Your Questions About Physical Fitness Articles

Sandy asks…

I need to find work fast to earn money for christmas I live in the UK what could I do?

I have bar work experience, I would work gutting chickens or any factory work, Im a qualified fitness instructor, (hoping to be a personal trainer) I have an ebay account, can I earn money online? What about cash in hand?


admin answers:

Would you be interested in working online? I am a full time teacher and I work from day to afternoon. Just like you, I also take on any opportunity to earn money. I have been working online during my free time writing about education and teaching. Maybe you can do the same and write articles about physical fitness and also bar related materials.

Mary asks…

What type of exercises can I do at home to tone my upper body without using any gym equipment?

I am overweight and nearly forty years old. Not much of a fitness freak, but are willing to do some exercises at home.

admin answers:

Please read these links for stomach exercises:,5768,s1-21-0-1-ABC-0,00.html

Please read the recommendations below and go to this website for upper body exercises:

The following healthy living recommendations will help you if you’re trying to lose weight, tone up your muscles, have aspirations of building lean muscle mass, are attempting to get a wash board stomach, or just want to feel better:

*1) Burn more calories then you’re consuming everyday and measure your results using the following formula: Calories Consumed minus Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) minus Physical Activity minus the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). A website that explains this formula in more detail and will help you determine how many calories you need to reach or maintain a certain weight is at

Get an online, desktop, or cell phone diet and fitness calculator. This will allow you to easily calculate the above formula, set goals, log your daily calorie consumption, and register your physical activities.

Set realistic goals for your ideal body weight. Here are two websites that will calculate a suggested body weight:

It is difficult and unhealthy to lose more than one or two pounds per week. There are 3,500 calories in a pound. If you eat 500 fewer calories per day for a week you will lose one pound. If you burn through exercise 500 more calories per day for a week you will lose one pound.

Here are two articles on how to break through a weight loss plateau:

*2) Eat natural and organic foods found on earth versus something created by a corporation to make money. Eat meals in small portions throughout the day and take a good multi-vitamin supplement.

Do not try fad diets or diet pills. Avoid “High Glycemic Load Carbs” (sugar, pastries, desserts, refined starches such as breads, pasta, refined grains like white rice; high starch vegetables such as potatoes) and drink lots of water. Read this article for more information on high GL Carbs:

The following are food pyramids and several articles on what you should eat everyday:
Food Pyramids:

Antioxidant Superstars – Vegetables and Beans:

Antioxidant Loaded Fruits:

Good Carbs Mean Better Weight:

The Benefits of Protein:

Some Fats Are Good For You:

Antioxidants in Green and Black Tea:

What You Should Eat Daily:

Best Foods to Fight off Disease and Keep You Healthy:

*3) Perform cardiovascular, core, and/or strength training on most days. Read a book or find a certified trainer to make sure you’re doing all exercises correctly.

The following is a website and numerous articles on cardiovascular, core, and strength training:
Exercise Prescription on the Net

Starting an Exercise Program:

Strength Training Basics:

Cardiovascular Machine Workouts:

Balance Your Way to a Stronger Body:

Understanding Your Training Heart Rate:

Exercise Errors:

Getting a Flat Stomach:

Weight Lifting – Does Order Matter:

Encouraging Exercise in Your Kids:

Strength Training Safe and Effective for Kids:

*4) Get plenty of sleep. Sleep experts say most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night for optimum performance, health, and safety.

*5) Educate yourself continually on health issues and make a life long commitment to good health. A great free publication is “Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005”. A reputable test you can take to measure your biological age is at
Look at all areas where you can enhance your health. For example, make improvements in the quality of the air you breathe. Review outdoor air quality forecasts where you live and get an indoor air purifier.

Send me an email or yahoo instant message to “gainbetterhealth” if you have any questions and good luck!

*Click on all the source links below to get the full benefit of the recommendations. The answers presented to your health questions are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Lisa asks…

Has anybody worked as a tennis instructor for Lifetime Fitness or any other tennis club?

I have just been offered a job at a Lifetime Fitness as a tennis pro and also offered a job at a smaller competing location. I am wondering if anybody has had this job in the past or currently. Could you give me details about the job and whether or not you enjoy it. Be as descriptive as specific as you can.

I just really want to make the right decision for my career.

admin answers:

***I have just been offered a job at a Lifetime Fitness as a tennis pro and also offered a job at a smaller competing location. I am wondering if anybody has had this job in the past or currently. Could you give me details about the job and whether or not you enjoy it. Be as descriptive as specific as you can.
I just really want to make the right decision for my career.***

If you haven’t already, I would consider joining USPTA, PTA, MTMCA, or some such organization for teaching professionals. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in Physical Education is also a very good thing to have.

Do you actually enjoy helping other people with their tennis? It’s not about you, it’s about helping *them.*

Having said that, some clubs seem to do better than others. You might try and find out how often a prospective club turns over its tennis personnel. If they get a new tennis pro every six months or so, that’s not good, IMHO.

My old coach used to say “A bad lesson will hurt you more than a ton of good lessons will help you.” Therefore, keep up the planning before all your lessons, and do your damnedest to give the highest quality lessons you possibly can, for *everybody* you teach.

Jim Loehr had a good article about 30 or 50 things that a tennis pro must do, in order to get along. It was printed in ADDvantage magazine a few years ago. It is not as easy as you might expect, being a teaching pro.

All the best :-)

Carol asks…

How can I become a really good tennis player?

I am a 15 year old girl. I play 3-4 times a week with a coach for 30 minutes for a private lesson, then I take a group lesson once a week with different coach. I’m a little inconsistent but I have good strokes with great top spin. I would like to get a scholarship to a good school. How can I get really good. I read articles but they all say the best tennis players are natural players and started playing in tournaments when they were like 11. I have never played in a tournament before so they are making me feel like I have no chance of becoming really good. So what are some things I can do?? (Keep in mind that I am still in school)

admin answers:

Hello ,,,

I have been a Tennis player for almost 10 years, and played a lot of international tournaments around the world. Actually Tennis is a game that you need to practice for at least 5-6 days a week, with 3-4 hours a day of practicing. You can’t just practice 3 days a week, it does not help you to improve you Tennis skills and make you competitive player.

Another thing which is playing tournaments. It’s actually true that you really need to play tournaments and compete with others. The reason why is because the more you play matches, the more experience you will learn from your mistakes. As a result, you will increase your Tennis knowledge and experience and then become a very good Tennis player.

Just to conclude what I already said, I will write some Steps for you, try to follow them literally … ^_^ !!!

1- Play as many tournaments as you can, (weather they are local or international tournaments)
2- Improve you fitness, Improve you fitness, Improve you fitness (Tennis is all based on individual player which is you, so you need to be able to play matches that last for 2-3 hours without getting tired.
3- practice at least 5-6 days a week, with 3-4 hours
4- Eat healthy food that contain a lot of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins to improve your physical and mental heath
5- Be patient and hard worker all the time, and one thing which is very important, DON’T STOP PRACTICING FOR ANY REASON, even if you have certain issues, family issues or health issues or you feel you R tired, go and practice at least for 1 hour.

I am pretty sure that you will be an amazing player, just follow the steps a gave to you.

GOOD LUCK !!! ^_^

Mark asks…

Are humans wrecking evolution by allowing the weak, obese and handicapped to reproduce?

I just read an article on Darwin and evolution is basically survival of the fittest. I don;t see the fittest having too many babies these days?

No, I am not a “Hitler” just wondering if the species is degenerating.

admin answers:

I have a serious answer if you are looking for one!

Evolution can’t be ‘wrecked’ – it is simply a pattern of biological changes within a population over a multitude of generations due to the pressures of a particular environment. Don’t let the dry terms of ‘selection’ or ‘fitness’ fool you – evolution is all about struggle, suffering and, most importantly, death. No population ‘wants’ or even ‘needs’ to evolve to be ‘better’ – the changes that arise occur simply because organisms that are less ‘well fitted’ to an environment all die. In fact, one could say that all living organisms struggle against their population ‘evolving’ as they individually desperately fight against their environment to survive and reproduce.

Through our capability to reason and form complex societies that support one another humans (in general) have essentially removed ourselves from the pressures of our environment – we create shelters and clothes to protect us, grow enough food to ensure starvation will not occur and have developed medicines and medical treatments help all humans live longer – whether they are genetically predisposed to certain heath problems or not.

So genetically, in the modern world there are very few environmental factors (hungry predators, weather changes, diseases etc) that can select (AKA kill) enough humans to cause a significant change in the genotype of the population. In short – we have not ‘wrecked’ evolution and natural selection, we have won the battle against it.

Of course this only means that we are safe from NATURAL environmental factors- the environment we create through our laws, societal rules, norms, and policies could also potentially cause genetic evolution/change. For example, as interracial relationships become more accepted we could see a greater dispersion of different physical traits in the future population which is not seen in our current quite tightly culturally enforced ‘racial boundaries’ on reproduction. Or, as a more fun example, if significant parts of the world’s population were to be killed in some sort of nuclear war, the remaining population would have a different dispersion of traits which may result in some becoming more common. Hurray evolution!

