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Do you think my Puppy has Parvo?

Here’s the scoop on my dog:
At 7:15 this morning he woke up me and my husband because he was hacking. I take him out every morning right when I get out of bed, but he decided to stay in bed, so I went on with getting ready for my classes (He also usually follows me around when I’m getting ready). Before I left, I asked him if he wanted to go outside and he usually runs to the door. He did, but then he ran back to the bedroom.
Later, my husband woke up to the sound of him hacking again, but this time he vomited once and then he hacked again but no vomit. Then he took Peanut outside, but he had to carry him out because the dog wouldn’t go down the steps on his own like usual.
Anyway, he did #1 & 2 like normal (his poop was solid (normal) also).
Later when I came home from my classes, I tool him out. He went on his own this time so I thought he was feeling better. He did the same as before, but this time his poop went from solid to mushy.

All day he’s been sleeping and lethargic. He hasn’t eaten at all. I gave him fresh food (dry and moist), water, tried treats (crunchy and beggin’ strips), and even an apple and banana (apples are his favorite). He won’t eat anything.
He even looks sick in his eyes.
This is the first day he’s been sick. He has been very healthy. I just found out though that the previous owners only got him 1 Parvo shot and not all 3.

Also, the only “normal” behavior he’s had all day is barking at noises, but it’s not even as intense as it usually is.

He is an 11 month old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix.

Does this sound like Parvo?
If you need more details, please ask and I’ll add as much info as I can.



It is very possible. If even slightly think your puppy has parvo you MUST take him to the vet immediately because parvo is a very serious illness in animals and could kill them within less than 24 hours.

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