Your Questions About Bmi Calculator Male

Nancy asks…

What is the best way to determine your ideal weight?

There are many contradictory methods presented on the web about what weight is healthiest for what height and what sex you are. For example, I am 6′ 1″ and according to the median score on a BMI calculator I found from the CDC, the median BMI for “normal weight” is 21.7. In order for me to get down to that BMI score, I would have to weigh 164.5 pounds. I am 200 pounds right now, and look and feel slender. Is it really necessary for me to lose 36 pounds to be healthy? What insights do you all have?

admin answers:

BMI’s do not take into account the fact that some people are muscular. I’m 220 lbs and technically severely obese according to the BMI, but I lift weights vigorously and people assume by looking at me that I cannot weigh more than 180 lbs. Find your body fat percent and that will tell you if you’re overweight. I believe that anything more than 20% is obese in males.

John asks…

Why dont i have decent six packs even though i am skinny?

I am skinny male I weigh 8 stone 8 pounds and I am 5ft 5″ and on the BMI calculator it says im on good weight and on body fat calculator it says that I have 13% body fat. I had started abs training around 2 months ago my abs are visible but does not look that good as it is covered a bit body fat. I thought people <16% have six packs mine is visible but does not look good can anyone give me tips?

admin answers:

For an accurate BMI get yourself weighed on a set of tenita scales, as it segments your body to give accurate readings.
You can be skinny, yet have a considerable amount of fat on you which will conceal your abs.
Eat one gram of protein per pound of body mass every day, low down on the carbs and fat and exercise.
For flat marathon runner abs do a couple bodyweight abs circuits each day of the week (e.g, 50 crunches followed by 20 v-sits) or for big rigged abs, do intense workouts with noticeably heavy weights roughly with 80% of your 1-rep-maximum and do 8 reps of crunches, then drop the weight and repeat.
Check out Mike Chang’s six pack shortcuts or scooby’s workout online.
80% nutrition mate and 20% physical work.

Thomas asks…

BMI Calculator that takes breast size into consideration?

Do you know if there is a BMI calculator that takes breast size and your body frame into consideration?

I believe it is needed as when 10lbs could possibly be contributed to breasts that can put you over the edge. BMI calculators I’ve found say I should be a certain weight, but I don’t think that is healthy considering my breast size. There needs to be something that takes all factors into consideration.

admin answers:

No, there isnt. You said “There needs to be something that takes all factors into consideration.” well, the BMI is just a guideline. It by no means is a statement of your health. Everyone is different. I mean, i could weigh the same and be as tall as another male, but what if hes 3% fat and im 9% fat? Well obviously i would be in the right bmi number, but i wouldnt be as healthy as the other guy. If your bmi is above what it “says it should be”, dont worry. It doesnt mean youre unhealthy.

Laura asks…

Is there a non-expensive way to help my health?

First off, I am underweight – I literally look like a walking skeleton. I am 31 years old, male and BMI is 16.7 (very underweight according to internet BMI calculators). Need advice as to where to go and how to get my body to a healthy weight without spending too much money. I have no appetite and when I eat, I feel sick after-wards (hence the no appetite).
To Prof – I’m planning on going to see someone about this on Monday

admin answers:

Have you seen a physician? Have you been checked for internal bleeding or anemia? The “no appetite” and “feel sick” after eating is NOT GOOD. Might indicate an ulcer or WORSE.

Ruth asks…

How much exercise is too much for an average fifteen year old male?

How long per day should the average fifteen year old male exercise each day and what type of exercises? Also what is the maximum amount of physical activity they should do per day?

admin answers:

Adventure runners can train on fifty miles a day. Team athletes run more than six miles every day. If you are exercising more than twelve hours per day, you may be getting near your physical limitations. Unless your entire waking time is exercising, you are not damaging your body much. However, sitting around watching television or using your computer could prematurely kill you.

Check a BMI calculator to determine how much weight you need to lose to be “normal.”

You should find exercise that fits into your daily routine, like walking to school, bicycling to the grocery store, and hiking through a local park. Try to perform these moderate exercise activities for at least an hour every day. Eat more fruits and vegetables, since these are both filling and filled with the nutrients that your body needs.
Check a BMI calculator to set your weight goal. Your BMI should be between 19 and 25.


Look-up healthy eating and other topics related to your health at WebMD as well:

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Your Questions About Physical Fitness

Daniel asks…

Can gym teachers take off points off your average for not meeting the physical fitness zone?

