Your Questions About Questions About The Obesity

Daniel asks…

How does obesity lead to a shorter life expectancy?

I need to outline how obesity may lead to a shorter life expectancy, Ive looked all over google and it just tells me how many years obesity can take off, now how it can lead to it.

admin answers:

What many people don’t realize is that obesity is not necessarily a disease, but a symptom. And that it is a sign that there is something(s) that the person is doing wrong. Such as a poor diet, a lack of exercise, or a lack of sleep. So rather than looking at an obese person and saying, well here’s this diet pill, this drink, or this exercise regimen that you’ll have to take care of 6 days out of the week, we should look at them and say, well you’ve been fed lies your whole life to believe that everything can be solved with a pill, that your “whole wheat” bread is good for you, milk and meat are absolute, corn is God, aspartame is fine, fluoride in your water and mercury in your teeth are a necessity and are really minimalistic in toxicity, the FDA is your friend, and all these really smart looking doctors are just trying to help (no offense to doctors in general). Here’s some truth, eggs are good for you, eat omega 3 for God’s sake, but watch out for od’ing on fish because we’ve screwed over that environment, just because something says fat or sugar free, doesn’t mean that it’s good for you, or you can take it home and eat the whole ***damn thing in a day, exercise but watch those knees, instead of drinking a cup of milk every day try cheese or yogurt or almond milk, coconut oil is good for you, olive oil is good for you, vegetable oil is bad for you, margerine is bad for you and butter is good for you. There’s my rant, now I can go to sleep and be stress free for a week ahhhhh.

Anyway obesity can lead to shorter life expectancy because it is a sign that the person is doing something wrong, whether it be eating unhealthy, not exercising, or not getting enough sleep.

Edit* towards lola, you answered the question providing some great information and I thank you… But I feel that it should be said that just because someone is living longer, does not, by any means, mean that they are healthier. I don’t think humans were meant to get old, and then lose their minds, hips, knees, hearts, etc. That would be a cruel cruel thing upon God or Nature’s part. I think it’s rather that we should get old and then die in our sleep, but that’s not the case.

Nancy asks…

can anyone help me bout add maths form4 project?

question: Obesity can lead to various health problems such as diabetes,heart diseases & stroke. your school has decided to carry out an ‘Obesity Awareness Campaign’ with the aim to create awareness among students. u r required to obtain the heights n weights of 50 students.

a)tabulate ur data

b)construct frequency distribution table for the weights obtained using suitable class interval.

-represent ur data by using 3 different statistical graphs.

-find the mean,median,mode.which of the 3 is the best measure of central tendency to represent the data?explain.

c)calculate the standard deviantion of the weights by using 3 different method. [include 'entering raw data in a calculator' as a method]

d)what conclusion can you draw from the value of the standard deviation obtained in part c?

admin answers:

A) tabulate ur data by writing the values u obtained at the top
b) Frequency distribution table heaings “Score, tallly Frequency Cumulative Frequecy, x*f”
3 different statistical graphs are Frequency Distribution Histogram/Polygon and Cumulative Frequency Histogram/Polygon

Mean is the best because there are 50 students

c) Calculate SD as usual
d)look at the SD and decide

Donna asks…

What body parts are affected by obesity?

I need the scientific names of the parts.

Ideally, I would like the names of the fats that get really large, etc… I know about the heart and kidneys and stuff, but I need the names of the fats that directly get really large due to obesity. The scientific names of the fat sections/tissues please. Thanks!

admin answers:

Not sure if fats can get bigger(other than longer chain length), fat cells and fat tissue can get larger.

Triacylglycerol is the scientific name of fats. Adipose tissue is the bodies fat storage site.

Just wiki those two and you should be able to find the info you want. Or wiki fat.

On re-reading the question: you legs will be affected; increased weight means increased pressure on joints. Skin will be affected; fat folds can get skin sores in their creases from friction. The whole body will be fed with less oxygenated blood as it has to work much harder to get through the circulatory system due to compressed and clogged vessels.

Peace yo,


Sandra asks…

I need some good questions on obesity anyone got some ideas?

I’m doin a project on obesity and i need some help on some good qeustions to ask and to give answers to, could you guyz give me some help. IMPORTANT: THIS IS FOR A GRADE 5 LEVEL

admin answers:

Can eating fast foods make a person obese.
Could it be hereditary
Whats the psychological effects.
Why does being obese, shorten life expectancy.
How to tackle obesity.

David asks…

What is the best way to stomp out obesity in our society?

I just answered a question about fat people and got a huge amount of thumbs down, so instead of insulting and berating, i truly want to know how can we help obese folks?

admin answers:

Shut down Burger king.

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Your Questions About Physical Fitness Articles

Lizzie asks…

Do I have to constantly be running to lose weight?

So, the big thing is that in order to lose weight, running is the best thing to do. All the weight loss articles talk about how you should run for a certain amount of miles or for a certain amount of time, but I can only do very little right now.

I’ve been using the track in my college’s gym to try to lose weight. I can only jog once around before I get physically exhausted. Then, I walk a lap, then I return to jogging again for another lap, and this routine continues for about 45 minutes. I was wondering if by doing this jog-walk-jog-walk routine 5 times a week will help me lose weight.

admin answers:

Physical activity is much less important to weight loss than the way you eat. Physical fitness and exercise are important for overall health, but your diet is the largest contributor to your weight.

In terms of using exercise to support weight loss in addition to healthy eating habits, running is not the best thing to do. Your exercise should include a variety of things, not just cardio, if you want the most bang for your buck.

What you are doing works very well for improving cardiovascular fitness, the combination of running and walking is typically the best way for a beginner to improve.

Richard asks…

How long does it take to progress in crossfit?

I am just about through with physical therapy for a torn medial meniscus and I am seriously considering joining a crossfit gym. I am worried I am going to be completely out of my league. I haven’t been able to run for the last three months and my weight training, well there hasn’t been much of the way of that since college.(I’m now 26 college was awhile ago). I am a good athlete played lacrosse in college and don’t have any trouble picking up new things. I was wondering if I should jump right into crossfit or try to start to build muscle through traditional training? I was also wondering if I buy a 3 day a week package will I benefit or do I need to do more? I do live in the high Rockies Colorado and skiing both resort and backcountry are going to be an everyday thing… if we get any snow this year that is. Please let me know what you think also what I should expect the first month or two.

admin answers:

Sorry ClickMaster, or whatever your name is, not convinced. Ive been around a good number of crossfit gyms, coaches, and competitors, and I am one myself, and anyone who knows anything about the training methodology (and I dont mean by reading some article in Mens Fitness or looking it up on wikipedia), knows its just as safe as any other training methodology when practiced correctly. You don’t see many injuries in Zumba or BodyPump because they are practically worthless training programs that don’t offer any challenges.

As for the original question, I see this all the time. It makes no sense to train to prepare for a training program. We have grandmothers and obese people in our gym that work out with top caliber athletes. Crossfit can be infinitely scaled. Spending another 3 years doing other things at the gym wont make much of a difference. I would just go talk to a coach or two and try out some different gyms.

Betty asks…

What are the best exercises to do at home for beginners?

I’m 14 and I have never really been active before. I do dancing every saturday and I go to the gym on fridays for an hour with my school but I don’t do as much exercise as I should.

I’m 5 ft 4 inches and I am 9 stone 9 lbs. I’m looking to lose 14 lbs. I have already lost 2lbs on my diet which consists of a piece of fruit for breakfast, one piece of wholemeal bread for dinner or nothing at all and a big veg meal in the evening with rice and potato. I am vegetarian and I also only drink water or occasionally fruit juice.

I want to become more flexible so I can reach my toes etc and I would like to do some cardio exercises which will help lose fat from everywhere.

I have some weights which I use to tone my arms and I have a dancing game on kinect which I am going to go on for 30mins a day.

What are the best exercises for beginners to tone up/burn fat?

Please keep in mind I’m not very good at doing sit ups and push ups etc because I am not used to any form of physical activity like that.

This is not a diet by the way. It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

Thank-you to whoever answers. Much appreciated! x

admin answers:

If you don’t have access to a gym check here for strength training exercises you can do at home. Strength training/weight lifting is really helpful for a whole variety of reasons, including long term weight control, for building muscle, for toning, for improving appearance and posture, and for boosting your metabolism.


Thomas asks…

How do I know what I should go to college for?

There are so many things I would like to do. But for my first career I want a career I really want to do that pays well. Im very into fashion and apperence, I like to talk alot. I plan on opening my own salon after I get my cosmo liscense. I have looked into sales,real estate,paralegal,cosmo school,physical therapy assistant,and some other careers in health care. How can I know what I really want to go to college for?

admin answers:

You are going in all directions at once. If you open a salon, a small business absorbs all your time.

Most people by the time they are in high school are passionate about some field enough to want to major in when they go to college/university. In my case I always knew I wanted to be an engineer, I taught myself a lot of basic engineering while in high school, went to Electronics Engineering School & have had a good career as an electronics engineer. My daughter developed a passion for transportation, medical administration & economics & did a dual major in Economics & Political Science & got her Emergency Medical Technician License. In grad school for her MSc she is taking transportation management & is getting her PhD in civil engineering with an emphasis on transportation.

