Your Questions About Fattening Foods For Kids

Mark asks…

What’s with the extremist POV on kids and health food?

I totally understand a parent who makes the decision to not have junk food in the home. All foods served are home made and not processed, snacks are fruits, and as a general rule of thumb there is no sweets and dessert, or salty snacks. No need – right? I understand that level headed way of living, and think it’s fine. BUT..
what’s with the parents I’ve met who go off the deep end with worry beause their 6 yo is going to a birthday party and will be served cake, or the mother who’s never fed her child one single sweet thing in their life and won’t stand for it – ever – birthday, Christmas, other kid’s events, as a present from a relative once every two years – never! what is WITH that??? Is it for show? it has to be…I mean medically there is no reason to FREAK out over one little deviation on the food schedule, and even psychologically it’s proven the kids will end up better in the end without a super ridiculously rgid set of rules regarding junk food. What is their angle? what is their reasoning? people have actually come on YA! and said in a panick “OMG my kid is going to a birthday party and there will be cake! I don’t let him eat junk food! how do I tell him no?!” R they serious??? If they are they must be OCD or soemthing to get that frightened about something that wouldn’t make a darn hill of beans if it happened or not. What do these people think one bite of junk food once a year is going to do to their children? turn them into pigs? fatten them up? give them a heart attack? make them rebel? what?

admin answers:

Your question is too long and rambling for me to bother reading the whole thing. It seems like more of a rant than a question. I’d have read the whole thing if it had been shorter or had some kind of structure.

Chris asks…

Is it possible to lose to loose 20 pounds in a month?

I weight 250 lbs and I am 5 ft 10 in.. After having my three kids I just ballooned up… then my mother talked me into getting gastric bypass…I had to wait fo my insurance… for a couple months at this time I ate anything I wanted lots of candy and fattening foods.. the isurance denide the claim (i wasnt fat enough) I was in a fat limbo…. I have decided to take my life back (i am very stuborn)
I want to try to loose 20 pounds a month for 5 months
this is what I am doing so far to complete my goal
walking on a tredmill for 30 minutes
not eating any suger (soda candy)
NO FAST FOOD (we were eating out atleast twice a week)
and no food after 6 pm
I eat tons of veggies eggs water and skim milk..I want this to be a life change, and plan on working out more as soon as my body is feeling alittle better
this is very drastict but I really feel alot better do you belive my goal is achievable? in july I will be seeing a bunch of old high school enemies, and thats my motavation

admin answers:

20 pounds a month for 5 months is TOO MUCH TOO FAST….

Do what you are doing, but don’t get discouraged if the weight doesn’t come off as fast as you hope.

Also don’t get discouraged if you slip… Because you WILL slip if you are as strict as you plan to be….

Do your very best, keep it up with the treadmill and the water and the rest of the things you mentioned…. It might be a little more than 5 months, but it’s worth it and you can do it!!

Sharon asks…

How do I deal with Step kids, and my partner doing nothing about what goes on here, ready to leave, at my end?

My wife has 2 children, 10 and 13, and I am ready to lose it. They can be great at times, but they can also be extremely disrespectful. They could care less when one of us are sick, they want what they want when they want it so we could be half dead and we would have to take them to do whatever they want. There is no consequences for anything and if I give one, my wife lets off of it. They do nothing around the house, leave food and dishes and garbage everywhere…gum stuck to everything, they can be physical (in a not nice way) to me, tell me to shut up, they can destroy things, mine or in the house, and my wife just says it’s kids, I am too harsh because consequences aren’t necessary, rules aren’t necessary, and they shouldn’t have to do anything around the house because they are kids…but they can go to the mall or movies on their own, do whatever they want but are too young to help out or pick up their dishes. Also, they suck attention like nothing I have ever seen before, a hang nail is a good opportunity to wail and bawl to get an hour of fussing over, so I have seen them stub toes, get hang nails, bump into stuff in upwards of 20 times a day for the attention. My wife and I rarely go anywhere unless it’s to the grocery store…I won’t go with them because they beg for garbage and fattening food, and the one will pitch a fit, and take off hiding somewhere in the store and scream endlessly for literally hours. Am I wrong? Am I just as she says, ignorant about how kids should act, too harsh… Help!!! Any ideas?

admin answers:

You are talking about kids … Some level of selfishness is to be expected. That’s just how young humans are. The important thing is that they don’t carry that attitude into adulthood. However, what you’ve written seems to go above and beyond the natural selfishness of minors. Your wife needs to be the one to really lay down the discipline. They are, after all, her biological children. It is HER job. If she won’t do it … Maybe it’s time for you take walk away for a bit until she gets it that you are unwilling to tolerate these types of living conditions with her children. The kids should have rules and consequences and chores. If they don’t, I don’t really want to think about what kind of adults they will be in this world.

Ken asks…

Do Canadians think it should be illegal to use toys to advertise junk food?

In one California county, for example, the municipal law banned McDonalds happy meals because these hamburger meals come with toys for kids. This is to prevent endorsing and rewarding the consumption of food for children that is unhealthy for their diet. Are there bans like this in Canadian municipalities?

On this issue, what is the Canadian consensus? If say a very fattening Tim Hortons doughnut were being handed out with toys for kids, wouldn’t this be rewarding behaviour in children that is not necessarily good for them?

How do Canadians feel about this issue?

admin answers:

I don’t care one way or the other, as I don’t let my children control me. They maybe eat one/two Happy Meals a year……that’s about as often as we go to McDonald’s and its usually on a road trip. If the parents are not responsible enough to be able to control what their children eat and teach them the difference between healthy meals and a treat, then they shouldn’t be having kids.

Sandy asks…

Free/reduced programs at school?

At my school you either get free lunch pay 40 cents or 2 dollars. I happen to pay $2. I use to think these programs r good they give kids who can’t afford to buy their lunch, get lunch. But then I stopped and started to think, the kids at my school who are “poor” and cannot afford lunch come to school everyday with $5 to use for the snack machine, Now if all of those kids are sooooo poor then how can they afford to spend their parents money on fattening food? I also realized that since my dad makes more money that also means he gives more money for school taxes and such, so if he’s contributing more shouldn’t he beable to get a small token such as free lunch? Poor people give less back and get free stuff? I am a very smart teenager, my school is ranked #2 in the nation, and this whole thing has me wondering what’s the point of being rich if your going to have to pay for someone elses food stamps and welfare and their kids lunch? Also the AP program at my school, if you have free/reduced lunch you only have to pay $13 but otherwise $56, that’s a huge difference! I could understand ok $20, but $56? I’m taking 6 AP classes and I’m going to have to pay $336 to take my test, while someone else taking the same number of test only have to pay $78, that is too big of a difference, just because my parents make a little Extra money doesn’t mean they can afford that, they have to pay for my brother to go tocollege and my mothers medical bills. But schools do not take in account were ur money goes they just see how much and automatically assume you are better off.

admin answers:

In some ways it might be better if people who had extraordinary expenses on medical care or other necessities were able to get free and reduced lunch, fee waivers for tests, etc. You might want to contact one of your legislators regarding this point.

You will be happy to learn that many other people are concerned about sugary and fatty foods sold in schools. People are working to get them out of schools. See this article to learn what’s happening:

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