In my school, apparently if you don’t meet the physical fitness level when they test you, they take off 5 points off your average. please tell me that this unacceptable. its Just seems ridiculous.

admin answers:

At the beginning of the year, did your P.E. Teacher give you a course outline with class rules, grading, and expectations? Is it there, or perhaps on the teacher’s webpage? You could also check your student handbook to see if that requirement is described in that handbook that every student receives.

If you have a large school with more than one P.E. Teacher, check with friends who have the other teacher(s) and see if they have the same rule. If they do, then it could be a school policy.

If you and your friends really don’t like this rule, take it to your student council.

Sharon asks…

Which is the most important health related component of physical fitness?

I know the health related components of physical fitness are:
•muscular endurance
•muscular strength
•body composition
•cardiovascular fitness
but which one is the most important one?

admin answers:

If You’re talking about overall sports and health, then cardiovascular fitness
If You’re talking about pure weightlifting, then it’s muscle strength

John asks…

How many components of health-related physical fitness are there?

How many components of health-related physical fitness are there?

admin answers:

Too many!

Chris asks…

I need a healthcare organization to take care of physical fitness for my executives.?

I need a healthcare organization to take care of physical fitness for my executives. I would really appreciate you for giving some information?

admin answers:

Our full day Executive Physical at Elite Health was the efficient experience which we have ever had. Its comprehensive physical examination is the keystone of the Executive Health Program. This company supply high skilled and experienced professionals that can satisfy your requirement. I recommend you to use its services for physical fitness.

Laura asks…

Should schools focus only on educating a student’s brains or should physical fitness be a significant part of?

Should schools focus only on educating a student’s brains or should physical fitness be a significant part of a student’s education as well? What arguments can you give for your position?

admin answers:

A sound mind in a healthy body is a good guiding saying./

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Your Questions About Obesity Epidemic In Children

Susan asks…

Is it neglect when a parent or guardina allows their children to watch TV or be on the computer for too long?

If possible will the parents be responsible for not taking away their cell phones computer TVs and other electronics if they get overweight start online gambling or start internet sex, porn and many other things?

If your a parent or guardian what limit would u give to your child brother sister or other?

admin answers:

Parents have a huge job. That job is to make sure our kids are safe, and are in a good environment, so they can grow and succeed in life. Part of the good environment would be giving kids rules and making sure they abide by them,. Certainly, TV and computers, cell phones and other electronics, should be monitored. Kids aren’t capable of giving themselves rules and boundaries, so it’s up to parents. Kids can earn computer time. Mine get an hour a day. Parental controls on the computer can monitor what sites they go on etc.
Before they go on, they must complete a list of a few chores and any homework.
Also, they might get computer time taken away, or disobedience etc.
I don’t think we can put the blame on parents totally for the obesity epidemic. Parents certainly play a very important role in making sure their kids eat appropirately. Parents need to be educated and told of the choices of foods out there.
So, parents we should use these gadgets to our advantage. They are priviledges and should be used only when chores/homework is done. If a child is misbehaving, after a warning, take away computer time. The main thing is to be consistent. It won’t work if we enforce a rule one week, but let it go the next time the kid does something bad.

Ken asks…

Will they blame these obese children on McDonalds?

Fast food, ready meals, expensive fresh food, poor culinary skills, poor parenting…..some if the usual excuses…..

But how about obese babies?

Overweight babies…..crawling to the face food shops?
Whoops fast food shops. None of my kids are obese… is not compulsory is it?

admin answers:

Mcdonalds is not to blame. They parents wh let their kids get fat, and obese are to blame. Mcdonalds does not force people into there stores. Its just lazy parents who let their kids eat whatever crap they want and blame the place the kids got it from. Its absoloutly ridiculous. Also, fat babies usually have a ‘fat gene’ what makes them automatically fat.

Donald asks…

What should my proposal topic be for my English paper?

I need to come up with a problem and a proposed solution. Unfortunately, I can only have one solution.

At first, I though childhood obesity. My solution was throwing out video games and electronics to encourage children to participate in sports. However, I didn’t have enough to write about.


admin answers:

Here is some information to help you with your chosen topic. You should be able to get way more information than you need on the topic of child obesity.