In short evolution is not ‘good’ – we are not evolving ‘towards’ something which we would miss out on if we ‘stopped evolving’ – it is just a thing that happens. Evolution is what occurs after individuals struggle to live and reproduce but die without succeeding – and frankly I’m glad that most humans don’t have to deal with that so much any more.

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Your Questions About Healthy Foods To Eat

John asks…

What is the healthiest food to eat as a vegetarian in tough economic times?

Sometimes you pay a lot for fancy foods, or eating out, but what would be the healthiest foods to eat in these tough economic times? Can eating certain foods help the economy?

admin answers:

Not having a mortgage helps the economy, it´s cuz of those who have mortgage and are not capable of paying that the economy crashed.

U must eat as diversify as posible to ur own sake.

Michael asks…

What Are Some Healthy Foods To Eat For Vegans?

I just recently turned Vegan, and I need to know some good and healthy foods to eat that gives your body the same amount of protein that meat would give you.
Please let me know! Thanks. :)

admin answers:

Well I’m vegitarian so I know what you mean!!! I eat mostly nuts, rice, beans, and penut butter. Penut butter and nuts are the best things to eat because they have TONS of protien in them. Good luck!!!!

Chris asks…

What are healthy foods to eat all day?

I probably exercise for around 2 hours a day. I burn a lot of calories and sometimes want to eat throughout the day. I am wondering if anybody can help me out with some healthy foods to eat wit hminimal carbs, protein, just to enjoy the act of eating.

Thanks and much appreicated!
Also, I eat really ealthy and my meals contain rich nutrition facts. I am looking for all natural/ organic suggestions with minimal calories, fat, carbohydrates, proteing, etc.

admin answers:

Red apples definitely, and if you want extra protein eat some peanut butter with them, also kashi granola bars are great and healthy

George asks…

what are some good healthy foods to eat during pregnancy?

I want to be healthy as possible, no sodas or lots of sugar and carbs, also no medicines.
What are some healthy foods to eat and healthy drinks?
Any other tips or being healthy during pregnancy? :) thanks

admin answers:


Susan asks…

What are some healthy foods i can eat on my diet?

im trying to loose about 10 pounds. and i have NO clue what to eat. i go to school and play soccer so i need some things that i would like to eat and that would be easy for me on the move, thankss.

just looking for some HEALTHY foods to eat.

admin answers:

Hello =) Since you’re still in highschool and probably live at home with your family, I think it’s important that you get your whole family involved in eating healthier. Then you won’t have to be surrounded by unhealthy food all over the house and having to watch your family members eat junk food infront of you, which would make it harder. Do some research on healthy eating (and I don’t mean low-fat foods because those are filled with sweeteners and chemicals instead!) and start talking to your family about making a diet change. It doesn’t need to be a drastic sudden change. Follow them to the grocery store and help them pick out healthier choices. As a general rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it, and the less ingredients a product has, the better.

It’s important to remember two things: 1) What might be a healthy food choice for one person might be a bad choice for another person because the food might be rejected by the body or be hardly digested etc… Everybody’s body is made differently. So listen to your body before you listen to others. There are a lot of controversies over many food products about whether they are or aren’t healthy for you, which makes it really hard to know what to do, but don’t get discouraged! It gets easier. 2) Not eating enough can have the opposite effect you want. By starving oneself to try and lose weight, a person will have difficulty because their body will think that it’s getting dangerously low amounts of food and will hoard whatever you eat. It’s good that you play soccer and stay active. For more exercise, try walking or biking to certain places you would usually use the bus or a car ride, it’s great exercise and good for you overall.

Make sure to eat breakfast (if you’re an instant quaker oatmeal fan, learn to make your own, it’s super easy, much better for you and delicious! You can mix up oat bran with quick/rolled oats, a pinch of salt, and chopped fruits, pour hot water and voila!). Don’t drink a bunch while eating, it makes it hard to properly digest food, and this is very important. If you often start craving foods, try to keep your mind and body busy, drink lots of water, and go for the fibrous foods- foods with lots of fiber help make you feel fuller. Try to eat the least amount of sugar and salt as you can, with time you’ll get used to it (trust me, I have! I used to be a sugar/chocolate junkie and now I barely crave it, instead I crave whole fruits). Vegetables are the best thing to go after, but if you’re not a fan of veggies, prepare them differently because different cooking methods can make them taste super different! Steaming them and eating them with homemade dressing (extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar and italian spice is a really simple delicious one), stir frying them with sesame seeds and a bit of soy sauce (careful to pick a good one) etc.

As for easy, quick snacks, the first thing that comes to mind is nuts. Nuts are small, dry and easily portable, they’re nutritious and have lots of protein, and don’t be worried about the amount of calories and fats! Just remember that you get lots from eating a little when it comes to nuts, so don’t eat large amounts, don’t eat more than 1/4 cup. Granola bars and energy bars are marketed as being healthy foods but most of them have lots of sugars/sweeteners and chemicals in them. The best thing would be to make your own granola bars (I have recipes for these on my website if you’d like), then they can really be healthy. Fruits are a great portable snack too!

I’ve got lots of tips on how to eat healthier and make smart choices on my blog, I’m sure you can find some useful tips there! =) I’ve lost 15 lbs eating the way I do, have lost all my headaches and barely have any cravings anymore, it’s wonderful!

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions =)

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Your Questions About Sugar Spike After Eating

Ken asks…

I eat sugar, then I get very dizzy and lightheaded like I need to eat again? I am 26 and otherwise healthy?

I ate a popcorn ball with carmel tonight. I got dizzy, lightheaded, faint-feeling and shaky and it felt like the way to cure it was to eat again. This has happened to me in the past when I eat sugar. I also get pins and needles feeling in my hands, and breathless like an anxiety attack, my husband believes. I do not know what this is. He doesn’t think I need a doctor for it its in my head. Is this normal after eating sugar?
I am 5’2” and 114 lbs so its not that I am over weight or nothing. I am nursing a baby she is 12 months old. This has been happening for the past 18 months, but more readily in recent months. I never had any issues on sugar tests while pregnant.

admin answers:

It sounds like you’re having an extreme reaction to a blood sugar spike and crash induced by sugar, or an acute hyperglycemic episode ( This is usually a feature of uncontrolled diabetes, but non-diabetics can have hyperglycemia, too. Please see a doctor about this and avoid sugary junk foods in the meantime.

Sharon asks…

Why does my Sugar spike at night?

I have been noticing that at night my sugar levels have been spiking WAY over 400.Please help.Thanks!

admin answers:

Of course your doctor could answer this a lot more clearly, however… Are you referring to evenings or night time? If it’s in the evening, what are you eating at supper? High carbs possibly, like noodles, bread, or sweet treats? Also, if I eat high fatty foods it tends to effect my sugars badly as well. This could be due to most highly fatty foods being highly processed and starchy… If it’s at night, while you’re asleep, my endocrinologist told me that if my sugars were about average to low in the evening, to have a small snack, like crackers, or broccoli, or a glass of milk. He said your body does sort of a “self check” on your blood sugars at about 2am, and if they are lower than what you typically run in the day, your body will dump sugar into your blood stream, thinking that it doesn’t have enough to sustain you. And you will wake up with higher sugars. Either way I would tell my doctor about it so she can help you average out your sugars, and get them out of the rafters. Good luck and God bless.

Lisa asks…

Can diabetics eat sugar?

admin answers:

Lots of people have answered to say “no, never”, and others have said “yes”, especially in moderation. The folks saying “yes” are correct. But, keep in mind that “can” is different than “should” and every person’s situation has unique characteristics.

Sugar is simply another form of carbohydrate, which, along with fat and protein, is one of the three components that all food consists of. It is not possible to eat a diet that is completely free of carbohydrates, 100% of the time – and you would not want to, since everyone’s body needs carbohydrates in order to function properly.

For diabetics, the issue is one of controlling the level of glucose in your blood. Many diabetics obtain good control by counting the amount of carbohydrates in the meals that they eat and making sure that the total amount of carbohydrates is within certain limits they know they can manage. If you wanted to eat a teaspoon of table sugar, or have a slice of cake, you could (not that I would advise doing that), but you would have to not eat something else so the number of carbohydrates was the same, or adjust medication or exercise level to compensate.

Folks who inject insulin have a little more leeway because they can vary the amount of insulin that they inject in order to manage the amount of carbs they are eating.

Folks who control their disease with oral medication, exercise and being careful about what they eat can’t make the kind of on the spot adjustment.

As long as a diabetic is aware of what they are eating, how many carbs it contains, and what they need to do to remain in good control, they certainly can have food that contains sugar – the same as anyone else.

