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8week old puppy loose stools?

i have an 8 week old lab and she has been pooping like crazy i have her on puppy chow not canned soft food its hard food. she is constantly going and its very runny what could this be due to? n she goes every where in the house how can i train her to use the bethroom on the puppy training pads its very aggravating tht she doesn’t go on the pads and I don’t know what else to do. She also cries when I have her gated in the kitchen its smal and secluded so she cn learn to go on the pads also she goes on my carpet and its hard to pick up because its so mushy. I’m trying to have patience with her but I don’t know why her poo is soo runny its brownish green poo.


My puppy was doing that and she ended up being pretty sick and having to take several different medications. However, hers was bloody and had this really bad smell to it as well. My vet bill was almost 200 so if you don’t think anything is wrong, I would wait.

They told me to feed my puppy chicken (no skin,bones or anything) and white rice to help settle her stomach down.

As far as cleaning up the mess, I went to wal*mart and found this stuff in the pet section by the name of Odoball.
It’s awesome! I wish I had some when my mom had a German Shepard! *ha*

I’m looking into getting some attractants or something to help lure my puppy to the mats. Have you noticed your dog has picked out several places that she ALWAYS goes? I would put some pads down there just for your sanities sake. There is a smell there that is drawing her over there.

I found some stuff online (that I’m thinking about purchasing) that will take whatever that smell is out of the carpet so she isn’t lured there.

Good Luck with your puppy!

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