My point is that the best thing to do is to go into something you are passionate about.

Whenever you are considering your fitness for any vocation or major, ask yourself these questions I found in a book written in 1921:

Self-Question 1—Am I considering this vocation chiefly because I would enjoy the things it would bring—such as salary, fame, social position or change of scene? Not the work itself.

If, in your heart, your answer is “Yes,” this is not a vocation for you.

Self-Question 2—Knowing the requirements of this vocation or major —its tasks, drudgeries, hours of work, concentration & kind of activity—would I choose to follow them in preference to any other kind of activity even if the income were the same? That is, would I do these things for the pleasure of doing them & not for the pay? If your answer is “No” this is not a vocation for you.

Self-Question 3—Do I tend to follow, of my own accord, for the sheer joy of it, the kinds of activity demanded by this vocation which I am contemplating? If you do not, you may make a living but you will never succeed in this line of work.

Unfortunately too many kids make it to their senior year of high school & never become passionate about anything. Unfortunately, these kids, in college, generally end up on the wrong side of the bell curve & get eaten alive in class standing by the kids who are passionate about their field.

So what do you do if you feel you are not passionate about something? Either you search deep into your soul to see if there really isn’t something you are interested in before all else. And I do not mean the opposite gender.

Failing that you need to take something that will make you a living. Most BA degrees are “personal enrichment” degrees & do not lead to a job. If in doubt take a degree in business or accounting. You can make a good living with an accounting degree.

And the good news at most schools you have little trouble in changing majors in your first 2 years if you should suddenly become passionate about something.

Here is a listing of the average starting & mid-career salaries for most 4 year majors. Note that these stats only apply to people who actually got a job in their field. Many graduates in the lower half of the list never get a job in their field & are not counted.

The higher they pay, the harder the major & generally the more math they require. Just be aware that high pay does not mean high demand.


The Highest Starting Salaries of 2010

Most in demand degrees:

Hot Jobs 2011

Look here to find the job prospects for most all occupations in the USA.


But on the bright side, if you have a genuine interest in the field you are pursuing & are willing to throw yourself in it & do anything for it, you will fare better than someone doing something because they can’t think of anything better to do. Those with a real passion for something can move mountains to become successful, but if you don’t have that fire in you, you are at a disadvantage.

Chris asks…

How do you become a personal trainer?

I often see questions about how can people change their physical appearance to what they want it to be. I want to be able to help people with that and get paid to do what I like to do.. Work out! So what exactly do you have to do? is it good money? Could you
Live off being a Personal Trainer?

admin answers:

I get this question alot. I am a personal trainer. It is a very rewarding career. I get paid good money to do something I love. I got into it because my boyfriend was a certifed pt by the IFPA. To be a personal trainer you have to do 2 things. First you have to become personal trainer certified. There are alot of certificaiton companies out there. Narrow it down by choosing one that is accredidated by a third party. Like NCCA/NOCA. The 2nd thing you will have to do is become CPR certified. You can do this at a local hospital or red cross.

To get your personal trainer certification, you have to take a closed book exam. With IFPA you get to choose your package. You can choose a package that just has the textbook, studyguide and exam. Or you can get a package that has practice exams, and dvds. No matter what package you choose, you get to attend a workshop for free. And you get IFPA fitbits. Its funny I came across your question, because Dr. Bell’s latest fitbit was on how to become the best trainer you can be. You can copy the webaddress below and copy it into your address bar and it should take you to the article if you want to check it out.


Best of Luck with starting your new career.

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Your Questions About Food Labels Activity

Maria asks…

What number of calories is considered to be too many calories?

Whenever I look at the nutritional facts of each food that I want to eat, I never know what is too many calories. If a food item is between 200-300 calories a lot? Is 400 calories a lot? Basically what I’m asking is what amount of calories should I take causion of if I’m going to lose weight? What number of calories is considered to be too much calories?

admin answers:

Every person needs to eat a different number of calories for their bodies. Beyond that, it’s a good idea to eat more calories earlier in the day, and to eat gradually fewer calories as the day goes by. This is because if you wait and eat tons of calories in your evening meal, your body won’t burn much off before bedtime. So just asking whether 400 calories is too much or too little is a tricky question, since it depends on the person and on the meal.

Go to and enter your personal stats into it: age, gender, height, weight, activity level, and weight goals. It will tell you how many calories you personally should be eating. (This website is also a great, free way to keep track of how many calories you’re eating each day. It’s the truest no-diet diet fix.)

Tip about reading labels: The calorie count doesn’t matter as much as other things. If you’re eating the right number of calories each day for your body (see above website), then you might sometimes eat high-calorie (or “dense”) foods and sometimes eat low-calorie foods. Here are the things you should pay attention to on a food label: Sugar, salt, and fat.

–Sugar content. My personal rule is to have nothing with more than 12g of sugar in a serving. I do “cheat” once a week and have something ridiculously sugary, like a latte. The number one reason to cut out sugars is because they deaden your taste-buds. If you’re trying to get healthy, you’re going to be increasing your vegetable and fruit consumption and other kinds of wholesome foods. If you’re used to eating tons of sugar, though, you’re going to think veggies are kind of bland and gross and you’ll be tempted to saute them in heaps of butter and salt. If you let your tastebuds recover from their sugar overdoses, though, you’ll find that everything else in the world has beautiful tastes. (Trust no fat chef– his palate is damaged from salts, fats, and sugars, and he can’t truly tell what things taste like.)

–Sodium content. Just comparison shop. The lower the better, basically. If anything says that it’s 300mg or more of sodium in a serving, I put it back.

–Fats. Avoid trans fat and saturated fat. It’s okay to have teeny tiny amounts of saturated fat sometimes, but no trans fats at all. In general, you want to avoid most things that have more than 10g of fat, and most things you buy should have under 10g. Good sources of fat include plain nuts, avocados, olive oil, and lean cuts of grassfed meats.

Basically, you want to buy most of your stuff from around the outside of the grocery store and stay away from the forests of highly-processed shelves.

Carol asks…

What is the difference between a serving and a portion?

When my nine year old serves himself to macaroni and cheese the amount of food on his plate is much larger than the amount on his 11 year old cousin’s plate. The info on the box says 2 oz is a serving. In my grandson’s case, I would guess that his portion is about two or more servings. How can I determine how much macaroni to cook? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

admin answers:

Greenman you asked what is the difference between a serving and a portion.

The answer is this.

Many people equate serving size to portion size, but the two are not the same. Understanding serving sizes is an important tool when you are following the Food Guide Pyramid’s recommendations regarding intake of the different food groups. It is also the key to losing excess weight and keeping it off. The difference between portion size and serving size is large enough that it could derail your healthy efforts.

Definition of Serving Size
The serving size of a given food is the amount recommended by Fruits, vegetables and milk are measured in 1-cup servings and whole grains and meats and beans are measured in 1-oz. Servings. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, the serving size of the food groups is determined by the typical portion size as determined through surveys and the nutrient content of the food. The number of servings from each food group you need to eat each day depends on sex, age and level of physical activity.

Definition of Portion Size
A portion is simply the amount of food you choose to eat. This means that you may eat less or more than the serving size of a food. Reading labels carefully is important because if your portion is equivalent to more than one serving, you are consuming more fat, calories, sodium, cholesterol and sugar than the nutrition panel lists. For example, if a serving of ice cream is a 1/2 cup with 200 calories and 23g of sugar and you eat 1 1/2 cups, you have eaten 600 calories and 69g of sugar. The American Dietetic Association recommends eating off a small plate, which will help you reduce portion size naturally.

Matching Serving Size to Portion Size
To get a handle on your portions and align them with a proper serving, you may need to weigh and measure your food. Use measuring cups and spoons and a kitchen scale so you can see what an actual serving is. You may be surprised to discover that your portions are way more than a serving is. If you are trying to lose weight, this simple practice can help you cut calories and lose pounds without much effort. Eat from dishes rather than out of the package so you can control how much you serve yourself.

Typical Servings
Many people are unaware of what a serving of food is and this makes it hard to stick to the daily recommendations. A serving of grains is equivalent to one slice of bread, 1 cup of cold cereal and a 1/2 cup of rice or pasta. A serving of fruits or vegetables is 1 cup raw or cooked or 1 cup of 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice. A serving of dried fruit is a 1/2 cup and 2 cups of leafy greens equals one serving. A serving of the meat or beans groups is 1 oz. Of meat, poultry or fish, 1/4 cup cooked beans, one egg or 1 tbsp. Of peanut butter. A serving from the dairy group is 1 cup of milk or yogurt, or 1 1/2 oz. Of cheese.

Mark asks…

What does the “food” thingy stand for on myfitnesspal?

Whenever i do strength training or drink water it does something to it. What does the food thing and how does it work??

admin answers:

I use MyFitnessPal every day, but I am not clear what you mean by the “food thingy”. On the web page, there is a tab labeled “FOOD”; that opens the “diary” where you enter or view what food you have eaten for a given day. On the “HOME” tab there is a section at the top labeled “Your Daily Summary” which shows your calorie goal for the day, how many calories (“Food”) you have eaten, how many you have burned doing “Exercise”, and how many you have left for the day if you are to meet your goal. This “formula” will update as you enter food or activity, so I think that this is what you meant.

