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I believe my puppy is constipated?

This is the 3rd day I’ve had him. The first and second days, he went poo twice each day, 50% of the poop wasn’t runny, and the other 50% of times he pooped, it was a runny, mushy mess. The pet store I gothim from gave me a case of canned, wet dog food, and a big bag of eukanuba kibbles. They also gave me some vitamin paste. They instructed me to mix the wet and the dry, and add in the vitamin paste. Rather than mix the vitamin paste in, I gave it to him straight up, because the directions on the bottle said I could do that.

Today, I was told by some people in the yahoo dogs section to stop complicating his food, and just give him the dry kibble to eat. He had his normal meal with the mixed products earlier, when i fed him the kibble, he only ate one handful out of my hand the first time i fed him today, the second time he ate about 3/4 a handful. He wouldn’t go to his bowl, though he might have because I’ve left him in his crate for a few hours at a time today.

Earlier when i took him out, he pooped but it was just 1 straight, short strand. I know he ate more food than that.

I’ve been out with him at least 3 times after that, and he pees every time but never poops, no matter how much time i wait, or run or walk with him to get his bowels moving.

Right now, he’s napping next to my feet on his leash tied to the leg of a small table. I can hear his stomach rumbling sometimes.

Should we carry him to the vet? Does it have to be now or can it wait until tomorrow?

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