The obesity epidemic among youth today only continues to escalate. Due to the increase in modern technology, more forms of entertainment involve sitting rather than moving. Children are exposed to more computers, video games, movies and television than ever before, which in turn decreases the overall time spent expending daily calories. The resulting weight gain among our youth heightens their risk for possible heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more. This makes it all the more important for children to start exercising as early as possible. Besides physical benefits, such as improved bone and muscle strength, exercise is also shown to also improve one’s emotional and psychological state

By taking up physical exercise early in life, children have the advantage of a leaner, stronger figure, with lower risks of obesity. Running, bicycling, skating and swimming are several simple options that allow for aerobic activity, which improves overall heart strength. Stretching exercises will foster a student’s flexibility and improve the functioning of joints. Push-ups and pull-ups help build muscle strength, as well as weightlifting workouts at the school gym. Kids can get a head start in managing their physical health by choosing from a wide selection of exercise options, which will only prove more beneficial as they mature

Students spend the majority of their school day in the classroom with limited time for physical activity. As important as it is for children to be well-rounded on subjects that increase class performance, there is another type of education that is just as important for their overall well-being. Physical education is a chance for children to put down their pencils and have fun as they work toward staying fit. It can also be the ideal outlet kids need to let loose, while providing them with lifelong benefits unlike any other in their schedule. Studies show that children who have physical outlets coupled with academics perform better in other areas of their life as well.

More schools are sharing the responsibility to encourage student fitness with their enhanced physical education programs. For example, SPARK, a well established and award-winning public health organization, is combating obesity through providing educators with research-based physical activity programs for Pre-K – 12 grade students. SPARK focuses on assisting teachers with implementing school games related to aerobics, jogging, sports and more. Teachers receive curriculum, training and equipment that outlines how to get the most out of each physical activity that their classes participate in. Emphasis is placed on proper nutrition for students, as well as the positive effects activities have on academic performance.

Schools that provide physical education for youth with an emphasis on the positive instill a lifelong motivation to stay fit. The American Heart Association recommends that children engage in a minimum of one hour of physical activity per day, and schools can easily assist in meeting that goal by providing just half of that important time. In addition, such classes help build teamwork among students and help participants find interests that they may choose to further pursue. It is important to note that studies have demonstrated that kids who are physically fit also perform better on standardized testing.

Etc etc etc

Mark asks…

How does this sound as a thesis for childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity has become a recent epidemic due to sedentary lifestyles and poor dietary choices, and this outbreak creates the necessity for physical and nutritional programs for children and their parents.

admin answers:

Next to perfect

Nancy asks…

How bad is obesity in America?

I always hear how it is an epidemic and such on the news but really how bad is it getting.
Hey im not fat 5’4 117 pounds.
Im sure the fact that most kids would rather play video games than go outside and ride their bikes doesn’t help the situation.
31% to 40% in five years?!! Wow that isn’t good.

admin answers:

I am a holistic health counselor and have read a ton on the subject. The truth is, without pulling out a million statistics, it is getting pretty bad. The scariest part is the increase of obesity statistics in children; 50% of 10 year olds are considered obese whereas 20 years ago the number was less than 5%! Links to cheap, fast food are very strong– if you look at obesity rates in Japan (which have also skyrocketed) there is much synergy with the introduction of fast food….hope this helps!
Todd Goldfarb
Founder, We The Change

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Your Questions About Healthy Foods

Charles asks…

I hate healthy food… Help.?

I don’t like healthy food for the life of me. But I may be pregnant and I know I have to eat healthy for my babies sake. I do try to eat three times a day but I don’t like fruits and vegetables. The only thing I do like are bananas. How should I work my way around eating healthier?

admin answers:

Healthy food isn’t as bad as you think…Some food that may seem unhealthy can become healthy food just by changing the method of cooking.

Cheddar cheese is healthy
White Meat chicken is healthy just bake it
Salads with tomatoes cucumbers carrots, red onions,just add your favorite cheese and dressing to mask the taste!
If you have issues with fruits,just drink the juice (Welch’s)
Mexican food can be healthy just watch the sodium intake when it comes to the seasonings.
You can bake your french fries
You can have steaks,just not too much
You can season your vegetables or top with an aged cheese.
Switch to whole wheat pasta
Whole grain bread
Peanut butter is good for you also
***Don’t forget your prenatals***

James asks…

What are some healthy foods to eat?

Im trying to eat alot more healthier but its hard with all the junk food and fatning foods out today.

admin answers:

Healthy food for weight loss

Is it possible to eat more food and actually lose weight? Absolutely, if you eat more of healthy foods than empty calorie foods (junk food).