Another issue for diabetics and high sugar foods, however, is one of the speed with which the sugar enters the blood stream, which certainly should be considered. Carbs from a high fiber source, from some fruits and vegetables are more complex, take longer to be converted into glucose and have a slower, less intense effect of glucose levels in the blood. Simple sugars like you find in cakes, cookies, snack foods, soda, fruit juice and so on, are metabolized very quickly to glucose, and can cause a rapid spike in glucose levels.

For diabetics who are careless about what they eat, do not test their glucose levels, don’t see a doctor regularly, “forget” to take their medications and generally seem to want to pretend they do not have a problem – they should avoid all sugary foods. However, that is also the group, I think, that is most likely to indulge in the high calorie, high carb foods. That head-in-the-sand behavior will cause enormous problems if it continues for a long enough period of time.

Control is the key to good management, and knowledge is the key to good control.

Hope that gives you some insight into the question.

Sandra asks…

Sugar level and Food?

Some test case,
11.50AM before Lunch – 106
2.58PM after 2.45hr of Lunch – 125
5.10PM after 45min of small snake with coffee (sugarless) – 170

#######SNAKES FOOD VALUE:######
135 kcal, carbs 19g-6% (inside carbs, 6g sugar)
Protein 2g (3%), fat 6g (12%), cholesterol 0g, Natrium (salt) 135mg.

What do you think that sugar level. I just eat one small pack of snake with above food value and my sugar level is rise by 50 value. I know it will go down to normal level after few hours but how a small snakes make different my sugar level graph.

admin answers:

It is NORMAL for your blood sugar level to “spike” immediately after a meal.

You should NOT be taking blood sugar readings ANY SOONER than TWO HOURS after you eat. This gives time for your body’s natural insulin to work.

Your readings appear to be normal.

BTW: Why are you eating snakes? Do they bite?
OOOhhh — I’ll bet you mean SNACKS!

Ruth asks…

Are non diabetic thin people more likely to have lower blood sugar?

I was just wondering if thin or underweight people are more likely to have lower blood sugar just like heavier people are more likely to have higher blood sugar? I went to the Dr. and my fasting blood sugar was 61, which she said is low but I have also been underweight (5″7″ 106lbs) my whole life. So I was wondering if I gained more weight in a healthy way is it possible for my blood sugar to be higher?

admin answers:

After taking Information from literally MILLIONS of hospitalized patients over the past 60 years or so, it has been found that the NORMAL blood sugar range is 80-120.

Immediately after you eat, your blood sugar “spikes” to a higher level, maybe as high as 200, maybe more depending on what you ate.

BUt in a NORMAL person, the blood sugar lEvel drops back down to 80-120 WITHIN 3-4 hours.

A non-diabetic person OF ANY WEIGHT is expected to be within this range at those times. You weight does NOT have a significant effect on your blood sugar, directly.

A DIABETIC person will have a blood sugar reading that exceeds 150 almost all the time. In fact, this is how diabetes is diagnosed, according to the statement in many Physicians Diagnostic Manuals::
“If two consecutive Fasting Blood Sugar levels exceed 150, then Diabetes Mellitus should be considered.”

In today’s medicine a test called the HbA1C Test is used to take a 30-day AVERAGE of ALL your blood sugars, based on the amount of sugar attached to the red blood cells. If the HbA1C returns a value of 7 or more (indicating a 30-day average blood sugar reading of approximately 150) then you ARE diabetic, and need to begin treatment immediately.

Weight comes into play as a CAUSE of diabetes this way:
As you add weight, your body needs more energy (sugar) to keep you alive. INSULIN is a natural hormone that allows the sugar to pass from your blood into your cells. EVentually, you reach a point where your body cannot produce enough insulin to work through your whole, overweight, body.

When you do not have enough insulin, sugar in your blood cannot be transferred to your cells, so the excess builds up in your blood stream –120, 130, 150, 180, 200 , , , When your AVERAGE blood sugar reading is more than 150, YOU ARE DIABETIC.

In most cases, by eating a diet low in carbohydrates (mainly sugar) AND increasing your exercise, you will lose weight, and your body can again “balance” itself in the blood sugar / Insulin lopp. As you lose weight your body can continue to produce enough insulin, and your blood sugar drops.

THE OPPOSITE IS NOT TRUE. People with low body weight DO NOT have lower blood sugars. Your body is designed to carefully monitor itself, and keep your blood sugar level in the normal 80-120 range.

When a ‘thin” person has low blood sugar , it is usually because they have not eaten enough. This is actually a mild form of an eating disorder!

This problem called HYPOGLYCEMIA, is actually more immediately dangerous that diabetes! Hypoglycemia WILL cause you to pass out (faint). What happens to you — and other people — if you pass out while driving 65 MPH down the free way?

For a normally healthy, normal weight person, the ONLY thing they have to do is eat a healthy, moderated diet that keeps them at their ideal body weight (consult with your doctor). There is NO FOOD OR DRINK that causes diabetes.

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Your Questions About Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Chris asks…

What to do when your girlfriend doesnt live a healthy lifestyle?

I’m 24,my girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years now. We have a beautiful daughter 6months old.

We get along,for the most part,besides her overwhelming jealousy and control issues. She knows Ive lived here in Vegas all my life,she has not. I have tons of friend(who,I am not abe to hang out with if they are female)..but
What im Getting at – Is that I try to live a healthy lifestyle- I go the the gym for 2hrs a day,5x a week to bodybuild/stay in shape, I do Tai chi,and meditation in the room or at my local park. I box outside,take walks/bicycling etc.
I watch what I eat,next to no soda’s,junk food/fast food , Mostly just lean meats,veggies,Water supplements etc etc.

she moved in with me,and my father. He is prior Air force 9 years, I am prior AFRotc 2 years..We keep everything clean tip top shape.

Im in love with her, but shes the opposite. I dont judge,and dont control or try to necessarily change her,But I beleive her fighting with me about messaging old friends (girls,never sexual) from 10years ago to catch up on life – is due to an inner depression from lack of doing anything besides working and spending time with our daughter. She has to be told or reminded to do dishes. Not once has she said ” I think ill clean and vacuum the house,clean these mmirrors etc etc” Not because she has to,but because She would like to,foran inner satisfaction.

She does not pay rent,she is not required to.

She just started working 4 days ago,But before that,She never does Anything physical,and has the poorest diet. shes luckily 105lbs never gains weight, and uses that as an excuse not to work out.
Ive tried to get her to go jogging with me,use the resistance bands I have,or hell,just STOP drinking 3-5 coca cola’s and eating candy/chips all day.. Nothing works.

Oh and she does not know how / does not want to learn how to drive.

She openly admits “Im getting paranoid” and starts asking me questions about my msgs on facebook,whats in them,Why I talked to soandso. It pushes me the hell away after we have fun during our day.

I think if she would just Do something with herself,a hobby,passion,something to live for besides work,me,daughter..It would stop.

But how? She hates the feeling of running,she thinks everyone is watching her so shell only “do it at night”,Then night comes around,and she doesnt Feel Like It.
I spent $100 on supplements she wanted(i informed her what would be beneficial) and she never takes them. If I remind her ..”ughhh i willlll anyways” and never does.
Im not losing interest,Or atleast I hope im not,Its hard to see girls in the gym I go to,taking great care of their bodies,motivated and productive,then come home to a girl who complains about being “bored” sucks down garbage and gets paranoid from all the artificial crap messing with her brain chemistry.

Im sorry if it seems like I am venting or making her out to be a poor human being blahblah – Im really not,I know she has the potential to be an independant person. Im satisfied with her on some parts,But Extremely frustrated with the slack I have to pull on her end with driving us/her everywhere,diet and lack of motivation.

Is it ADD? ADHD? A childish mindstate?
Thank you guys for your advice.
Thanks Katie. All you others,Quit with the narcicist shit.
I tell her shes beautiful everyday,Pretty,smart,shes been through alot,and numerous other compliments.
I Was Trying to say , that Im trying to find a way we can bond,like introduce thse healthy activities to her,Im ( again ,idiots) not tryin to change her into Me,Control etc. Ive taken polite approaches etc.

Shes just generally a lazy person, Quit defending her like Im beating her or forcing her hand. I love her,will marry her one day,but that doesnt mean A husband,boyfriend etc cannot Sit back,and easily notice the lifestyle traits and notice,they happen to be lazy,or unmotivated.

As for talking to other girls,Im just saying i am 24,If a girl that I used to be great friends with,and her parents,pops up and asks me hows life,your daughter is cute,how are you an the family – I am NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK TO THEM . It is a control factor. Its not about me growing up,like im openly trying to flirt or get to know women. They are a s
Thanks Katie. All you others,Quit with the narcicist shit.
I tell her shes beautiful everyday,Pretty,smart,shes been through alot,and numerous other compliments.
I Was Trying to say , that Im trying to find a way we can bond,like introduce thse healthy activities to her,Im ( again ,idiots) not tryin to change her into Me,Control etc. Ive taken polite approaches etc.

