 5g of sugar in it compared to most WHEY protein shakes that have 20g of sugars and 20g of fat…

Daniel asks…

Fattening foods for gaining weight,?

ok i seriously dont need your opinion
i would like to no some fattening foods
for gaining weight and tips :]

admin answers:

Any food if you eat a lot of it can make you gain weight. But you should be eating natural foods like nuts, oats, meats, veggies and fruits to gain it in a healthy way.

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