Not everyone realizes that you do not have to deprive yourself in order to lose weight. What you have to do is eat more of healthy foods, leaving less room for “bad” foods. If you eat healthy foods – meaning foods high in vitamins and nutrients and are flavorful – you will find that you want less of high calorie or empty calorie foods. Having a variety of foods that you like and want to eat makes it easier to maintain any changes you make to your diet.

When making any changes to the way you eat, do so slowly and don’t criticize yourself if your changes take time to become a habit. Study after study has shown that making small changes is what counts. One change at a time will be easier to accomplish and stick with than making a lot of changes all at once. Every little change you make will bring benefits to your health and your waistline.

Here are some changes you can make one at a time that can give you quick weight loss results:

* Eat breakfast
A lot of people skip breakfast. This is a big mistake if you are trying to lose weight. Studies show that those who do not eat breakfast will overeat later in the day. Also, eating breakfast gets your metabolism going, and so whatever is eaten in the morning is metabolized better. If you are not a breakfast eater, try a fruit smoothie or other nutritional shakes.

* Drink water
Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Ice water is best because it will speed up your metabolism. Water is, of course, calorie free and flushes out fat. And lastly, drinking water about a half hour before eating will curb your hunger and will make it less likely that you will overeat.

* Add vegetables
Adding vegetables to some of your favorite dishes is a good way to get in some extra servings of veggies every day. Some examples are: sauces, soups, omelets, sandwiches, and salads. Of course, vegetables make a great snack by themselves or dipped in low-calorie dressings.

* Try to eat more salads
If you’re anything like I used to be, as soon as I heard the word “salad,” I would immediately think “boring!” That is until I figured out how creative one can be when making a salad. Try adding new vegetables that you haven’t tried before or adding boiled eggs, strips of grilled chicken, cheese, and/or nuts. Keep fresh lettuce and spinach leafs on hand, and remember to go easy on the dressing or make your own healthy salad dressing. A healthy and great tasting dressing is mixed olive oil and lemon juice.

Carol asks…

Cheap/easy/HEALTHY food ideas??

I recently decided to stop eating unhealthy foods but that cut out most of my diet (haha oops!). I have been eating basically just fruit the last few days, but I definitely need more than that. I’m just have trouble coming up with healthy food ideas. The other constraint is I despise spending a lot of money on food.. since that’s practically all I buy these days. So cheaper would be better! Anddd another factor: time.. I literally get home every night at 9 at the earliest so easy and quick dinner ideas would be helpful too.

admin answers:

The healthiest foods to eat would be those foods with the least processing. Your fruit is a good start. Now add fresh vegetables. Use organic whenever you can. The growing methods do not allow synthetic pesticides.

Other foods to eat would be eggs. Eggs provide complete protein.

You can make a 8 bean soup in a crock pot that would be ready when you get home.

Use a 1/4 lb to 1/2 lb of chicken or beef and make a quick stir fry. Save the left-overs.

You can get your grains from whole grain products. I suggest rye bread-the darker the better. Or whole grain cereals. I mean the kind you cook yourself.

A healthy diet would include a balance of your food groups.

Thomas asks…

Healthy foods?

What are some good filling and heathy breakfast foods? Also I was wondering good and healthy lunch food ideas for school. Thanks

admin answers:

Healthy breakfast food are

Greek yogurt: This tangy, creamy yogurt is loaded with calcium and boasts plenty of protein—nearly twice as much as regular yogurt—to keep you feeling full throughout the morning

Wheat Germ: A little wheat germ goes a long way. Just two tablespoons provides about 15% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin E and 10% of your daily folate.

Grapefruit: best for lose your weight

Bananas: There’s nothing like a banana at breakfast to keep those mid-morning cravings at bay.

Eggs: These incredible edibles have made quite a comeback in recent years.

Also you can take almond butter, fruits like watermelon, Blueberries, Strawberries, Kiwi, Orange juice, Cranberry juice, Raspberries

lunch food for schools are

Baby carrots, celery sticks, or apple slices with dips made from yogurt or low fat sour cream.

Whole grain bagels topped with cream cheese-vegetable spread.

Air-popped popcorn flavored with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

Low fat cheese cubes and seedless grapes make a delicious side dish for sandwiches or wraps.

Cold strips of grilled chicken with honey mustard dip.

Dried cranberries or cherries are a sweet alternative for kids bored with raisins.