Shes just generally a lazy person, Quit defending her like Im beating her or forcing her hand. I love her,will marry her one day,but that doesnt mean A husband,boyfriend etc cannot Sit back,and easily notice the lifestyle traits and notice,they happen to be lazy,or unmotivated.

As for talking to other girls,Im just saying i am 24,If a girl that I used to be great friends with,and her parents,pops up and asks me hows life,your daughter is cute,how are you an the family – I am NOT ALLOWED TO SPEAK TO THEM . It is a control factor. Its not about me growing up,like im openly trying to flirt or get to know women. They are a s

admin answers:

Okkkk……. So i am reading OCD and Narcism here…. In YOU.

Everything must be your way and in its place. 2 hrs a day in the gym plus meditation, boxing, cycling and god knows what else – how much time do you actually spend with her and your kid? You don’t say.

You say ‘ I dont judge,and dont control or try to necessarily change her ” = are you kidding me?
You criticise her activities, her body, what she eats, what you think she should be doing, infact everything about her and what you think she should be doing and doesnt. She has one helluva low self esteem and you are feeding it – what do you seriously expect? Will she ever be able to fully please you? Will any woman be able to? This is a relationship you are in with another human being, not a military drill.

Steven asks…

Desperately in need of weight control tips?

I’m looking for tips on successful weight loss and lifestyle improvement. I am 304 lbs and am totally addicted to fizzy drinks.I need to change and live a healthy lifestyle.

admin answers:

My doctor put me on a high protein diet. He told me to eat nothing but cheese, fish, meats and eggs. Any amount I could eat for at least three weeks. He said that I could snack on dill pickles and pork skins. I could drink decaf tea, water or even coke zero if I had to have a coke. I was like you and drank at least 3-4 (44 oz. Drinks) daily for years. After doing what my doctor told me I lost 13 lbs in the first three weeks and feel better than I have in a very long time. I now do the weight watchers online. It helps to track your points daily so you know when you need to quit for the day. I have lost another 7 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Being overweight is so stressful and brings your self esteem way low. Do this for yourself and no one else. Stay healthy and live longer. Good luck

Betty asks…

Any suggestions for sites with recipes using organic/natural foods?

What are some sites that offer health food recipes? Fitness tips? Healthy lifestyle?


admin answers:

I use a variety of sites for cooking, but my favorite for healthy, organic foods is Care2.

There are lots of recipes for quick and easy meals, too. That comes in handy when you’re in a rush.

Bon Apetit.

Lisa asks…

How to eat healthy in a desi household?

Im 15 and im trying to cut back on the fatty foods and live a healthy lifestyle just to shed a few pounds and slim my hips. But its so hard because i have no variety of foods and there is nothing to eat. My parents are Asian so we’re almost always having rice. Every night sometimes. And if you or desi (from the india region) you know that most foods are fattening. My dad cooks in the house and he puts SO much oil in the food its disgusting. I tell him not to but he refuses because he likes a lot of oil. Its not just that, its like every dish is fattening and unhealthy and i cant eat it. The rest of my family eats the u healthy food and there i am depriving myself of the meal and struggling to find something else for myself to eat for dinner. Its so hard to eat healthy with my asian parents and i always find myself deprived. What do i do

admin answers:

First of all, I’d try to convince your parents to eat healthier for their own good as well. Do they have any health problems in the family, like diabetes or heart disease? Maybe you could convince them to watch Forks Over Knives.

If that doesn’t work, you could at least show them some tips for cutting down on oil/ghee. Like when you fry onions and spices, you can do it in a little bit of water or vegetable broth.

Sometimes you can split a dish into a healthy version and a non-healthy version. For example, I made dal tonight, and cooked it in a large pot for a while, then I scooped out a portion for myself and cooked than in a small pan. I added oil only to the large one, so my kids got the “regular” dal, and I got the low fat version.

You can switch to brown basmati, although that might take some getting used to, especially for your parents. Again, you could make some brown rice for yourself, and let them have their white. Also if you make your own roti, you can make them without any oil, and they’re still quite good.

Ultimately, if your family is willing, it will just take a little getting used to some *slightly* different tastes, but if they try it for a while, they’ll notice how much better they feel. Then if they eat the oil-rich foods again, it will make them feel bloated and yucky.

Edit: One more idea–could you offer to do some cooking? You might be able to make some healthier foods that they would enjoy. There’s so much you can find online. These look quite good:

John asks…

What is the best way to stick to a health and exercise regimen?

I am trying to bring myself down to a healthy weight. Over the past three weeks I have been eating exponentially healthier (replaced junk in my diet with veggies, and cut my overall calorie intake by about 2/3rds). I want to some advice on ways to keep my healthy lifestyle going. It hasn’t been tough yet, but if anyone has any tips that have worked for them, or others, to help stick to a healthy lifestyle, I would appreciate it.

admin answers:

Keep it foremost in your mind, talk to people about what they are doing to stay fit, research health areas ……diabetes, running versus speed walking or swimming, healthy cooking sites, make it a passion……get yourself a few buddies that enjoy fitness and tell them to ring you up when they are going on a hike, jog or swim…they more you learn the more you will be convinced that a healthy weight and lifestyle is the way to go

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Your Questions About Obesity Essay Examples

Lisa asks…

Please review my essay on Super-Size Me?

This is my essay for Health. We watched the movie Super -Size Me and were asked to do this. The topics I included were all given and had to be used. and then of course, there had to be and intro and a conclusion. I dont want the essay checked for facts. I want it checked for grammar and that kind of stuff. so if you have the time to read this over i would greatly appreciate it.

I’ve numbered the paragraphs so that you can refer to them more easily.

thank you soo much

1 Super-Size Me is the perfect movie to watch to understand the benefits and harms of certain eating habits. It teaches us about the dangers of fast food. Not only that, but it also explains what foods to eat, how much of those foods, and ways to maintain a healthy weight.

2Super-Size Me is a great teaching tool for students and everyone else. For example, it shows us the risks of eating fast food, specifically McDonald’s fast food. Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s fast food for thirty days straight. He gained 25 pounds and also doubled his chances for heart disease. It took Morgan 14 months to lose his extra weight and he said it was nothing close to being easy. In addition, this movie shows the ways schools are affecting obesity in their students. Vending machines with pop are one of the main reasons. Some schools have banned soda vending machines and even prohibited students from bringing soda. Furthermore, Super-Size Me gives awareness about the consumption of fast food. Forty percent of American meals are eaten out of the house; that is about 121,623,890 people! Because of fast food restaurants, sixty percent of Americans, about 182,435,834 people, are either overweight or obese.

3 This documentary film shares many interesting facts. For instance, the people of America eat more than 1,000,000 animals hourly. Another fact is that there are only seven items on McDonald’s menu that contain absolutely no sugar. As well as McDonald’s being unhealthy, it represents 43 percent of America’s fast food market, which makes things even worse. Also, each day 1 in 4 Americans visits a fast food restaurant.

4 I think that it makes complete sense that the main cause for people being overweight and obese is the fast food industry. The food is already so fattening. On top of that, it makes a person lazy because it depresses the body and harms many of its organs. If you look back many, many years ago, weight was not such a huge issue. That is because the fast food industry was not so popular. This not only prevented people from becoming so weighty, but since they were not getting so much fat they also were active.

5Now, the question is, whose responsibility is it for Americans’ weight problems. The credit for that should go to both, the fast food industry and the general public. Yes, industry encourages the public to buy their food; they advertise through television commercials, signs, and even toys. But then again, the public is stupid enough to fall for all these advertisements. Fast food is not the only thing being advertised. There are commercials for whole-grain cereals, and articles about how to keep up a healthy lifestyle, and even free samples of fruit at the grocery store. Even so, we still tend to fall for the junk.

6Back in the 1950s, the founder of McDonald’s said, “Look after the customer, and the business will take care of itself.” This means that if the customer is convinced to buy the food then the business will be fine because it will be making money. Basically, customers are being looked after and at the same time being harmed because the food they are told to eat is only hurting their bodies. But no matter what, the business is making good movie.

7Overall, Super-Size Me teaches that fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s are extremely unhealthy. The food should be eaten very sparingly if at all. Otherwise, nutritionists advise to never eat it. It affects you in many ways, like by increasing your weight, or even heightening your chances of heart disease.
someone told me to take out the ‘i think’ that starts the fourth paragraph. the thing is, the teacher told us to give our own opinions/personal experience in the essay.
if i took out the ‘i think’ wouldnt it sounds just like facts? not my opinion?

admin answers:

I think that it makes complete sense that the main cause for people being overweight and obese is the fast food industry.
Take out the “I think”.

The food should be eaten very sparingly if at all.
Take out sparingly. Never use uncommon words unless its for English Class. (Lol)

Very nice Essay. I can probably only go up to like 3 paragraphs.