Note that the mobile app looks somewhat different, but does the same functions and uses the same terminology, so you should be able to apply what I have said to whatever app you use. Hope this helps.

David asks…

How do I figure out ow many calories I need to consume in a day to lose weight?

Just want to figure out how much I should be eating, as I tend to pig out alot (its usually healthy food, just I eat too big portions) so I would like to know how to count calories to lose weight so I can get an idea of proper portion sizes and get my eating under control.. I have 5kgs (10lbs) to lose and was hoping to lose that in 4-8 weeks if thats possible.
at the moment I’m 164cms tall and weigh 60kgs.

admin answers:

To lose a pound of weight a week you must create a 3500-calorie deficit, or burn 500 calories per day more than you eat. Here’s an example of how a 150 lbs. Person would achieve that:

Your daily calorie intake to lose 1lb. Per week:

Add a zero to your body weight 150lbs + 0= 1500
Add 20% for extra daily activity +300
Daily caloric rate = 1800
Subtract 500 calories a day -500
(by eating 500 calories less or by burning 500 calories through exercise)

Total = 1300

So to lose a pound a week, a 150 lbs. Person needs to create a 500 calorie deficit from 1800 calories by either exercising or eating less.

Just substitute your own body weight to the above formula, for you to figure out the right amount of calories that you need. It’s important that you read food labels for you to be able to count the calories.

Good luck!!!

Donna asks…

HAve you fed your dog Costco brand dry dog food and did you see a difference in your dog?

We are using Nurto dog food and it is getting very pricy, about $45.00 for a large bag. Costco is half that. Any one use it?
Sorry, Nutro

admin answers:

If you compare the ingredients and look at the ingredient list Costco’s dog food is very comparable to name brands. Compare the label’s guaranteed analysis on both brands (I know the Kirkland dog food come in different flavors, has a weight management, large breed, etc. Versions of their food. If you look at any of the ingredient lists on the Costco brand dog food you’ll see that the highest percentage ingredient used will be the first one listed under ingredients. I’ll just include the Chicken and Rice flavor since I’m assuming that is what you are looking at since you didn’t specify puppy or weight management.

Kirkland Lamb Flavor:
Lamb, Lamb meal, whole grain brown rice, rice flour, white rice, egg product, cracked pearled barley, chicken fat (preserved witn mixed tocoperols and Vitamine E), beet pulp, potatoes, fishmeal, flaxseed, natural flavor, milet, brewers dried yest, carrots, peas, choline chloride, rosemary extract, parsley flake, dried chicory root, glucosamine hydrochloride, taurine, vitamin E suppliment, iron proteinate, copper proteninate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate, manganese proteniate, manganous oxide, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), Vitamin B12 supplement, menadione sodium bivulfite (source of vitamin K activity), riboflavin, vitamin D supplement, folic acid

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein 23% minimum
Crude Fat 14% minimum
Crude Fiber 4% maximum
Moisture 10% maximum
Zinc 200mg/kg minimum
Selenium 0.4 mg/kg minimum
Vitamin A 15000 IU/KG minimum
Omega-6 fatty acids 2.2% minimum
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 0.4 % minimum
Glucosamine HCl not less than 300 mg/kg
Chondroitin sulfate not less than 100 mg/kg

Kirkland Chicken Flavor
Chicken,chicken meal,whole grain brown rice, cracked pearled barley, egg product, beet pulp, chicken fat(preserved with mixed tocopherols and Vitamin E), potatoes,fish meal, flaxseed,natural flavors, brewers dried yeast, millet, potassium chloride, salt, choline, carrots, peas, kelp, apples, dried skim milk, cranberry powder,
salmon oil (a source of DHA), rosemary extract, parsley flake, dried chicory root, vitamin E supplement, iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, thiamine mononitrate, manganese proteinate, manganous oxide, ascorbic acid, vitamin A supplement, biotin, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), vitamin B12 supplement, riboflavin, vitamin D supplement, folic acid.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 28.0% minimum
Crude Fat 17.0% minimum
Crude Fiber 3.0% minimum
Moisture 10.0% minimum
Calcium 1.2% minimum
Phosphorus 1.0%minimum
Zinc 225mg/kg minimum
Selenium 0.4 mg/kg minimum
Vitamin E 250 IU/kg minimum
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 3.0% minimum*
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 0.5% minimum*
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) 0.05% minimum*

It’s good that the main ingredient in these is the actual meat and not a filler- I have seen many name brand animal feeds that actually have a filler as a main ingredient which ticks me off to no end to pay more for a crap quality feed- Not saying anything about Nutro as I haven’t looked at their label…I know my mom used to (may still) to feed it to her dogs.

I have 3 very different dogs and one of them is super picky- after trying multiple types I decided to compare the Costco food to the other ones and liked what I saw on the label and let them try it- so far all three have enjoyed it- the picky one gained the weight I wanted him to and the others are just the same- been about 5 months I believe that I have been feeding this.

Hope I helped

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Your Questions About Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Laura asks…

What is a good way to slim down by Christmas?

I would really like to start living a healthier lifestyle, what are some good weight-loss tips that actually work? I really want to lose about 50-60 pounds…… I would love some help!

admin answers:

Its one step in the right direction that you want to live a healthier lifestyle. The main thing that you should focus on is overall health. I would suggest exercise and a health supplement. Both will promote overall health.

A new product called Fit Zone Advanced contains Hoodia Gordonii, which suppresses your appetite, and the Acai and other herbs give you everything your body needs. Check out the review and a website where you can get a free trial and a special discount on shipping.

Charles asks…

How to feel confident about my body on holiday?

I’m going on holiday soon and although technically I’m healthy and have a healthy lifestyle, like all girls I have plenty of inhibitions and hang doesn’t it.
Have you got any tips or suggestions on how to increase my body confidence when I’m on the beach and also often I depress myself by constantly comparing myself to other people with better bodies.

admin answers:

Someone once told me that if you’re feeling insecure about your body on the beach, you should sit closer to the sea – that way you wont have far to walk if you want to go in the water, which is great if you feel like the whole beach is judging your body.

Another good tip is not to eat foods that make you feel bloated before you go to the beach – that way you’ll feel like you have a flatter stomach.

Also, when it comes to sunbathing, laying flat on your back is the most flattering position, as it flattens your tummy and hides your bum (if that’s something you’re conscious about.

X o x o

Ken asks…

Time to change my life for the better and eat better I need tips and advice on healthy eating?

I have no idea what to get and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I plan on going grocery shopping and if you guys can be as detailed and helpful I’d appreciate, I’d love to learn. I’d like to substitute what i’m eating with healthier options. I want to feel and look good and I want to make that change. Tell me what you guys do and how you guys maintain your lifestyle. Affordable and stuff.

admin answers:

It would have been better if you would have listed some of the things you eat for which you want a healthier version.

Instead of potato chips… Baked lay’s, corn chips, veggie chips
Instead of fried egg in butter…. Use spray oil or soft boil them
Instead of junk food for something easy… Veggies and dip or salad dressing… Ranch works well

peanut butter on rice cakes
home made soup instead of canned (reduces salt and it’s way cheaper)
Instead of ice cream…. Frozen yogurt and frozen alternative milks
If veggies are too boring to eat, mix them yourself (but purchased as mixed is usually gross) Tomatos and green beans are good.

Google healthy recipes. Be more specific when asking for help on Yahoo Answers…

Donna asks…

Any tips of any diets for bodybuilding?

I’m planning on starting leading a healthy lifestyle, mainly bodybuilding/toning but also interested in general health too. I’ve heard that chicken and rice etc is good. Does anybody have a plan/schedule that i could stick to throughout the day?


admin answers:

Bodybuilding / toning are different animals

For bodybuilding, you need to have a high protein diet. You’ll also want to have creatine, which increases water retention (lets you work out harder) and helps rebuild muscles faster (you essentially tear down and build muscles back up during body building).

You’ll also want whey protein, etc.

Linda asks…

I want to become a vegetarian, any tips or advice?

I watched a video on youtube called “meet your meat” , and it showed how the animals are treated before they are slaughtered, and how they slaughter them. It was just cruel, and horrible to watch.
So i’ve decided to try vegetarianism.
My family thinks that I am going through a phaze, but I’m hoping to prove them wrong while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping animals.
Just wanted to know if anyone has any tips or advice for me?

admin answers:

I tried going vegetarian a few weeks back, after going to the fish markets and seeing the poor little mud crabs tied up. I suppose you could say I failed. Don’t allow any one to convince you to have a ‘last meal’ with meat, because it will make you second guess your decision. Try and remind yourself that you’ve gone vegetarian, or otherwise you might forget, and begin to knaw on a chicken wing. Most importantly, every time you feel like you want to eat some meat, picture those poor little animals. Hope this was useful!

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Your Questions About Good Questions About Obesity

Donna asks…

Having a Big Makeover! Questions about weight loss, style, acne, etc. (I’m a Guy) Help! 10 points?