Quesadilla slices made with cheese and chicken or vegetables

Ruth asks…

what are healthy foods?

the only “healthy food” I know is salad and vegetables but I cant stand their taste I end up spitting it out. What are some tasty healthy foods? I currently eat hamburgers, pasta with sos or cheese, meat in bread, and rarely KFC Coleslaw. I am 15 and overweight but I do 100 sit up and 20 push ups everyday. But that dosent make me lose weight it just makes me stronger in my stomach and arms. I cant stand the KFC Coleslaw taste but at least it tastes better than normal salad.


admin answers:

“Healthy” foods are ones that provide adequate nutrition without being high in calories, sugar, salt or fat.

If you get burgers, try to skip the cheese. If you can handle Subway instead of burgers, then that would be a plus. Always choose raw veggie toppings instead of sautéed. Choose baked things over fried. Eat any raw fruits and veggies you can tolerate. Apples, oranges, grapes, melon, onion, bell pepper… Anything that you can tolerate will be fine. Even eating the same raw fruits and veggies every day is better than not eating them at all.

Skip cole slaw. The dressing used for cole slaw is very high in fat. But really any of the sides at KFC are pretty bad. If you can handle the corn on the cob or green beans, they might be a little bit better for you.

Skipping sauces is a good thing. Most sauces are very high in sodium and fat — well, most of the cheese and white sauces, anyway. If you can choose red sauce instead of white, it would be better for you.

Mostly you just need to make smart choices about what you eat. If you can eat the healthier versions of the foods you love, you’ll be better off than most teens your age.

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Your Questions About Finger Pinch Test

Ken asks…

Blood test, does it sting?

Well i have only had a blood test in the finger but never in the arm. Were does it sting more? and how long does it take???

admin answers:

You will feel a little pinch, it doesn’t last but a matter of seconds. When you get blood tested from your finger it’s only a drop, when it’s a blood draw from the arm it’s usually a vial or two. Unless of course you mean you want to test your blood sugar using your forearm. Then it hurts much less than using your finger.

William asks…

tb skin test?

i have to get a tb skin test tomorrow. its required before i can start working at a job i just got. i was wondering does it hurt? has anyone else gotten a tb test before? what do they do?

admin answers:

I just got a TB test a few weeks ago for a volunteer job.

It really doesn’t hurt much (don’t worry) it’s not like a shot (more like a finger prick). I don’t know if your doctor will do the test the same way but for me it was just a quick pinch on the inside of my arm. Then I had to come back a few days later (if you have TB the spot will react in a certain way)

Its really quick and unlike some shots it doesn’t really hurt afterwards.

Mary asks…

numbness in ring finger only?

i have had numbness in the tip of my ring finger i can still use and move my figher and feel but only presser some what pain the point of a knife does not feel sharpe just first joint to tip of finger will these get better on its owen its been right hand for a week has not got better or worse in a week i woke up one morrning this way whent to the doc (there idiots at best) was told to take asprin i knew that would not work and hasnt i do not have insurece so this is out of my pocket so i will not keep going to these idiots what kind of doc to i need and what test need to be done what is the most likley cause thanks ps i have no swelling and know known trama no sore spots or brusies and i got checked for diabies last year and was negtive
thanks dr any idea how much the nerve conduction study cost or a book that has good discrptions and diagrams of the nerves from hand to brain thanks
iam 28 and iam a truck driver could this be covered under workmans comp thanks

admin answers:

You probably pinched a nerve and now your finger is numb. If you don’t have the money or insurance or anything for it you don’t really have to get it treated cause i think you need surgery to fix it, but don’t worry, unless you really want to feel in that finger there’s nothing wrong with it, i know lots of people that have pinched nerves in areas of their bodies that they can’t feel very well and they are just fine :)

Sharon asks…

Are TB tests painful?

I am so terrified of needles…. and i HATE any pain, the most pain I can handle is probably a finger prick(even that terrifies me) and I have a high sensitivity to pain. I want to volunteer at a local hospital this/next year so that eventually I can go to school and become an intern. Because i want to volunteer I am required to have an AIDs HIV TB chicken pox and so on screening….I am certain I have none of these things but I still have to get the testing done. Can you help me??? (Also are any of the other tests painful?) Thanks a bunch! :)
I would appreciate some information on these screenings :)

admin answers:

For a TB test they inject a little bit of fluid under the skin on the inside of your arm between wrist and elbow. That area is not real sensitive and hurts less than a finger prick. For the other tests you mention you would have to have your blood drawn. Your anticipation of it hurting is probably going to make it worse. Try to relax and breathe (blow out) and also count, it’s only a few seconds of your life that you will feel a pinch. Good luck to you.