Great job~Hershi

Maria asks…

What are some good scholarly sources that describe the causes and effects of vegetarianism?

I am trying to write a research essay on the causes and effects of vegetarianism, but I am having trouble finding good journals or articles to use for my research. Can anyone help? I would greatly appreciate it.

admin answers:

Your search will be most effective if you spend some time thinking about keywords and phrases that relate to your topic. Lots of questions come to mind…

Are you focusing on the effect of a vegetarian diet on athletes, children, college students, asian americans – or some other population group?

Do you want to focus on how a vegetarian diet may affect obesity, control of blood sugar, depression or some other factors?

Do you want to focus on how a vegetarian diet embraced by a lot of people could affect the environment, climate change, animal welfare?

As you think about various aspects of your topic, keep a running list of keywords and phrases that relate to this aspect. Usually there are a variety of related terms that people, journalists, researchers will use to discuss a topic. You need to enter your searches armed with multiple strategies.

Next… You should get familiar with your library databases. Public and University libraries subscribe to article databases. You have free access with either a public library card and log in or a student ID and/or user log in. Look for databases like Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, Science Full Text Select, ProQuest and others. You can use but don’t expect the full text of the articles to be freely available very often.

If you’ve searched these databases without finding the types of scholarly journal articles that you need, then your search strategy needs work. Meet with a librarian to talk about how to select a good database and how to search. Some libraries offer assistance through a chat or IM service found on the library Web site.

Here is one example of a scholarly article:

However, notice that in order to get the full article you have to pay. Don’t do it! Take the information – title of the article, author(s), name of the journal and head back to your library site to find out if you have free access through a database.

The other thing to look for – if this article is the type of thing you need – are additional search terms.
I see terms like – “coronary heart disease”, cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, chronic disease. If this article sounds like what you need, then the next step is to search using words that match up with the content of this article.

Examples of library chat services: (Ask a librarian – lower middle of screen) (Ask NYPL)

John asks…

Proof that video games do not cause violent behavior?

I am doing an essay; specifically a persuasive one. I need an article or a website that shows that video games do not cause violent behavior.

admin answers:

I have no REAL proof here, but

The violence does not come from Games, though it might instigate the person’s Imagination to go beyond video games. But i think the violence comes from the player itself. Parents should always moniter what their kids buy.

Example: A mother buys a MA+ rated game for her son, when the boy is only 9, JUST because he wants the game, and she doesn’t want to hear him cry.

Same issue with the problem of obesity and kids.

Parents blame Big fast-food companies for the advertising to kids. ITS THE PARENTS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David asks…

Does anyone know of any sources I can cite for government diet control?

I’m writing a persuasive essay on government diet control. I simply need to cite pros and cons – it’s been fairly easy to find cons – can anyone help with finding pros to this?

admin answers:

There are many statistics about health that would be persuasive in convincing people that a healthier diet will result in a much lower cost of health in America. America spends about twice as much as any other Western country on health costs, but it is ranking #37 worldwide in delivering healthcare. The food stamp program, to take one example, allows junk food including soda pop, potato chips, Twinkies, and most other packaged convenience foods that are high in fat, oils, sugars, salt, food additives, and contaminants. Many people on assistance are obese and unfit. Eliminating free junk food from the food stamp program would improve the health of recipients and result in a lower cost of health care for those on assistance and public provided health insurance. An improper diet costs the American taxpayer a huge amount of money in unnecessary medical costs.

A book by Professor T. Colin Campbell called “The China Study” shows that excess dairy, meat, fat, oils, sugars, salts, and food additives result in much higher rates of disease including: diabetes, cancers (prostate, breast, colon, liver), stroke, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. These are preventable through a whole plant based diet.

Other researchers who have come to the same conclusions include:

Dr. Dean Ornish
Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. John McDougall
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.

I don’t understand why the government subsidies unhealthy foods and pays for packaged foods that lead to obesity. These same food stamp recipients are also the beneficiaries of medical insurance covering medical costs and pharmaceuticals used to treat conditions that are completely preventable through a healthier diet.

If a person receives free food, I think it is the responsibility of the provider to assure that the food is healthy. I say eliminate junk food from the food stamp programs across the country.

On the other hand, the government standards are abysmal with 30% fat by calorie allowed. Unless the government can do a better job of identifying unhealthy foods, any government action about American diet may not be desirable.

Charles asks…

Why do moral panics occur around issues of deviance?

This question is in relation to my essay but i cant really find a general answer to it.

admin answers:

Short answer:

because the panic is about moral boundaries thus by definition it’s about deviance

longer answer:

1.Criminality and deviance define the borders of what we find acceptable.
2.In our current society, especially from the 1950s onwards, we are going though increasingly exponential forms of social and cultural change.
3.The field of criminality and deviance then becomes increasingly attractive as social sites that help us continually redefine what our moral borders are.
4.This makes the boundaries of deviance :
- attractive to the media,
- and to the general public
- significant for politicians and policy makers,and
- a magic ‘testing the boundaries area’ for young adults

Stan Cohen’s model outlined the whirlwind of interraction between these four sets of actors, and the exponential increase of socially constructed concerns(that he called moral panics) about specific examples of ‘deviance’.

Ps Cuneen,Findlays et al’s study of the Bathurst riots is a classic piece of sociological research applying Cohen’s model to the effects of policing that actually had an impact on policing in Australia.

Pps your question though raises the interesting question of ‘to what other areas of social life could this model be applied?’….
Maybe current issues of ‘childrens obesity’, anorexic models, global warming mmm good point except that these could all be seen as some form of non criminal , or about to be criminalised behaviours??

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Your Questions About Mushy Poop Diarrhea

Lisa asks…

Hamster has diarrhea?

I bought my hamster about a month ago from Petco. Yesterday I noticed he had some solid but mushy diarrhea on his bottom. I clean him up and he was fine after that. It wasn’t watery at all just not like the normal little solid poops that they do. And it was green which is the color of his favorite food in his bowl these green O things that come in the Vitakraft mix.

He was doing solid poop after that and the next morning. Then tonight I noticed it again, same thing, green and mushy. So far he has only had two outbreaks and they haven’t been consecutive. He is still eating and drinking, but he is being more lazy then usual. This could also be due to the fact that he had a mysterious lump on his right side that the vet could not diagnose, she said it wasnt a tumor or abscess, could be a cyst.

So I don’t think he has wet-tail since he is still drinking, but I am worried. I think maybe it could have to do with the mass on his right side (which has been going down for the past few days) Or maybe his stomach just can’t handle the green O’s, because for awhile he didn’t have them and he was fine and I just started giving them to him again a few days ago. Since the diarrhea is green that’s my first culprit.
Update: yeah he is a syrian. sorry. He started showing more symptoms of wet tail today so i believe he has it. I bought him hamster wet-tail drops, and some pedialyte to keep him hydrated. Any ideas on how much pedialyte I should give him?
2nd Update:
So i’ve been giving him wet-tail drops and pedialyte since yesterday. Yesterday i had to shoot the pediatlyte in his mouth, but this morning he started drinking his water bottle that had 50/50 in it. He started grooming himself and slighty building a nest again. Im cleaning his cage everyday, and giving him new food and water. He’s still mostly sleeping, walking funny, and having a little diarrhea but some solid poops. He’s still eating like a champ too. So hopefully that means he’ll survive because his diarrhea started Tuesday so he’s had it for 4 days and is still kicking and showing signs of improvement.
Update 3:
He died in my hands this morning. :(
Sucks cause he started looking like he was doing better.

admin answers:

I think your bulge and the diarrhea are not related – check my answers to your 2 other posts about the lump.

Have you noticed, by chance, if when you’re seeing the mushy green poo that it’s been closer to where he pees? Hamsters have a couple types of poos – ones that are gone forever, and ones that still have nutrients they can eat again (I know, ew).

If these re-edible types get too close to liquid, they just disintegrate into mush, which can resemble diarrhea.

Also, you haven’t said in any of your 3 questions if the hamster is a Syrian (teddy bear, golden, panda) or one of the dwarf breeds. Syrians can get wet tail, dwarfs *cannot* genetically get it.

Symptoms of wet tail:

Diarrhea covering the entire back end of the hamster and parts of the cage

Dehydration – sunken eyes and loose skin

Hunched, painful looking walking almost like you took a straw wrapper and squinched it up like an accordion.

I still say, like I did in the last post, that you should have the lump checked out by another vet. Hamster lover suggested this as well – not all vets have the same experience level with small animals as others.

Best wishes!

Laura asks…

my hamster’s poop is smushy?

my hamster poops everywhere!!!
in his ball,cage,and in his food bowl!!!!
hs poop is mushy,is it possible he has diarrhea

admin answers:

Yea , he might have diarrhea
did you feed it anything bad for it ?? How long has it been ? If it was only about 1 day ,wait and see but if its been a few days you should take him to the vet before it gets worse , just keep a close eye on him…hope i helped

Lizzie asks…

How long until my dogs get used to new dog food?