I’m a guy that going into 8th grade next year and i have a plan to get a 7 month makeover. I’m obese, and i don’t exactly have a good looking face, but my problems on my face i can take care of, and i have a plan about the obesity, i will also get a better style. I’m planning to be finished with the makeover during winter break. Do you think i’ll get peoples attentions? How do you think the people in my school will react? I really wanna know! Also don’t write down answers like dont change yourself for someone else please :] I know that i will meet people because of my new look but then they will get to know me and my cute personality (not conceited). I know ill look really hot.

negative things are accepted if you really have to say it :] but keep it to a minimum.


Im gonna fix my teeth
better style
and smell better
better hair
etc. :)

Weight loss:
Age: 13 and a Half
Weight: 236
Height: 5’8

My Plan:
P90X (800 Calories)
Physical Education (300 Calories)
15 Min Strength Training (200 Calories)
20 Min Cardio (300 Calories)
Walking a Lot.

Diet Plan: (In the 1500 Calories Range)
No Sodas, Sugar, Really Salty Food, Oily food, Fast Food, or anything not in its natural state.
My diet consists of Lean Meats, Lots of vegetables, Lots of Fruit, Nuts, and a lot of water.
Whey is what my protein shake will be made of.
Thats really it.

Is it good? What should I change?

another question: how much time will it take to have a defined, ripped, and muscle like body for example like paul walker? Just take a guess.


Oh um Wish me luck!!! and i’m not trying to say I’m gonna be hot and stuff i’m actually very congeal and the opposite of shallow i care for people and myself thats why i’m doing this: to boost my confidence so i can gain friendship :)

P.S. I know I’m young but it’s not like it’s impossible.

Bye :)

Try to answer all questions, and long answers will most likely be chosen XD

admin answers:

Ok well first of all congrats on making yourself a healthier person and better looking too! The best is that your doing this for yourself and not to impress anyone. I totally understand.. Ok so i think if you stick to this plan firmly and work hard and do everything you said you will you will have definately changed your image for the better and i think you will be able to tell a difference by then. Everyone will most likely be surprised and some might even be attracted to you alot more than before. But i know you probably be know this but its not all about the looks! You have to be nice tooo! But im sure you are anyways :) and smelling nice and looking good makes it easier to talk to someone and approach them.

But back to health. For the food it sounds like a good meal plan but remember to eat small portions except more of them (like 4 or 5 small portions a day).. Ok this is an easy extra tip you can add into your routine. See how many crunches or situps or pushups (whichever you feel like doing) during a commercial break while wacthing tv and count them. Next commercial break see if you can beat it. Its an easy way to watch tv and also get fit.

Alright so im not exactly sure about the time to get a ripped bod but i would say around anywhere depending on how hard you work from 5 months to 8 months
well good luck!! Try to stick harshly to your plan and everytime you slip up like eat something you shouldnt make this a habit to punish yourself and do something like run 5 times arounf your block or 110 sit ups ..push yourself to your limit. You CAN do this! I believe you can!! Good luck on your new bod

William asks…

Gonna have a huge makeover and I have some questions that need to be answered! Please Answer 10 POINTS!!!!?

I’m a guy that going into 8th grade next year and i have a plan to get a 9 month makeover. I’m obese, and i don’t exactly have a good looking face, but my problems on my face i can take care of, and i have a plan about the obesity, i will also get a better style. I’m planning to be finished with the makeover during winter break. Do you think i’ll get peoples attentions? How do you think the people in my school will react? I really wanna know! Also don’t write down answers like dont change yourself for someone else please :] I know that i will meet people because of my new look but then they will get to know me and my cute personality (not conceited). I know ill look really hot.

negative things are accepted if you really have to say it :] but keep it to a minimum.


Im gonna fix my teeth
better style
and smell better
better hair
etc. :)

Weight loss:
Age: 13 and a Half
Weight: 236
Height: 5’8

My Plan:
P90X (800 Calories)
Physical Education (300 Calories)
15 Min Strength Training (200 Calories)
20 Min Cardio (300 Calories)
Walking a Lot.

Diet Plan: (In the 1500 Calories Range)
No Sodas, Sugar, Really Salty Food, Oily food, Fast Food, or anything not in its natural state.
My diet consists of Lean Meats, Lots of vegetables, Lots of Fruit, Nuts, and a lot of water.
Whey is what my protein shake will be made of.
Thats really it.

Is it good? What should I change?

another question: how much time will it take to have a defined, ripped, and muscle like body for example like paul walker? Just take a guess.


Oh um Wish me luck!!! and i’m not trying to say I’m gonna be hot and stuff i’m actually very congeal and the opposite of shallow i care for people and myself thats why i’m doing this: to boost my confidence so i can gain friendship :)

So these are the questions:
Do you think i’ll get peoples attentions?
How do you think the people in my school will react?
Is my weight loss plan good or should I change it?
and how long will it take to have a body like paul walkers?

P.S. I know I’m young but it’s not like it’s impossible.

Bye :)

Try to answer all questions, and long answers will most likely be chosen XD

admin answers:

Okay uir 13 seriousely you do not need to worry to much about weight! All u really need to do is just get into some sports that u think are fun and wont give up on! Get outside alot and run around! Start eating really healthy and get lots of sleep. So I am just trying to help you! If you work too hard u r just going to make urself so sick! And Do not spend ur time around the computer too much or tv be outside all summer! Going swimming alot! Take in a habbit of biking! If you just go on a healthy diet and work out and get excercise u will do so much better. ( I am just trying to help you out! Hope this helped u ) (This is my advice u do not have to take it if u do not want to.) =]

John asks…

Big Makeover and I have some questions so PLEASE ANSWER!!!?

I’m a guy that going into 8th grade next year and i have a plan to get a 7 month makeover. I’m obese, and i don’t exactly have a good looking face, but my problems on my face i can take care of, and i have a plan about the obesity, i will also get a better style. I’m planning to be finished with the makeover during winter break. Do you think i’ll get peoples attentions? How do you think the people in my school will react? I really wanna know! Also don’t write down answers like dont change yourself for someone else please :] I know that i will meet people because of my new look but then they will get to know me and my cute personality (not conceited). I know ill look really hot.

negative things are accepted if you really have to say it :] but keep it to a minimum.


Im gonna fix my teeth
better style
and smell better
better hair
etc. :)

Weight loss:
Age: 13 and a Half
Weight: 236
Height: 5’8

My Plan:
P90X (800 Calories)
Physical Education (300 Calories)
15 Min Strength Training (200 Calories)
20 Min Cardio (300 Calories)
Walking a Lot.

Diet Plan: (In the 1500 Calories Range)
No Sodas, Sugar, Really Salty Food, Oily food, Fast Food, or anything not in its natural state.
My diet consists of Lean Meats, Lots of vegetables, Lots of Fruit, Nuts, and a lot of water.
Whey is what my protein shake will be made of.
Thats really it.

Is it good? What should I change?

another question: how much time will it take to have a defined, ripped, and muscle like body for example like paul walker? Just take a guess.


Oh um Wish me luck!!! and i’m not trying to say I’m gonna be hot and stuff i’m actually very congeal and the opposite of shallow i care for people and myself thats why i’m doing this: to boost my confidence so i can gain friendship :)

P.S. I know I’m young but it’s not like it’s impossible.

Bye :)

admin answers:

(: Im am SO very happy for you;
Take a before and after picture

yes you are obese the punds will fall away

Lisa asks…

Questionnaire for fast food ? Can anyone rephrase these questions to make them sounds better?

1)Do you think today’s trends contribute toward obesity which is caused by fast food restraints?
a. Yes, today lifestyle choices on fast food are impacting on the trend towards today obesity rate
b. No, it doesn’t contribute in the impact on today obesity rate.
c. It does contribute to today obesity rate but there are other lifestyle choices that also have contributed to it.

2)How often do you eat fast food?
a. Once a week
b. Everyday
c. Never
d. Not so often

3)Why do you eat fast food?
a. You do not have enough time to cook
b. You work to late and are tierd to cook a full meal.
c. Couldn’t be bothered to cook
d. Do not know how to cook
e. Other comment …..

4)Do you know exactly what in your food when you buy it?
a. Not always
b. No, if it tastes good you don’t really care about it.
c. Yes, I look at all the ingredients that I buy.

5)How would you cope if there were no fast food restaurants?
a. I wouldn’t be able to cope
b. I would have to buy quicker meals
c. I would have to organise meals in the morning
d. Would have to work less hours

6)What time of the day do you buy fast food?
a, Before 10am
b, At lunch time, 12pm to 2pm
c. In-between 3-6
d, From 6 to midnight or early in the morning.

7)When you buy fast food, Do you upsize it from small?
a. Yes, because small isn’t big enough
b. Yes, because there is not much difference in the price when upsizing
c. No, there is enough in a small.
d. No, there is too many calories as there is in the small size

8)What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word fast food?

9)Do you purchase healthy food choices from fast food restaurants?
a.Depends on where you are eating at.
b.Yes, I always look for the healthy choices
c.No, I order what I like not what is best for me.