Ruth asks…

Hematoma under wrist from pinching it with 20lb?

I was at the gym and the leg machines weight was lifted 3 notches to high on the bar. And for some reason I wasnt thinking so i pulled the pin out by reaching around the machine and the 20lb on the top pinched my inner wrist when it fell. I saw my wrist swell instantly with a height of a half inch and a penny sized width. It was red and scratched but it did not bleed. Well its about 4 hours later and the buldge is about 1/2 cm and is 1 inch long with a width of 3/4 inch. It is dark under it and my whole wrist has a real weak dull pain which shoots up my arm about 6 inches. I dont know what to do. Should i go to the er or wait it off. Ive had this happen to me on a smaller scale and i was fine a few days later but this one is painful. What could have happened?

admin answers:

First of all…………OUCH!!!!!!! Sounds like it DOES hurt!!!!

If you are able to move your arm/wrist/fingers AND if you don’t have any swelling that is impending circulation below the injury (to easily test for this: if you press firmly on your fingernail, it will turn white….release it and the color should come back in 2 seconds or less. If it does, then you have adequate circulation. If it does not, then you have inadequate circulation to the areas below the injury.)

If you are able to move your arm/wrist/fingers and if you have ADEQUATE circulation, then you can probably safely wait and see what happens before going to seek medical attention.

If any of the below happens, I would advise you to seek medical attention:
severe, severe pain
inability to move any joint below the injury (wrist/fingers)
reduced circulation (checking with pressing on fingernail as stated above)
increased hematoma (softball size or bigger)

Hopefully, you can treat this with ice (ice packs on for 20 minutes then off for 20 minutes), an over-the-counter pain reliever (tylenol/ibuprofen), and a little time!

Hope this helps!

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Your Questions About Healthy Lifestyle Secrets

Mandy asks…

How healthy is green tea for you when attempting to quit soda and coffee?

I’ve currently revamped my whole lifestyle when I deployed to Afghanistan with the Army. I’ve got nothing to do here, so i’m focusing more on my health and fitness while I am here. Besides my new work out regimen, i’m trying to stop drinking soda, coffee and anything with sugar. So my question is, is Green Tea a healthy choice or should I just continue drinking water only?

admin answers:


The Miracle of Green Tea

“Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.” (Ancient Chinese Proverb)

Is any other food or drink reported to have as many health benefits as green tea? The Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since ancient times, using it to treat everything from headaches to depression. In her book Green Tea: The Natural Secret for a Healthier Life, Nadine Taylor states that green tea has been used as a medicine in China for at least 4,000 years.

Today, scientific research in both Asia and the west is providing hard evidence for the health benefits long associated with drinking green tea. For example, in 1994 the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study indicating that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by nearly sixty percent. University of Purdue researchers recently concluded that a compound in green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells. There is also research indicating that drinking green tea lowers total cholesterol levels, as well as improving the ratio of good (HDL) cholesterol to bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Lots more at this site…

Thomas asks…

Would I lose weight simply by making better food choices and exercising?

If I ate a healthy, balanced diet, and exercised each day including strength training to build muscle, would I be likely to lose my excess weight? What kind of loss could I expect?

admin answers:

The Anshar Diet

As an American I’ve seen enough crazy fad diets in my day to fill several weeks full of infomercials and advertisements. As such I’m going to give you the benefit of many years of health and nutrition classes and do my good deed for the year.

I’m going to tell you how to not only lose weight but change the composition of your body, increase your health, and best of all.. Keep it off.

First, let’s dispel some common myths.

Myth 1:
Eating less calories will make me lose weight.
Unfortunately this isn’t always true. A lot of different factors program your metabolism but one of the key things is how OFTEN you eat. If you fast all day long and then have a 500 calorie meal at the end of the day almost ALL of it will be stored by your body.

Myth 2:
I can have a diet with no carbs and be healthy.
This really is a testament to how much Americans want a quick fix. Diets like the Atkin’s Diet cause your body to start devouring itself, increase your cholesterol, and in certain cases can even kill you. One thing I WON’T argue, death will indeed cause you to lose weight, permanently.