I had to change their dog food cold turkey because I had no choice. They were on the old Canidae and now they hate the new version and were vomiting on it. Now they are on taste of the wild, they love the taste, but they have horrible gas and mushy poops. This is already the second week they are on it.

They are both parasite free per the vet. And it looks like the diarrhea is just diet related. How long till their stomach gets used to it?

admin answers:

It usually takes about a month before you start to notice a dissipation in the food change side effects.

I’ve had to go cold turkey with my dogs before, and it’s not a pleasant experience for either party. I would try adding a little rice to their diet to help stop them up. It’s easily digestible, and worked well with my two.

William asks…

Dog has had loose poohs for a while.. could it be serious?

so a while ago about 3 months if i’m right.. my dog, a female 4 1/2 yr old Labrador, had switched food from Science Diet to Canidae. She’s been having loose stools, but not actual diarrhea, just mushy poops, very smelly but sometimes it can be firm, normally the only first poop. But rarely.. feeding her rice doesn’t really do much of a difference, and i hear rumbly noises from her tummy and she also passes quite a lot of gas and they’re also smelly..

could be that her body can.t handle such a high quality dog food? is it the shock because she’s had Science Diet for over 4yrs?.. over all of this, she’s actually no different. She’s still active, and still is her usual self, nothing out of the ordinary what so ever.

please answer respectfully, i do plan to bring her to the vet if i can’t find any solutions and get a stool sample and maybe a blood test.. if it’s just the food, i hope to find something else that can make her poohs normal. but no answers like VET ASAP or put her down! or stupid things like that.. it’s not even an answer..
thanks sooo much everyone for your help !! really appreciated here … my mind is at ease.. i will definitely try the yogurt trick :) .. if nothing works.. i will have to start switching her back to Science Diet or hopefully find something new..

i live in Ontario, Canada, and have not heard of California Natural :( sorry.. but thanks for the offer and will search for the next best dog food.

admin answers:

Your situation is quite common, some dogs have more sensitive systems then others. I feed Canidae to all three of my Australian Shepherds and add a table spoon of non-fat vanilla yogurt at each feeding for the the same reason you stated about your Lab. One of my dogs was having very loose stools, the yogurt balanced out her system and they all love the added taste and texture. Now I just make it part of their feeding routine. Sometimes I treat them with a meal of grilled, boneless, skinless chicken mixed with shredded carrot and the yogurt. I recommend using non-fat plain or vanilla yogurt, I buy the store brand ($1.69 a pint).

Paul asks…

my 2 month old has diarrhea?

after feeding or during feeding, my daughter would poop every feeding…the doctor said it’s pretty normal for newborns to be like that coz their digestive system changes and it is maturing…i’m just a bit concerned…what do u guys think?

admin answers:

Is it diarrhea? Or is it just mushy poop? They are 2 VERY different things and in a baby that age could mean a huge difference. Diarrhea needs to be treated with lots of fluids. Pedialyte is the best for that to keep them hydrated. If its just mushy poop, its fine.

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Your Questions About My Bmi 22.5

Maria asks…

How can I lose 20 pounds by June? PLEASE HELP?

I just used 3 different BMI calculators online, and my BMI is 22.5,
meaning that I’m overweight for my age.

I’m 4 foot 9, 104 pounds. How can I lose 20 pounds by the month
of June?

And I’m not going to go over-the-top and become anorexic.


admin answers:

Alex! He looks so hot in that picture! Ok. Anyways… What was the question again?…… Oh yeah weigh, right!

You should try running and drinking alot of water. Running really tones up your body and makes you lose weight fast! Like Im not even kidding!! You will see the difference in a few weeks! Besides drinking water makes you feel fuller and you won’t eat as much, and it also cleans up your skin. So yeah! You should try it!

Steven asks…

how much weight will i lose doing the following:?

i am consuming around 959 calories per day
i excercise and burn around 311 calories per day
and my bmi is 22.5

i’m not sure how to work it out in kilos
or if you know of a website that calculates it for you that would be great.
if there is anything else i forgot i can add it!
thanks :o )

admin answers:

Make sure you have a minimum of 1000 calories a day. Under that is bad for your health.

Sandra asks…

My Body Mass Index is 22.5?

My BMI is 22.5…and so far I’ve only grown 1/4 of an inch for the past year. I know I’m probably going to stop growing either this year or in another year since I had an early growth spurt. But is a BMI of 22.5 fat..?

I’m 5′ 3 and 1/2….

admin answers:

I believe a BMI of 20-25 is a health BMI. Above 25 heads towards obesity. Also, do you work out at all? BMI is highly innacurate. Don’t let its results make you feel fat. It tends to be most accurate for the most athletic of people.

Robert asks…

do you think i’ll be able to lose 15 pounds?

i recently joined the gym.i’m gonna try to go on my days off and try after work.
my bmi is 22.5 and according to 17magazines bmi chart, it leans towards overweight for an 18 yearold. (i’m 115 &4″11.5)
if i loose 15 pounds i’ll be a 19.5

i’d love to be like 94 pounds. but i’m affraid i’ll lose my butt and be flat chested.
how long should it take?

admin answers:

5 weeks

Helen asks…

My heart goes really fast sometimes… (help?!)?

My heart goes fast and I have to breathe hard sometimes. I have been skipping meals a lot, but not an eating disorder i don’t think, and my BMI is 22.5, within the normal range. But if i evn stand up too fast my heart goes fast and sometimes i get lightheaded.

admin answers:

People who find that strange things happen if they stand up too fast are suffering from orthostatic hypotension, a kind of temporary low blood pressure.

Tachycardia (speedy heart) is one of the consequences.

What really happens is the brain gets less blood than it should, which causes alarm bells to ring, so to speak. You feel lightheaded, possibly faint, and sometimes your vision is blurry. The heart speeds up to get more blood to the brain.

Drinking more water will help with the low blood pressure (hypovolemia — insufficient volume of blood). If you are skipping a meal, drink some water or tea (not soda) to add volume to your blood. Another effect of skipping meals is low blood sugar, of course, but that should not give you the symptoms you described.

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Your Questions About Fandango

Lisa asks…

What do you do if i purchase harry potter tickets off of Fandango?

Cause i have money to,we are gonna watch it in the theaters in 3D

What do i do after i purchase the tickets off fandango if i dont have a printer???

admin answers:

When purchase tickets on fandango, you don’t print them. Take your credit card used in the purchase to the theater and a kiosk will print your tickets.

Susan asks…

How do I use a fandango gift card?

Someone bought me a fandango gift card but I don’t kno how to use it.

admin answers:

Recently, I received an online gift certificate to Fandango. I had never heard of the website before and was excited to see what I would be cashing in my gift certificate for. I was excited to learn that Fandango is like Movietickets and that I received $20 for a free movie! I love going to the theater to see new movies and was equally excited to go for free!

Since we never get to go out (you know how old married couples are), my husband and I decided to get a babysitter and use my gift certificate for Fandango to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I followed the directions on the email received with my gift certificate number and was disappointed that the only theater that I could redeem my Fandango money at was in a “not-so-great” area not close to my house. Ok, whatever..we have to drive a few miles, no biggie. The theater that accepted the Fandango wasn’t safe but how many gang bangers are gonna go see Brad Pitt in all his Benjamin Button glory?

I followed through the prompts on the website and ended up paying $22.00 for two movie tickets. WOW! Fandango adds fees. Since it was a gift, no biggie.

Our tickets were easy to pick up. Since I had to pay the remaining $2.00 (my gift cert. Was for $20.00), I just had to visit the kiosk inside the main door, enter my debit card that I paid the $2.00 with and out popped our tickets. No standing in line or hearing the dreaded “Sorry that movie is Sold Out”.

I was very disappointed with the theater selection in my area but enjoyed the free movie, nonetheless and am very grateful for my Fandango gift certificate.

After all, seeing Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is worth the extra fees, not-so-great area and short drive!
You can search for theaters that use you gift card at this link (you use it just like any other gift card)

Sandy asks…

Can fandango sell all the tickets to a theater?

When fandango sells tickets, do they sell all the tickets or are they given only a certain amount of tickets that they can sell ahead of time?

I ask this because one time I went to a movie and fandango had said (after I bought the tickets) that the movie was sold out, but then there were a ton of seats open.

admin answers:


Chris asks…

Is it cheaper to purchase ticket on the Fandango website or at the theater?

Hi I’m trying to buy ticket at Century 20 theater at Great Mall, and I found out that on the Fandango website, they are selling ticket at $7.35 and was wondering if it is the same price as when you buy the ticket at the theater. They said the morning show is a 6.00, but then there is a 1.35 fee

admin answers:

Morning shows tend to be cheaper anyway, but fandango charges a fee so it is more expensive to book movies online, the difference is that if you want to see a popular movie, it reserves a seat for you

Sharon asks…

How does fandango work?