10)Do you think you eat more or less when you’re eating fast food compared to a home cooked meal?
Thank you, yes i know my grammer bad i fixed the first question and i added what you said to why they eat it.

admin answers:

You need to get your grammar and spelling checked by someone. It’s too much to go into here.
Also, for your question about why people eat fast food, there is no option for eating it just because you like it.

Sharon asks…

From someone who has never overeaten: What goes on in the mind of an overweight person? Read On Please!?

I do not currently understand what makes people feel like eating more than they “should.” Or, make them feel like eating more than they “want to.” My question, simply, is this: why is it hard to eat less?

If that sounds weird to you, think of people who casually say, “You should quit smoking.” (Dam* right, yeah, I should!)

Well, I’m an ex-smoker (smoked for 18 years). Quitting was the hardest thing I did. Perhaps you can answer my question by comparing quitting smoking with quitting overeating…?

But if you read the following, I’m sure you’ll be able to answer my question better:

My weight has always been “ideal” (doctor-speak). I love cheese and butter and oily foods. But after eating some amount of these, I feel full, and I can’t eat any more.

I do feel hunger. If I’ve skipped a meal, then at some point, all I can think of is food. So it’s not like my “hunger-signals” are deficient or something.

I don’t live in America, but I’ve lived off and on in Western countries (including the US) for about a third of my life. Many foods in America are delicious. Sure. But not so much as to make me feel like eating once my stomach is full.

It’s not like I’m a very disciplined person either. On some days I just don’t feel like waking up, even if there’s an important meeting.

Given all this, it should be clear why I find it hard to understand “food cravings.” I’d say… “If you feel like eating, eat! That’s what I do.. I eat when I feel like, sure! But I don’t get fat… so what’s the whole obesity thing about?”

I do not wish to say anything against overweight people. It’s just that I have zero understanding of what their problem is.

This is a genuine question. Can you help me out here?

admin answers:

Obesity isn’t about a lack of self control, or being a glutton. Culture, medication side effects, genetics, emotional and psychological factors, gender, age, medical conditions are all factors that cause obesity. This is not to say that a high fat/high calorie diet with no exercise isn’t going to cause one to be overweight-of course it will. But obesity is a disease, one that is not 100% understood, that has many contributing factors; its not just the result of eating a whole box of oreos for lunch.

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Your Questions About Healthy Fattening Foods For Children

Helen asks…

How should I start working out/eating right?

I was raised in as an only child of an obese mother and father. Ever since I was a kid, I was surrounded by junk food which led to a craving for junk food. I was relatively active in sports up until my sophomore year of high school where my interest moved from sports to music. Keeping up the same eating habits and not exercising has led to a gain in weight. I would not consider myself “fat” by definition, but I am definitely far from skinny. I have no motivation to exercise and I do not like gyms and would much rather do something outside. With all of this said, I would like some advice on how to lose weight by getting motivated. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

1. I attend college where the majority of food served is, generally speaking, unhealthy
2. I am currently a “couch potato” which I think that increased exercise with diet would make weight loss even faster, but this is just an assumption
3. All of my friends are in shape (skinny) and eat highly fattening foods, but yet do not engage in much physical activity
4. I love a few drinks on weekends, particularly coors light, and I am not sure if I can give that up or not (not an addiction though, I just turned 21 so im still checking out the bar scene)
5. I would like an answer that is more helpful and personal than “just start running and eat healthier” because this question is about motivating myself.
6. GENERALLY SPEAKING, how long do you think it would take for me to go from an out of shape couch potato to a more in shape (less fat) if I am 6’3″ and 200lbs, or to see a significantly noticable reduction.

Anyone that can give me good insight would seriously improve my quality of life. I have tried on numerous occasions to get in shape by running and going to the gym, but I usually get bored of it within a few weeks when I don’t feel/look better. My weight has been a source of depression and a major self-esteem issue for me for years now, and I would like to push it aside and live life happily.

admin answers:

Colleges still have to offer some food that is not so unhealthy. Not 100% of what they serve is fried food. They have some kind of somewhat healthy food and it’s up to you to choose those, over anything fried.
It takes about 3 weeks for your taste buds to readjust to what you’re eating so if you have patience, the taste will improve. Like if I switch from whole milk to 1%, the 1% milk would taste really weird for about 3 weeks, then after that, it would taste normal and the whole milk would be the one tasting weird.
Most people quit a lot of things within 3 weeks (exercising, eating better, giving up on a bad habit) because they expect too much, too soon. It’s not as easy as “just do it”, it’s more like “just do it and do it again and again and stick to it until it becomes a habit”. Good habits are as addictive as bad ones. I would hate to have to go to bed without brushing my teeth.
A good way to avoid junk food is to know the calorie content and how much you would have to exercise to burn it off so it does not end up on your belly. Now, when I see a cookie, I mostly see 70 calories for which I will have to bike 2 more miles to burn it. You can also visualize your arteries clogging (that should cut your appetite even!).
You could also go grocery shopping and buy some fruits and veggies that you can use as snacks…or along with some of the healthy food of your college cafeteria. Buy those 80 calories mini cans of grapefruits (it has to be grapefruit) and drink one before each meal and you’ll automatically eat less. Eating half a grapefruit would be better but a can is faster and less messy.

Your Basal Metabolic Rate is 2121 calories (usually I round the number but that way, it’s easy for you to remember, since you’re 21.)
Men’s BMR:
66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years)
66 + (6.23 x 200 pounds) + (12.7 x 75 inches) – (6.8 x 21 years old)
66 + 1246 + 952 – 143 = 2121 calories

Make sure that you eat as much as your BMR (or your body would adapt and lower your metabolism) but not too much above it so you will force your body to use your fat reserves as fuel when you will do a physical activity. It’s okay to have a few beers. A Coors light would be about 100 calories. Don’t forget to include those calories in your calorie intake so you don’t end up with a beer belly, drink more water (alcohol is a diuretic), don’t drink and drive and don’t let your friends (or anybody else) drink and drive.

Your friends are not in shape just because they’re skinny if they eat highly fattening foods and are not physically active. They could just be eating less calories and therefore be skinny but if they have more than 22% body fat percentage (32% for women) then they’re skinny-fat and not in shape.

Even a 110lbs light and thin woman could be medically obese, because she’s unfit with little muscle mass and a third of her body being fat reserves (skinny-fat people, NWO = Normal Weight Obese). She could have a low BMI number but still be as unhealthy as obese people and at risk for the same obesity related diseases. This usually happens when a person loses weight by eating less and not exercising more.

Also a very muscular and fit 21 years old basketball player could drop dead while playing a game, because of a clogged artery due to a diet high in saturated fat.

Just do not compare yourself with others and focus on eating healthier foods because your body is your temple, your vessel, it carries you and is not a garbage dump.

The first few weeks of getting back in shape are always hard so lower your expectations or even better, don’t expect anything so you won’t be disappointed.

To lose weight, you have to eat enough, so you don’t have to fight a losing battle with a lower metabolism, and then you have to exercise for 3,500 calories for each pound of fat reserves that you need to lose.

I’m not taking into account muscle mass gain (which is very, very good) and water and waste fluctuations (which are very confusing and irrelevant since only temporary). Use a tape measure to chart your progress because when you lose half a pound of fat reserves but gain some muscle mass and some water weight…it’s a little depressing, when, in fact, you should be happy.

Try to focus first on gaining weight by getting muscle mass (yep…soreness). Extra muscle mass will make you stronger, so your aerobic activities will be easier and more efficient.

Forget about your weight or how you look for a while and concentrate on being aware of your calorie intake and expenditure. Find some fun physical activities that get you moving. I don’t like the gym either but I use it for the pool because I like to swim and relax in the water and I feel soooo good afterwards, both physically and emotionally. I do not compare myself to the guy in the high school swim team going 3 times faster than me or the obese women just walking in the water. I only compare myself to myself and feel a great sense of accomplishment when I realized that I did one more lap since last time, for the same physical effort because I’m getting stronger.
Also, you could find me on those days where I don’t feel like exercising and then the neighbors’ kids want to play ping-pong and I spring into action eagerly. One hour later, all sweaty and happy, I’m putting the 225 calories I just burned playing ping-pong and having lots of fun, in my “Aerobic Exercises and Strength Training Log”.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s fun for you or make it fun, like a stationary bike would be pretty boring, but not if you watch a good TV program while doing it.
Some people get a dog so they can walk the dog which gets them off their couch. Others decide to learn how to dance or join a hiking club.

I’m a 5’5 woman and I’d rather weigh 125lbs, doing my aerobics (walking/jogging, biking, swimming…anything that makes me sweat) and anaerobic exercises (weight training) while eating whatever I want, feeling strong, in good shape and being thin…than be 120lbs with a little belly, not exercising, out of shape, feeling weak, having to count my calories intake, or even worse, be 110lbs, too thin with a flat soft belly and skinny arms, not exercising, out of shape, feeling weak, losing my appetite and scaring my friends.
I can also be 120lbs and exercising but I’d rather be 125lbs because I look better that way.

