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Are my puppies sick from their food?

Our dog had puppies 7 weeks ago, all have been seen by a vet dewormed and deemed healthy, we started weaning a few weeks ago as the mother was being mean, and the puppies started with softened puppy chow with milk replacer, over the past few weeks i have watered down the milk replaced and now just have water, a few days ago we ran out of puppy chow and when we went to go buy some the store was out, I picked up another kind but same brand, (purina) still feeding them the same, except my husband has been giving them a little more than I do, but today it seems they have all had not runny but mushy poop, and its reddish, looks exactly like their food, It really doesnt look like blood, but im still concerned there was a little liquid with it as it left a red stain on the carpet. Im mostly concerned because the past two days their stools didnt look like this it was nomal and brown. Is something wrong or is it the food causing this? My vet isnt open till monday so I thought I would get some advice, also the puppies are acting just fine running around playing, drinking plenty water etc. Thanks!


This is not a medical answer, just experience…. Sounds to me like there food is just a bit too watered down. Try getting Purina Puppy Chow in the blue bag, Dont know how many pups you have but for my 4 weeny dog pups I used 1 cup of of Chow and put in about a half a cup, give or take, of water, or you can use the milk replacement. Warm it in the microwave until its soaked up the water. You dont want it runny though so youll have to guess at the measurements til you get it right. Let it sit til its room temperture. You want the food firm but soft. That should help there bellies and also get them ready for harder food. If they continue to have runny poop for more than 2 days I would see a vet and ask them what would be best. Good luck!

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