I bought tickets from fandango and I printed out the confirmation code. It says I need to bring my credit card, but I used my dad’s credit card. If I bring my dad’s credit card and he’s not there, what will happen?

admin answers:

You don’t need your dad at the movie theater. They just swipe the credit card and your tickets automatically print out. Also, you can just go to the machines they have and click retrieve tickets (or something like that) then swipe the credit card then. I’ve purchased through Fandango hundreds of times.

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Your Questions About Obesity Epidemic Causes

Paul asks…

What caused the redefining of BMI?

I did a research paper on obesity epidemic and the controversies.
I stumbled upon the 1998 redefinition of BMI.
I was wondering, what exactly caused the redefining of BMI?

admin answers:

Obese people caused it.

Michael asks…

Does anyone have some good information regarding pregnant women who are morbidly obese?

I am 29 and have been heavy since the age of 4. My weight was initially caused by my metabolism, but after it corrected itself, I remained overweight.

I have continued to gain + lose weight over the years. I went through a failed marriage & was on birth control the entire time because my doctor said that it would risk my life to have a child at my weight. I was in perfect health.

I am once again sexually active and trying to lose weight. We have used condoms and occasionally withdrawal. My period is late, but irregular. I have been having cramps and PMS symptoms off and on.

I am scared because I am 400ish/5’2″/carry most of my weight in my stomach area. I don’t want to have an abortion, I love children and I am very spiritual and sad that my addiction may destroy my chance at being a mother. Are there other morbidly obese people out there who have had children successfully? Does anyone know somewhere I can get help? I don’t want my child or myself to die and I am so scared.

admin answers:

This is something published in Yahoo health news 2 days ago:
Study examines pregnant obese women
October 2, 2007 05:52:03 PM PST

Obese women who gained little or no weight during pregnancy ? And even some who lost weight ? Had favorable outcomes, St. Louis researchers have found. They were at lower risk for developing high blood pressure and delivering by cesarean section and more likely to have a normal-weight baby.

The findings, in the October issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, fuel growing concern that national weight-gain guidelines for pregnant women are outdated and don’t take into account the nation’s obesity epidemic.

Current recommendations developed by the Institute of Medicine in 1990 say women should gain at least 15 pounds during pregnancy, and the guidelines place no upper limit on pregnancy weight gain.

The study found that women of different weights should gain or even lose different amounts of weight.

“The fear has been that not gaining weight would have a deleterious effect on the fetus,” said Dr. Raul Artal, study author and chairman of the department of obstetrics, gynecology and women’s health at Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

“Not only were there no deleterious effects, but there are benefits. Women, by not gaining weight in pregnancy, reduce their risk of hypertensive disorder, have less C-sections and have babies of normal weight.”

He added, “The guidelines are outdated and we have to change them.”

Artal said the research is the largest population-based study to look at the effect of weight gain during pregnancy among obese expectant mothers.

Relying on birth certificate data, the study analyzed the pregnancies of more than 120,000 obese women from Missouri to see how weight gain affected pregnancy-related high blood pressure, cesarean delivery and the baby’s birth weight.

The study looked at birth outcomes for pregnant women in three levels of obesity ? From not as heavy to heaviest ? And came up with optimal ranges of weight gain.

The least-heavy obese women had best outcomes when they gained 10 to 25 pounds.

The next heavier group of obese women had the best outcomes if they gained zero to 10 pounds.

The heaviest obese women had the best outcomes if they lost weight.

The study’s strengths are its size ? Drawing from an entire state ? And that it is the first to look at different levels of obesity, “not a lumping of all obese women together,” said Dr. Emily Oken, a Harvard University Medical School professor and researcher on obesity, nutrition and weight gain in pregnancy.

Oken also believes it’s time to review the guidelines written almost 20 years ago that she says were based on data from the 1970s and 1980s when obesity rates were much lower.

The Missouri study found that the least-heavy obese women who restricted their weight gain were at somewhat higher risk to have a low birth-weight baby.

But obese women who gain too much are also at risk for low birth-weight babies, Oken said, adding “It is a balance.”

In the coming weeks, the Institute of Medicine, a private organization that advises the federal government, is expected to begin the lengthy process of gathering scientific evidence to decide whether the guidelines should be changed, said spokeswoman Christine Stencel.

Under the institute’s 1990 guidelines, those with a “normal” body mass index ? A combination of height and weight ? Were encouraged to gain 25 to 35 pounds. Women with a higher BMI have a lower target ? 15 pounds only for the most obese women. Women with a lower BMI should gain more weight during pregnancy ? Up to 40 pounds.

Stencel said the guidelines were written at a time when the bigger concern was undernutrition.


Obstetrics & Gynecology:

David asks…

Is it legal for a company to refuse employment to an obese person?

Assume the company provides employee health coverage and that the policy does not apply to people who are obese due to factors beyond their control: diabetes is outside once control, but overeating and lack of exercise is not. Also assume that obesity does not affect the person’s ability to do his job (I am not talking about a modeling firm); it only affects the company’s health insurance premiums. A number of companies provide bonuses to employees who lose weight. If more companies adopt such a policy, would that be the answer to the obesity crisis in America.

admin answers:

Assuming the person has no health problems as the reason for their obesity, there is a new theory out that obesity is caused by corn and corn products, which are found in nearly everything we eat.
There are two guys who were on GMA last week who link studies to this epidemic. They feel if corn products were removed from our food, the epidemic would lessen. I tend to agree.
I don’t remember their names, but I have included the link, “Is Corn Making Us Fat”?
And yes, it is illegal to discriminate, but there is no way of proving that is the reason. All they have to say is that someone more qualified was hired.

Nancy asks…

Do you know or are you someone that is under 18 and uses the Alli? Is it working for you or them?

I have a younger cousin who is 17 yrs old and she began using Alli. Everyone in my family had something to say about it, and it wasn’t positive. I didn’t want to be another one to be negative ’cause I know she has dealt with her weight since she was 10. And we all know it wasn’t easy for her in school, but my family still ganged up on her. I wished her luck, though I do understand that you have to be 18 to take the pill. I just want to know is there anyone under 18 using the Alli and is it working for them? How is it progressing and were there any side affects? I just want to make sure she is safe taking it. Plus include anything else about an under-age using it. Thanks!

admin answers:

Hi there I used to work for the company that developed that drug. It is safe for people under 18 to use the drug, in some countries the drug is indicated for use in adolescents. This may be a claim that the Alli makers will want to explore in the US and other countries to help combat the growing obesity epidemic in teens.

However it is best to check with your Dr so that he can monitor who can educate her on how to use it in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

The only side effects are excess bowel movements and leakage if more than 40 grams of fat are eaten per day.

Ruth asks…

Is the accelerating expansion of the Universe causing us to expand also, causing the obesity epidemic?

admin answers:

Only if every human on the planet were increasing their size at the same rate!

For the theory you are attempting to explain, I think you would require an application of the McDonalds equivalence principle and the Burger King law of mass accretion.

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Your Questions About Reading Food Labels For Kids

Daniel asks…

food alergies?

hi i was wanting to know how many other people out there have kids with food allergies like my son he is 3 1/2 and he is lactose intolerant and soy intolerant and now also gluten intolerant he was diagnosed as lactose intolerant at 6 mouths old soy at 1 to 1 1/2
and gluten about 1 month ago
my son has had the celics blood test which come back neg but the doc has sent home to a specialist because for 2 years he sat on 12 kg and once i put him onto a glutin free diet he started gaining weight

admin answers:

You might find as you get him on gluten free diet that some of his other issues may straighten out. There are a number of gluten free cookbooks available and Whole Foods has a number of products available too. But sounds like the best thing at the moment would be fresh fruit and vegetables and non processed- nothing added fresh meat. Stay clear of sauces and soups until you learn how to read the labels and all the hidden gluten things.
For the lactose intolerance, is he old enough to take Lactaid which allows people to digest lactose. My wife uses it and it has helped her a lot.
Good on your doctor to test for celiac and then try the gluten free approach anyway. Hopefully it will help. Try the references below for support and if you have more questions try one of the support groups you can find in the websites or email me.
Good luck

Chris asks…

Which brand of dry food is safe for my dog to eat ?

Blue Buffalo , Pedigree or Evanger’s dry food . I read somewhere online that a person feed there dog evanger’s dry food in 09 or 2010 and it killed them . I just feed it to my dog is she going to be ok ..

Here is a site on it let me know please .

thank you
Here is the dry food website

admin answers:

Blue Buffalo is an excellent, high quality line of pet food. Good ingredients – good company. Pedigree is the bottom of the line, cheapest, poor ingredients, cheapest grocery store brand. If you read the ingredients on Pedigree you’d hurl. I’m not familiar with Evangers. I’ve never seen this brand.

Always read the ingredients on dog food labels. Grain isn’t very good for dogs. Corn meal is not very good for dogs. Chicken by-products… Are you kidding? Read the label. It’s not hard to pick out the good dog foods. If in doubt, go to a reputable pet store and ask for advice. It’s their job to know which foods are the best.