It’s all about how you feel, how strong you are, how you look, not about how much you weigh. It’s about how fast you can run a mile or how much you can lift a weight.
For the same mass, muscle mass is 3 times heavier than fat reserves (or you could say muscle mass takes 3 times less space than fat reserves for the same weight) You could burn some fat reserves and gain some muscle mass and therefore get much thinner, without even losing weight.

You have a lot going for you…you’re young (it gets harder as you age), you’re a young man so your BMR is high and you don’t have to figure out how to eat only 1,200 calories like a woman who has to eat super healthy if she does not want to be hungry. You’re a man, and unlike women, you have the ability to gain muscle mass easily. I would gain about 2 pounds of muscle mass in two months…you would gain 15 pounds and become a mean fat-burning machine!

Linda asks…

tips for losing weight please?

I’m 16 years old. I am 5″3 and weigh 178 pounds. When I was a child I was very skinny, until I was about 10 years old, and began to eat my feelings. My whole family is overweight, and all they eat is fattening foods. Its hard for me to lose weight because I lose motivation when I don’t see quick results. This being said, I’ve tried every thing to lose weight (and I mean every thing: crash diets, weight watchers.. you name it). I know this time will be different. I truly want to become a healthier me and be happy again, so I’m trying very hard. If anyone has any tips (meal plans, excercise plans etc) to help me lose weight and reach my goal, I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much for your help! and please, no nasty comments…. i know i’m overweight and disgusting.

admin answers:

Here’s some tips:

Eat about 5 small meals a day. It will balance your metabolism, so you won’t feel hungry so often. Eat one every three hours. It depends on what you eat, don’t eat fattening foods. Fish is a good idea, veg is necessary.

Eat 4 fruits a day in between your meals. Start with two fruit if it’s uncomfortable at first.

Drink about 8 glasses of water a day. I know this is difficult, but it will be incredible for your body and your brain. Two with breakfast, two with lunch, two with supper and some during the day.

Exercise…the key to losing weight. If people would just exercise HARD everyday with passion they would lose weight good. Try exercising everyday for about 30 or 20 minutes, it doesn’t matter if you can’t do a lot. Everyday you will be able to do more and more. You can take a break for a day if you feel sore.

Quit all unhealthy food. No chocolates, fried foods, sodas, ice cream, pastries etc. Keep your goal in mind. I used to be fat, but now I’m working on toning my muscles.

Write down this goal and keep it some place you can see it everyday.

Maria asks…

I am so angry right now. My husband just came back with his two very heavy kids – they had dinner at Wendy’s?

My husband complains that being heavy ruined his life. As a child he was teased. As a teenager he never found a date, and then when he was in his early twenties he married a woman that he just met (the mother of his kids) who is much older than him and they never really loved each other. He said he was afraid he will never find a woman that would agree to be with him because of the extra weight. So he proposed immediately and married this one. Of course it didn’t work out for more than a few years.

Now his kids are heavy too. I keep telling him, and begging him to try to limit their intake of burgers and fries and bring them home to eat healthy food. But he says they love to eat burgers and fries and that it is easier than making them dinner. They just came back from Wendy’s. I am so angry! I know it is not my business to take care of my step kids’ diets. But they are already being teased and they are going the same path as their father’s.
I am also worried about my own baby (due soon). I want him to adjust to a good diet so my baby will not be expose to this horrible fattening and unhealthy diet. How do I convince this guy to stop?

admin answers:

Ask him why he wants his kids to go through the same teasing that he went through as a child. Try and explain to him about how he felt and the insecurity it obviously has caused with him. Cooking and eating should not be about what is quickest, easiest, or most convenient, If parents want their children to be healthy, they need to take the time to prepare healthy meals. Just try to feed your baby healthy foods and when they are old enough, get them in a play group and try to keep them active. Good luck.

Mary asks…

helping 8 year old gain weight????????

My son has always been small for his age. At 8 years old he’s 50 inches tall and about 55 pounds.He eats really good and is healthy but dosen’t put the weight on. I’ve asked a doc and she told me to add butter to everything and give him really fatty foods but there is heart problems on both sides of the family. It drives me crazy because I’m always hearring god don’t you ever feed that boy and send him to my house I’ll fatten him up.I have 2 other children that don’t have this problem.

Do you have any healhty ideas?
Thanks in advance and by the way he’s a really picky eatter.

admin answers:

I have two boys; a 6 and almost 8 year old. My eldest son has always had a hard time gaining weight and at one time we thought he had an eating disorder. He was really picky and would have weird behavior eating that started at 2.

The pat of butter was also advised to us but I have to tell you, it’s not the healthiest way and it really doesn’t work. Fatty foods are not going to do anything besides making him acquire a taste for bad, unhealthy foods and potentially health issues later on in life. Give him a balanced diet, with extra proteins like peanut butter or good saturated oils in pastas. This diet should be minimal on the sugar side. Things like candy and soda are bad nutritional fillers and there are better ways for your son to absorb nutrition. My son had an adversion to meat from age 4-6 and he did eventually get over it.

My son is barely 50 lbs and I don’t think he is 50 inches yet. However, he is healthy and I can see that he is gaining weight slowly and muscle. The trick to getting a child to eat more is to increase their activity. If you get them involved in weekly activities, they will usually be famished by the time they get home and will want to eat a horse! This will initiate a schedule for them where they expect larger meals more often. Weight gain is good with a balance of fat and muscle at this age.

Healthy, balanced diet + activity = weight gain

Don’t listen to “those other people”! They probably have children with larger bones and wouldn’t understand your child’s gain issues. When they talk, just put a deaf ear on.

Chris asks…

I have a question for girls?

Would you rather…

Have children and live a stereotypical family life. Go to church (if you’re religious), visit the family every christmas, punish the children when they’re bad, be a housewife, cook (nice food), clean, and all the things a housewife does while your husband works a high paying career. You’re busy and there’s enough money, but not lots of money.


Live a more free life and not be bound by obligations. Not be tied down to anything. No marriage or kids. Live in a modern house with solar panels, a balcony, nice view, modern kitchen, you know… Travel the world visiting all continents, from antartica to africa, from asia to canada. More going out, more fun, a longer life (because no stress, healthy eating, enough sleep, enough time to exercise and play sports.. Things that would be hard to do have if you had children. Not saying you can’t have that, but having children usually is stressful, time consuming, sleep depriving. Pregnancy itself is painful, fattening, and can be life threatening. If it doesn’t kill you, I think it probably took some years off your life…. Partying, seeing friends, nice car, and a lot of money. Your boyfriend has a high paying career, and you work part time simply because it gives you a little extra income to buy a tastier turkey or nicer wine… Or whatever. Your job is stress free… Like a dance teacher or something. Not mcdonalds or something like that.
Okay, about option 2 but with adoption?
Nice to see you too introverted girl

admin answers:

The second one sounds nice…but empty…you need kids to fill your life, the second one maybe do that for the first year then settle down bring kids and make a family, when your old you wont be able to do all that, you want to settle down and have stories to tell….your grandchildren trust me just seeing your kid graduate is worth the second one and more…money comes and goes but with a job everything is good…I say wait a year doing the second and trust me you’ll have a thirst for the first…a life is empty if you dont have a family…so I say the first one.

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Your Questions About Obesity Essay Thesis

Ruth asks…

Thesis statement for 3 causes of obesity?

anyone wanna help me out? i can’t figure out how to write this thesis statement for english class. the 3 causes are eating habits, genetics and junk food.

admin answers:

Obesity is a medical condition with excess body fat, which can be caused by the individual’s eating habits, genetics passed down, and too much junk food.

Other causes of obesity are:
• Eating more food than your body can use
• Drinking too much alcohol
• Not getting enough exercise

Write the thesis statement. Create an interesting and an attention-grabbing paragraph to attract readers to continue reading.

Explain how eating habits cause obesity. What does it do to harm the body? What can be done to cut down on calories?

Talk about genetics and how that plays a role. Mention that it can be passed down through your family’s DNA, etc. For example, if your father had obesity, it’s likely that you may have it too.

This is similar to eating habits. Perhaps you want to change it. If not, then explain how junk food causes it.

Summarize the whole essay. You can mention treatments and what individuals can do to stop and/or prevent obesity.

Lisa asks…


How technology is changing (or controlling) us.

Technology is machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge. So often new cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. are learned about. These new technologies are bought very quickly because, of the look and use which gives them popularity. We become so dependent on technology and are losing touch with reality. Obesity is a factor of the ever changing and controlling technology.

My thesis is the last sentence. My title/topic is at the very top. Is there anything wrong with my Argument essay‘s introduction paragraph?

admin answers:

Technology is machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge.
— remove the word such, but it is still a very basic definition of technology

So often new cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Are learned about.
—what do you mean they are learned about? That is very vague and I do not know what that means

These new technologies are bought very quickly because, of the look and use which gives them popularity.
– don’t need the comma- don’t forget about people racing others to have the latest and greatest the old “keeping up with the Jones’”

We become so dependent on technology and are losing touch with reality.
—the technology is real so it is reality, think of another way to say it.

Obesity is a factor of the ever changing and controlling technology.
—- I think you need to expand what you mean by obesity is a factor- as in new technology allows us to do the same work with a lot less effort and therefore we do less etc.

