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8week old puppy loose stools?

i have an 8 week old lab and she has been pooping like crazy i have her on puppy chow not canned soft food its hard food. she is constantly going and its very runny what could this be due to? n she goes every where in the house how can i train her to use the bethroom on the puppy training pads its very aggravating tht she doesn’t go on the pads and I don’t know what else to do. She also cries when I have her gated in the kitchen its smal and secluded so she cn learn to go on the pads also she goes on my carpet and its hard to pick up because its so mushy. I’m trying to have patience with her but I don’t know why her poo is soo runny its brownish green poo.


My puppy was doing that and she ended up being pretty sick and having to take several different medications. However, hers was bloody and had this really bad smell to it as well. My vet bill was almost 200 so if you don’t think anything is wrong, I would wait.

They told me to feed my puppy chicken (no skin,bones or anything) and white rice to help settle her stomach down.

As far as cleaning up the mess, I went to wal*mart and found this stuff in the pet section by the name of Odoball.
It’s awesome! I wish I had some when my mom had a German Shepard! *ha*

I’m looking into getting some attractants or something to help lure my puppy to the mats. Have you noticed your dog has picked out several places that she ALWAYS goes? I would put some pads down there just for your sanities sake. There is a smell there that is drawing her over there.

I found some stuff online (that I’m thinking about purchasing) that will take whatever that smell is out of the carpet so she isn’t lured there.

Good Luck with your puppy!

Do you think my Puppy has Parvo?

Here’s the scoop on my dog:
At 7:15 this morning he woke up me and my husband because he was hacking. I take him out every morning right when I get out of bed, but he decided to stay in bed, so I went on with getting ready for my classes (He also usually follows me around when I’m getting ready). Before I left, I asked him if he wanted to go outside and he usually runs to the door. He did, but then he ran back to the bedroom.
Later, my husband woke up to the sound of him hacking again, but this time he vomited once and then he hacked again but no vomit. Then he took Peanut outside, but he had to carry him out because the dog wouldn’t go down the steps on his own like usual.
Anyway, he did #1 & 2 like normal (his poop was solid (normal) also).
Later when I came home from my classes, I tool him out. He went on his own this time so I thought he was feeling better. He did the same as before, but this time his poop went from solid to mushy.

All day he’s been sleeping and lethargic. He hasn’t eaten at all. I gave him fresh food (dry and moist), water, tried treats (crunchy and beggin’ strips), and even an apple and banana (apples are his favorite). He won’t eat anything.
He even looks sick in his eyes.
This is the first day he’s been sick. He has been very healthy. I just found out though that the previous owners only got him 1 Parvo shot and not all 3.

Also, the only “normal” behavior he’s had all day is barking at noises, but it’s not even as intense as it usually is.

He is an 11 month old Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix.

Does this sound like Parvo?
If you need more details, please ask and I’ll add as much info as I can.



It is very possible. If even slightly think your puppy has parvo you MUST take him to the vet immediately because parvo is a very serious illness in animals and could kill them within less than 24 hours.

I believe my puppy is constipated?

This is the 3rd day I’ve had him. The first and second days, he went poo twice each day, 50% of the poop wasn’t runny, and the other 50% of times he pooped, it was a runny, mushy mess. The pet store I gothim from gave me a case of canned, wet dog food, and a big bag of eukanuba kibbles. They also gave me some vitamin paste. They instructed me to mix the wet and the dry, and add in the vitamin paste. Rather than mix the vitamin paste in, I gave it to him straight up, because the directions on the bottle said I could do that.

Today, I was told by some people in the yahoo dogs section to stop complicating his food, and just give him the dry kibble to eat. He had his normal meal with the mixed products earlier, when i fed him the kibble, he only ate one handful out of my hand the first time i fed him today, the second time he ate about 3/4 a handful. He wouldn’t go to his bowl, though he might have because I’ve left him in his crate for a few hours at a time today.

Earlier when i took him out, he pooped but it was just 1 straight, short strand. I know he ate more food than that.

I’ve been out with him at least 3 times after that, and he pees every time but never poops, no matter how much time i wait, or run or walk with him to get his bowels moving.

Right now, he’s napping next to my feet on his leash tied to the leg of a small table. I can hear his stomach rumbling sometimes.

Should we carry him to the vet? Does it have to be now or can it wait until tomorrow?

Have you ever heard of giving puppies pancake syrup?

I brought my Welsh Corgi home from a puppy store a few days ago. (I know, I know.. next time I’ll get one from a breeder.) The guy from the store said to give him 3 cc’s of pancake syrup from a syringe (w/o needle) once a day, and it also says so on the papers they gave us.

The paper says, “Give your puppy three cc’s of pancake syrup two times a day for two weeks. This is very important and will prevent low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia).”

We’ve done so every day except for one, and the one day we forgot to, he had solid poop. As far as I can remember, the days we have given him syrup, he’s had mushy poop. I don’t believe this syrup thing is necessary and I think it’s upsetting his stomach. Have you heard of this before? Is this a good thing to do or does it sound strange?


Talk about Puppy Mills R Us.

This is a classic preventative for people who get underage dogs with falsified papers from crummy “breeders”. The dogs are stressed, weak, and often ill, and therefore at a higher risk for not eating enough and ending up hypoglycemic. Anybody who thinks a puppy needs sugar supplements on a daily basis is CLEARLY peddling puppy mill dogs. Get the dog to a vet if you haven’t already, make sure he gets a FULL workup including fecal, parvo test, etc., and get him on a quality diet (probably not whatever crap the pet store sold you, since anyone selling puppies at a store has the IQ of a toadstool). If he’s healthy and eating consistently there’s no reason to expect hypoglycemia and no reason to be giving him sugar.

Please do not ever support those horrible places again, every puppy bought from a pet store means dozens more dogs will suffer and die in puppy mills.

Are my puppies sick from their food?

Our dog had puppies 7 weeks ago, all have been seen by a vet dewormed and deemed healthy, we started weaning a few weeks ago as the mother was being mean, and the puppies started with softened puppy chow with milk replacer, over the past few weeks i have watered down the milk replaced and now just have water, a few days ago we ran out of puppy chow and when we went to go buy some the store was out, I picked up another kind but same brand, (purina) still feeding them the same, except my husband has been giving them a little more than I do, but today it seems they have all had not runny but mushy poop, and its reddish, looks exactly like their food, It really doesnt look like blood, but im still concerned there was a little liquid with it as it left a red stain on the carpet. Im mostly concerned because the past two days their stools didnt look like this it was nomal and brown. Is something wrong or is it the food causing this? My vet isnt open till monday so I thought I would get some advice, also the puppies are acting just fine running around playing, drinking plenty water etc. Thanks!


This is not a medical answer, just experience…. Sounds to me like there food is just a bit too watered down. Try getting Purina Puppy Chow in the blue bag, Dont know how many pups you have but for my 4 weeny dog pups I used 1 cup of of Chow and put in about a half a cup, give or take, of water, or you can use the milk replacement. Warm it in the microwave until its soaked up the water. You dont want it runny though so youll have to guess at the measurements til you get it right. Let it sit til its room temperture. You want the food firm but soft. That should help there bellies and also get them ready for harder food. If they continue to have runny poop for more than 2 days I would see a vet and ask them what would be best. Good luck!