Mary asks…

please specify food rich in calcium.?

admin answers:

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “The average dietary intake of calcium by children and adolescents is well below the recommended levels of adequate intake.” This can mean that these children will not develop their optimal bone mass, which can put them at risk of fractures and osteoporosis.
Understanding which foods are high in calcium can help you ensure that you are encouraging your kids to get enough calcium in their diet by choosing calcium rich foods such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. Remember that children should eat 3 age-appropriate servings of dairy products per day (4 servings per day for adolescents) or the equivalent to get enough calcium in their diet.

Daily Calcium Needs
It is also important to understand how much calcium kids actually need. The Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences recommends:
500 mg a day for kids who are 1 to 3 years old
800 mg a day for kids who are 4 to 8 years old
1,300 mg a day for kids who are 9 to 18 years old
Keep in mind that calcium’s percent Daily Value (% DV), which is a guide to how much of a particular nutrient you should get each day, on food labels is based on the adult requirements of 1000 mg a day. So a cup of milk that was 30% DV for calcium, would be equal to 300 mg of calcium, which would actually be equal to 60% of a toddler’s calcium needs for the day. But it would be only about 23% of a teen’s calcium needs. That means that you can only really use the % DV as a guide to how much calcium your kids are getting from the foods they are eating each day.
Calcium Rich Foods
In addition to choosing foods from the following list, you should learn to look at food labels and choose foods that have a high % DV for calcium and at least 20% or more. You may find big differences in the calcium content of foods, even among different brands of the same foods such as cheese, juice, and bread.
Yogurt, plain
Yogurt, fruit
Milk, low fat or nonfat
Milk, whole
Cheese, including American, ricotta, cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese
Milk shakes
Remember that just because your child is eating cheese, that doesn’t mean that she is getting a lot of calcium. Check the nutrition label to make sure the cheese has a lot of calcium. And also look for foods made with these calcium rich foods as ingredients, such as a macaroni and cheese (cheese), pudding (milk), and nachos (cheese).
Nondairy Foods with Calcium
Getting enough calcium can be a especially hard if your kids are allergic to milk. These nondairy foods can be good choices for kids with milk allergies who need calcium:
Collard greens
Turnip greens
White beans
Baked beans
Brussel sprouts
Sesame seeds
Bok choy
Calcium-fortified Foods
In addition to the large number of calcium rich foods that are naturally found, like milk and cheese, a lot of foods are now fortified with calcium. These can be especially good choices if your child doesn’t like to drink milk.
Calcium-fortified breakfast cereal, including General Mills Whole Grain Total, Total Raisin Bran, Total Cranberry Crunch, and Total Honey Clusters, all of which have 100% DV of calcium per serving!
Calcium-fortified orange juice
Calcium-fortified soy milk
SunnyD with Calcium (most SunnyD products don’t have calcium, so look for the one that does if your child needs extra calcium in his diet)
Instant oatmeal
Calcium-fortified bread or English muffins
Calcium-fortified drink mixes such as Pediasure or Carnation Instant Breakfast
Other calcium-fortified breakfast cereals, including General Mills Golden Grahams (350 mg)
By learning to read food labels, you may be able to find other foods that are fortified with calcium.

What You Need To Know
Talk to your Pediatrician if you aren’t sure if your child is getting enough calcium in his diet.

Most varieties of children’s vitamins don’t have much calcium in them and you may need a special calcium supplement instead.

Choose from a combination of calcium rich foods to get even more calcium in your child’s diet, such as a grilled cheese sandwich using calcium-fortified bread and cheese or a calcium fortified breakfast cereal with half a cup of low-fat milk.

In addition to getting enough calcium in your diet, regular exercise is also important for healthy bones.

Robert asks…

Does anyone know the names of high fat cat food?

My cat has ringworm and the medicine she’s taking for it requires a high fat diet. I’ve researched high fat cat food but the only thing showing up is names of low fat cat food, does anyone know of any brands of cat food known for being high in fat? I’ve tried a small amounts of olive oil and corn oil mixed in with her food, but she just tries to bury it and walks away. She does not like people food and will not eat cheese or any cooked meats (I have not tried uncooked meats). I am going to buy some rich cream as suggested by a vet, but there’s no guarantee that she will drink it, so my only option may be to find a high fat cat food.
NOTE: The medicine she is on requires extra fat, that’s extra fat, for the medicine to work right. I know all about cat nutrition, my cats are fed the best of the best, but for this medicine, Griseofulvin, to work, she needs more fat which is why the vet suggested rich cream, corn oil/olive oil, and peanut butter. It is only for 2 weeks, and then she will hopefully be cured and be back on her regular diet. She won’t eat her food with corn oil mixed in, so that’s why I’m looking for high fat cat food, which will only be temporary, not permanent.

admin answers:

Feed the cat like a cat should be fed. Corn oil? You must be kidding cream? Milk, cream is not ny better for cats then it is for dogs and more cats are allergic then not. Just feed what a cat should eat and she will be fine

Nutrition since there are so many bad things out there is very important to your cat’s health
Contrary to what you may have heard; dry foods are not a great thing to feed a cat.
Please read the label on what you are feeding? What are the ingredients? Do you know what they mean? Is the first ingrediant a muscle meat like chicken or meal or other things?


Dry foods are the number 1 cause of diabetes in cats as well as being a huge contributing factor to kidney disease, obesity, crystals, u.t.i’s and a host of other problems. Male cats are especially prone to blockages
from dry food. Food allergies are very common when feeding dry foods. Rashes, scabs behind the tail and on the chin are all symptoms The problems associated with Dry food is that they are loaded with grains and carbohydrates which many cats (carnivores) cannot process. ( Have a fat cat?)
Also, Most of the moisture a cat needs is suppose to be in the food but in Dry, 95% of it is zapped out of dry foods in the processing. Another thing, most use horrible ingredients and don’t use a muscle meat as the primary ingredient and use vegetable based protein versus animal. Not good for an animal that has to eat meat to survive.


You want to pick a canned food w/o gravy (gravy=carbs) that uses a muscle meat as the first ingredient and doesn’t have corn at least in the first 3 ingredients if at all.
Cats are meat eaters not cereal or rice eaters
Fancy feast is a middle grade food with 9lives, friskies whiskas lower grade canned and wellness and merrick upper grade human quality foods. I would rather feed a middle grade canned food then the top of the line dry food.
Also, dry food is not proven to be better for teeth. Does a hard pretzel clean your teeth or do pieces of it get stuck? Http://

Please read about cat nutrition.


Vetinarian diets The reason your vet thinks so highly of the pet food they sell probably has more to do with money than nutrition. In vet school, the only classes offered on nutrition usually last a few weeks, and are taught by representatives from the pet food companies. Vet students may also receive free food for their own dogs and cats at home. They could get an Iams notebook, a Purina purse and some free pizza. Http://

Sharon asks…

How can I protect and immunize my kids against swine flu?

My aunt has asked the following question in a medical forum. When I told her about Yahoo! Answers, she asked me to put this question here. So here it is:
Recently, I’ve became a very worried mom. My children learn in the local school and I’m afraid that they will get infected with swine flu! They refuse to take sandwiches to school, and prefer to eat normally with their friends in the school cafeteria. I can’t know what are the hygiene standards in there and if it makes the chance of getting infected bigger. The worst thing, is that there are only a few nearby medical centers and I’m not sure if they are equipped enough against all viruses. In addition, there were a few cases of death in my area during the last month because of swine flu. The only thing I’m sure of is that there are too many things I don’t know – What swine flu is? What are the symptoms which indicates that someone is sick? How can I protect and immunize myself and my children against it? What is the ratio between the patients to the death cases?
I’ll be highly thankful for any further information,
I won’t hesitate to pay money for good material.

admin answers:

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve once read about this woman who didn’t have children because she didn’t think she can handle her kids’ mortality. I’m not saying your kids are in danger, but eventually, they might or might not get the swine flu. Now the best way to arm yourself is to make sure that your immune system is as strong as you can make it.

Try to boost your kids’ immune system with vitamins and minerals. Prepare dinner with fruits and vegetables if they like to eat in the cafeteria. Prepare healthy snacks like carrot sticks. If they won’t eat them (oh, it’s so hard to make kids eat their vegetables), you can give them some vitamin supplements. My kids love these chewable multivitamins because it has fun sizes and shapes. According to the label, it is formulated without sugar, aspartame, artificial colors or preservatives. It has a phytonutrient base that is taken from such nutritious foods as carrots, acerola, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, apples, cranberries, tomatoes and citrus fruit. You and your kids will love the natural orange and grape flavors, and you’ll love the peace of mind!

I hope this helps and don’t worry too much. Kids are very resilient creatures. Just do everything you can to protect them by making sure that their immune systems are healthy and strong.

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