Hope that helps!

Lizzie asks…

Can someone please give me a good explanation of a supporting point in an essay?

admin answers:

Well, let’s say for example that you’re writing an essay on obesity. If your claim is that the obesity is an epidemic in the US, you need something to back that up. A supporting point would be something like a statistic that helps prove your point, along with an explanation of how that is relevant. A supporting point is basically a justification for your thesis.

Donna asks…

Is this a good opening to a essay?

Deforestation is a growing global problem, it affects everything from our food chain to the weather and seasons. The main issue about deforestation is about carbon dioxide,it is the greenhouse gas. The sun gives off radiation waves and when absorbed by Co2 becomes hot, then is taken in by two main ways. One being the sea which contains most of the carbon dioxide and the other being organic living material like trees and and plants. The amount of Co2 increase as the amount of tree decreases.

admin answers:

Good strong start. However, I’m having trouble splitting it up into thesis and 3 points.

Thesis: Deforestation = bad
Point 1: Effects Food chain
Point 2: Effects Weather/seasons
Point 3: ???Carbon Dioxide?

You are putting way to much information in your opening paragraph.Try to format it neater, like this example:

The closing of the local park is a terrible loss for the community. Firstly, parents will no longer be able to take their kids to the park for exercise and fun in the sun. Secondly, the loss of trees will destroy habitats and reduce the amount of wildlife in the area. Finally, The money we save from maintenance is minimal, compared to the cost to pave over that sore spot.

Thesis: Closing park = bad
Point 1: No space for kids to play
Point 2: Habitat loss
Point 3: Costs to much/not worth the cost

See? To the point. And it’s easy to see my thesis and supports. I don’t bring up the fact that less outdoor activities are a cause of growing obesity in young children in my opening. I save that for my first supporting paragraph, just like all of your talk about Co2 belongs in a paragraph.

Richard asks…

I need help to come up with a thesis statement for supersize me and fast food nation.?

need it for my essay writing about supersize me the movie and fast food nation i am terrible writing thesis need help bad.

admin answers:

Finding edible food was once the total preoccupation of humanity. In the days of hunters and gatherers, finding food was a full time endeavor. Today, efficient farming, slaughter and food distribution have made food shortages a thing of the past for the middle class. Industrialized societies have had the opposite problem in recent years: an epidemic of obesity. Fast food’s affordability and ready convenience have strongly contributed to the trend. Supersize Me and Fast Food Nation cover the cost to our society of convenient fast foods.

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Your Questions About Healthy Foods Recipes

Mandy asks…

What diet tricks have worked best for you? Other tips for losing weight?

Any favorite healthy foods/recipes? Exercises? Any tips or advice offered would be great. My day to start dieting is this sunday.

admin answers:

I eat five or six small meals and snacks each day (every 3-4 hours). I find that way my blood sugar levels do not spike as high or tank as low.

Drink lots of water. In fact have a glass of water BEFORE you raid the fridge if your last “meal” was less than 3 hours beforehand.

There is no “trick to losing weight. You must use more energy in exercises than you consume in food. And that is healthy food: lean meat, veggies, fruits, low-fat dairy, etc. Check the Food Guide.

Don’t try making all the changes at one time. Make them gradually and do each consistently for say one week before adding another change.

So, eat healthy food, exercise, “junk food” rarely, whole grains, and PORTION CONTROL.

About Portion Contol: You do not have to measure and weigh everything. Just use your hands. A single serving of meat fits in the palm of your hand (approximately 3 oz); a serving of cheese (a cube from your thumb joint to the end of the nail)–GET THE PICTURE.

Learn to cook your own food from scratch, if practical. Or as much as you can. For those of us who work, take a 2 or 4 hour chunk of time out of a weekend (day off) and cook all the meals for a few days and freeze them.

And to eliminate the “must go back for seconds” habit; put extra food away BEFORE YOU EAT portioned into serving size for another meal.

To break the habit of “supersizing” that fast food outlets have instilled in most of us, instead of eating from an eight-inch dinner plate; use a 6 or 4 inch dessert plate. And use lots of colour and texture mixes in your meals. Not as boring and keeps things interesting instead of eating being another “chore”.

And if you are an “emotional eater” and not hungry, go for a walk (outside or in a mall) instead of raiding the refrigerator. Same thing, stay otherwise occupied by reading or homework, music etc. When hunger pangs are not true hunger pangs.

Like I said above, don’t try all of these suggestions at once. You will find failure and soon give up on your quest. Good luck and stay healthy.

Jenny asks…

Healthy food and recipe blogs?

Does anyone know any healthy food blogs with recipes?

Meat is fine, but preferably whole foods, sugar and/or sweetener free, etc?

admin answers:

My food blog is all about cooking fresh, gourmet foods on a budget, and deconstructing/recreating packaged foods so they are healthy. Yes, I have a lot of recipes for sweets, but I also have an elementary school age child and make treats for him and the school.

Have a look and see if you like what you see:

Maria asks…

how can you have the best tasteing food ever and healthy in your kitchen?

what are healthy food recipes i can cook?

admin answers:

Re-train your taste buds

i learned
to drink coffee black
to eat fresh vegetables raw
to eat fresh fruit
to use less salt
to eat plain yogurt
to use herbs and spices
to use garlic

you get the idea.

Eat a cookie now and then
eat a small portion of ice cream now and then
watch your portions

Sandra asks…

How to make some home made HEALTHY chocolate bars ?

Hey guys, it seems that a lot of you here on this section are food experts, and you know a lot about food, and recipes. And I was wondering wether you know some healthy food recipes, like healthy home made chocolate bars, that may help me eliminate my unhealthy food cravings. Thank you !!!

admin answers:

Melt some high quality dark chocolate and toss with toasted almonds. Break into chunks and snack.

Eta: Good dark chocolate has zero cholesterol. Check the nutrition info on the back to make sure you’re getting the right kind.

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know a healthy fish soul food recipe?

I am looking for a healthy, low fat, soul food recipe for fish.

admin answers:

There are numerous ways to reduce the cholesterol, fat, sodium and sugar in your favorite recipes. The secret to reworking your old recipe into a new healthier recipe is substitution of ingredients and a change in your cooking methods. Use the following simple and easy cooking methods and substitutions to make healthier adaptations of your favorite soul food meals.

When a recipe calls for dairy products choose a low-fat, reduced fat or non-fat version. For instance instead of whole milk opt for 1% or 2% milk.

Remove or reduce salt from your recipes. Most foods actually require little to no salt, so give your food a taste test to determine if salt is needed. Salt should be substituted with herbs, lemon or lime juice and spices.

Use fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh meats in your recipe, because canned products are high in sodium. If you must use canned products choose the healthier reduced sodium or sodium free versions.

Try a different cooking method when you cook up your next chicken or pork chop dinner. Baked, broiled, roasted or grilled meats are a much healthier alternative to pan and deep fried foods that contain too much fat and cholesterol.

Use lean cuts of meat and remove any visible fat from you meat before cooking. Also, by removing the skin from poultry before cooking you can eliminate fat and cholesterol.

If you must fry your meat and vegetables, avoid cooking in lard and oils high in saturated fat. Substitute with a vegetable oil that’s low in saturated fats and high in healthy fats.

Cut back on the amount of meat in your recipes and add more vegetable and whole grain products. Use ground turkey when the recipe calls for ground beef. If you have not substituted turkey for beef in your chili or meatloaf recipes, you’re missing out on a great tasting low fat meal.
Now back to the more to follow subject. The key to preparing healthy soul food recipes is not to go cold turkey all at once. You have to ease your way into the process and only make small changes until you are comfortable with the taste of the newly prepared food.

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Your Questions About Physical Fitness Assessment

David asks…

What is the difference between an athletic trainer a physical therapist, and an exercise physiologist?

I would like to know how their education differs and what distinguishes the way they work with people.

admin answers:

An athletic trainer and physical theapist are probably the closest related. Here is a break down of each type of profession.

–education: BS
–treatment focus: the assessment and treatment of athletically related injuries. They have a good knowledge of exercise and mechanism of injury/repair. They have a more limited basis for the disease model process. The most common job settings include: schools and free standing clinics that focus on rehab for athletes. Job opportunities are somewhat more limited.

–education: in the US it requies at least an MS degree, but many are now obtaining an entry level doctorate.
–treatment focus: the assessment and treatment of not ONLY athletes, but ANYONE who has a functional limitation due to injury, pain, illness or disease. The education not only focuses on the physiology of exercise and injury, but also the pathophysiolgy of disease processes such as stroke, parkinson’s disease, back pain, etc. This allows them to work with any population…not just atheltes.
–:job settings: can also include schools and free standing clinics, but also hospitals, home health, nursing homes, private practice, etc. There are many more job opportunities available.

Exercise physiologist:
–education: usually a BS. Many PTs obtain their BS in exercise physiology before going to grad school for PT.
–job focus: USUALLY on the fitness of a well population. They use exercise as their “treatment” (whereas PTs and ATCs can use exercise, massage, modalities, and other hands on techniques to get the desired results). Some exercise physiologists may be able to specialize in the treatment of those with certain disease processes, such as recovery from heart bypass surgery…however, this usually requires further certification. Most EPs, however, are working with the well-adult population and have their primary education in the benefits of exercise alone.
–job setting: mostly in health clubs leading, but can be clinical if they meet the job requirements.

