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Have you ever heard of giving puppies pancake syrup?

I brought my Welsh Corgi home from a puppy store a few days ago. (I know, I know.. next time I’ll get one from a breeder.) The guy from the store said to give him 3 cc’s of pancake syrup from a syringe (w/o needle) once a day, and it also says so on the papers they gave us.

The paper says, “Give your puppy three cc’s of pancake syrup two times a day for two weeks. This is very important and will prevent low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia).”

We’ve done so every day except for one, and the one day we forgot to, he had solid poop. As far as I can remember, the days we have given him syrup, he’s had mushy poop. I don’t believe this syrup thing is necessary and I think it’s upsetting his stomach. Have you heard of this before? Is this a good thing to do or does it sound strange?


Talk about Puppy Mills R Us.

This is a classic preventative for people who get underage dogs with falsified papers from crummy “breeders”. The dogs are stressed, weak, and often ill, and therefore at a higher risk for not eating enough and ending up hypoglycemic. Anybody who thinks a puppy needs sugar supplements on a daily basis is CLEARLY peddling puppy mill dogs. Get the dog to a vet if you haven’t already, make sure he gets a FULL workup including fecal, parvo test, etc., and get him on a quality diet (probably not whatever crap the pet store sold you, since anyone selling puppies at a store has the IQ of a toadstool). If he’s healthy and eating consistently there’s no reason to expect hypoglycemia and no reason to be giving him sugar.

Please do not ever support those horrible places again, every puppy bought from a pet store means dozens more dogs will suffer and die in puppy mills.

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