Richard asks…

What happens at the various stages of assessment for entry to the police force?

What can I expect? What sort of questions are asked?

admin answers:

Depends where you live, but here is the general process:

An application for employment with the City’s Human Resources Department.

A physical fitness test. Average minimum standards are as follows:
Pushups – 20 without stopping
Situps – 25 in one minute or less
Vertical Leap – 14inches (three attempts allowed)
300 Meter Run – 82 seconds or less
1.5 Mile Run – 17 minutes 30 seconds

A written examination.

An oral interview with members of the Community and the Police Department.

A comprehensive background investigation — includes a voice stress analysis in order to determine truthfulness in the following areas: criminal history, drugs, morality, and honesty.

Psychological testing – written testing and in-person session with Department Psychologist.

An oral interview with the Board of Public Safety.

A conditional offer of employment.

A physical examination (cost shared equally between City and applicant.)

An interview with the Local Police Pension Board.

State of Employment Police Pension Board Review.

The above eleven-step process takes approximately six months from the last day applications are accepted.
Basic police academy curriculum (20 weeks)
Field Training Officer Program (six months)
Probationary status (six months)

Ken asks…

Should I join the police Academy or stay in college?

got a call today from the police department saying my number came up and they want me to report for a couple of days to fill out paperwork and do the physical fitness assessment test. There is no degree required but I did the application when I was not in college or working and now im full time student. Im torn between if I should stop college and see how far I can go with the long interview process or just wait until I graduate. Too be completely honest I completely forgot about the test so I think right im not fit enough to pass the fit test, and im not completely sure being an officer is still something I want to do anymorel (now I want to be an attorney). What do you guys think I should do?

admin answers:

If your doing good in college stay. If you’re not doing good or if you really wanna do that go for it

Carol asks…

Career ideas that combine bachelor degrees in biology and psychology with an interest in health/fitness?

I am one class away from completing my degree in biology, and a few classes from my psychology degree. I have a lot of interest in the psychology of learning, as well as health and fitness. (I love working out.) I would really like to find a career that combines these interests, but my advisors at college, as well as other professors, family and friends don’t have any ideas. I have taken some career assessment tests on computers, but they require you to pick only one major of interest. And I would really like to do something that makes a difference, where I can see that I’m helping people. I don’t want to sit behind a desk. I need action and variety. Anyone have any ideas?

admin answers:

If I had your qualifications and interests I think I would consider teaching. You might be able to do some Physical Education work with troubled kids. A different approach might be to write a sort of loose essay describing what you consider to be perfect activities (not a perfect job) for yourself. With that essay in hand you could do a bit of polishing and it may lead you to the perfect career. It might also show you something you hadn’t considered but would be great for you if you only took two or three more classes.

Beyond that I am drawing a blank. I hope my suggestions help. Good Luck.

Sandra asks…

What are the requirements for joining the Naval Academy?

Grade wise, physical & such. Advice & Anything else would help!

admin answers:

There are a lot of steps! Here’s the full info:

Here’s some things you need:
–US citizen
–At least 17 years old (max 23 years old)
–Unmarried with no dependents
–Must apply for nomination and obtain one from an official source; this normaly includes a US Representative, 2 US Senators, and the VP of the US
–Medical exam
–Fitness assessment (guidelines:

–Average SAT = around 1300
–Average GPA = Not reported, but undoubtedly it is above a 3.8

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Your Questions About Bmi

Carol asks…

Calculate my BMI. Is it OK?

My weight is 58 Kgs and my height is 5.7 ft.
Please tell my BMI.
Also give me the range of BMI for which I will be slim, well built, fat.

admin answers:

BMI = kg/m^2
Convert 5.7 ft to m (1.74 m)
BMI = (58 kg)/(1.74 m)^2 = 19.1570881 kg / m2

Underweight: 40.0

You fall in the normal weight category. It’s important to note that whether or not you are well-built is more determined by your percent bodyfat and not by your BMI. There are some people who are labeled as “skinny fat,” meaning they have a normal BMI, but a relatively high bodyfat percentage. This is because they don’t have much muscle. To know if your are well-built, you should find out your bodyfat percentage.

Jenny asks…

bmi issues?

i just had my implant removed and was considering taking migronon but was told my bmi is 30 and so is not recommended am i overweight and just fooling myself thinking i am only podgy or what is the issues of having bmi 30, what is overweight considered as in bmi, what is the issue of a bmi
went on internet and found the shocking truth that i am inbetween overweight and the very start of being obese, rather scary because i dont look that big and i have a rather large build naturally esp my hips and shoulders

man i am hiting the herbs for dieting and start better and healthier diet, i eat at night and not much during day maybe this is my prob,
thats the thing i dont understand i dance around as if my life depended on it and run around after 2 kids and walk every time but still i seem to be so overweight its unbelievable, i dont do because i been told just naturally comes to me

admin answers:

BMI totally depends on your height. But 30 is probably quite overweight (my BMI is 18 and for my height – 5’4 – a BMI of 24 is considered overweight).

Most overweight people, from my experience, don’t realize they’re as overweight as they are until something happens and they hit rock bottom.

The biggest issue of having a high BMI is diabetes. Heart disease is also a real issue especially if you have a lot of weight around your mid-section.

Start eating smaller, healthier portions (check labels!) and walk every day. If you can’t walk far, just work up to walking 30-60 minutes a day. Get to the gym (Curves is great – it’s women only) and get yourself on a schedule.

Nancy asks…

This is a weight/BMI question?

Alright, Im a 15 year old kid. I just calculated my BMI and it says im at 25.5 BMI and normal weight for my age is at 24.9 BMI. I weigh 180 pounds. Im not fat, honestly. I play football as a Defensive End. And im 5’11″ Should i even worry about that BMI shit. Or is it right?

admin answers:

BMI is not an accurate representation of all-over body health, as it does not account for muscle mass or bone density.
Also, it can be innacurate in young people, as your bodies are still developing.
If you feel that you are at a healthy weight for your height, I would reccomend that you just stick to what you are doing.
My friend is considered to be ‘morbidly obese’ using the BMI scale, yet he is actually quite lean- he just has A LOT of muscle mass.
If you’re still concerned, see a doctor who will measure your body fat percentage and deem whether it is safe for your health.
There are so many factors in what youve said which imply that using the BMI scale as a referrence for health- in your case- would be innacurate and useless.
Forget it. BMI is overrated and innacurate, unless combined with body fat percentage and other health-rating tests.

Mary asks…

How to work out my BMI?

I’m 119Ibs and 1.81m, i’m a guy and 19 and a half years old. whats my BMI? (body mass index) am i underweight?

admin answers:

BMI= Your Weight in Kilograms/ Your Height in m squared

BMI= 54/ 1.81^2

BMI= 16.48

You’re underweight. You can read the following for ideas on what you should do: .

Steven asks…

Is my BMI good or bad?

I’m 64 inches and 118lbs my BMI is 20.25 is that good or bad???

admin answers:

BMI is a very old means of gauging someone’s health. It minimizes the bodyweight per height number based on a SKINNY person, but it does NOT paint an accurate picture of real health. 20.25 is in the lower third of the “Normal” BMI range, but if you’re 118lbs with 30% body fat, you’re not nearly as healthy as someone with 118lbs and 22%.

BMI is only based on height and weight, so what your “weight” is made of doesn’t matter. If you’re excessively fat it might still tell you that you’re normal, or if you’re excessively muscular, it may tell you that you’re overweight. Body fat composition analysis is a MUCH better way to gauge your actual health. Most fitness gyms that offer personal training will offer body fat testing, or you can buy a bathroom scale that measures it, or buy a body fat monitor at walmart or GNC (about $30).

Here’s an example: I was a personal trainer in college for a girl that was 5′ 5″ and 125lbs, but she was doughy in the middle. Her BMI would be 20.8 or so. Compare that to my fiance is 5′ 6″ and 130lbs (don’t tell her I put that online!!!). However, she goes to the gym 5 days a week and is solid as a rock. Her BMI is 21.0.

The difference in these two girls is only 0.2 on a BMI scale, and both are considered in a “Normal” weight range based on BMI. However, my old client had about 38% body fat, while my fiance has about 21% body fat. So even though her BMI is slightly HIGHER, my fiance is actually in better shape than my old client. And, even though my client’s BMI said she was “Normal”, her body fat percentage was bordering on obese.

Another example is my own body. I’m 5′ 10″, and run about 185-190lbs (depending on how long I have until my next fight). My BMI is between 26.5 and 27.3, about in the middle of the “Overweight” BMI range. However, my body fat analysis reveals that I’m only 7-9% body fat, which is actually BELOW normal levels.

If you look fat, you probably ARE fat. BMI is not considered an accurate gauge of someone’s health anymore. Go out and get a body fat monitor and gauge where you REALLY stand on a healthy level of fat, then go from there.

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