Myth 3:
If I go on a diet I will lose weight.
99% of people who go on diets will end up putting on MORE weight than they lost from a diet. This is because diet is supposed to be a LIFESTYLE change, not something you do for 2 weeks. If you starve your body it will make fat cells and increase their size even faster.

Myth 4:
I need to go out and exercise to lose weight.
This isn’t actually true but it’s important to say that having daily activities WILL keep you healthy. If you burn almost no calories every day what else do you think your body is going to do with them? Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a good diet is what you want here, not killing yourself by running every afternoon.

Myth 5:
The scale in my bathroom gives me a good idea of how healthy I am.
The dreaded bathroom scale does NOT tell you how healthy you are. Let’s say I have 10 lbs of fat, don’t drink water, and have little muscle mass. Then I work out for 3 months and hydrate every day. I lose 5 lbs of fat but gain 7 lbs of muscle and 3 pounds of average water weight. What will happen when I look at the scale? Are you being fair to yourselves? Judge yourself by how you feel, not what a spinning number under your feet tells you.

With these common myths out of the way I’ll tell you the secret. It’s five simple steps.

~~The Anshar Diet~~
1. Only eat until you are no longer hungry.
This does NOT mean that you starve yourself. It means after you take a few bites of food ask yourself if you’re still hungry. If you’re not, into the fridge it goes. While we’re at it, CHEW YOUR FOOD. At least 10 times per bite (using common sense if you’re eating applesauce, this isn’t an excuse to be an idiot).

2. Eat at least 6 (more if your schedule allows) meals a day.
I know this seems counterintuitive, but hear me out. If you eat 6-8 meals a day the meals are very small (often around 100-200 calorie “snacks”), provided you are only eating until you are NOT HUNGRY. When your body is not hungry your metabolism will not try to store energy as fat. It really is that simple. Smaller meals aid in digestion, they increase the nutrition you get from your food, and they keep you from being lethargic. If you eat when you’re hungry your body stores MORE of it as fat (“Hmm. I’m hungry, I don’t know where my next meal will come from! I’d better hold onto this.”)

3. Eat BEFORE you get hungry.
Schedule your 6-10 meals throughout the day and stick to them. If you’re waiting until you get hungry to eat you’ve already screwed this up. Your body stores energy if you’re hungry, if your body sees food and just takes what it needs then you’re running at optimum efficiency. This is called programming your metabolism.

4. Eat breakfast. Always.
Your first meal of the day is also the meal you have no choice over being hungry for. Your body has been replenishing itself all night and needs fuel. Since now you KNOW that hunger means you store your food then that means you want to keep breakfast LIGHT. A cup of cereal and a banana. A granola bar and an apple. LIGHT does NOT mean you skip breakfast. If you skip breakfast you are telling your metabolism to turn ALL of the next meal you eat into stored fat.

5. Drink water.
(I’m a big hypocrite on this one, but I can’t stress it enough) Most people think that if they pick up a glass of orange juice instead of a soda they’re doing themselves a favor, and that’s not entirely true. A glass of orange juice can have just as many calories as some sodas. Try looking at the label sometime. If you’re thirsty, drink water. If you love your soda then have your soda (real soda, not diet, artificial sweetners have been argued to be one of the worst things to ever happen to western civilization). If you decide to have a drink to treat yourself, pour yourself a half glass, don’t take a can or bottle with you and for go

David asks…

what are some good organic foods to try for people trying too loose weight?

im looking for some nice organic healthy foods good for people trying to loose weight and live a all around healthier lifestyle foods that can be purchased at trader joes and whole foods whould be nice!

admin answers:

Anything organic. But don;’t do it for the simple purpose of losing weight. Do it because its good for you and the environment. Weight loss will happen as a byproduct of eating healthy organic foods. That is the secret that most people don;t understand.

-organic fruits and vegetables
-organic nuts/seeds/oils
-pasture raised and grass-fed meats and dairy

Donald asks…

Why do people think their is a secret to having good skin and being skinny?

I honestly just wash my face with soap or maybe some cheap face wash I have because that has always worked for me. And I just eat healthy and never over 1500-1700 calories a day.

It’s just genetic and having some willpower to say no to fatty foods lol. Sure I want fries and ice-cream, but I can say no.

admin answers:

You have to understand, that everyone does not share the same gene, body, lifestyle, etc.

Everyone will not see the same results by, “… Just wash my face with soap or maybe some cheap face wash I have because that has always worked for me. And I just eat healthy and never over 1500-1700 calories a day.”.

The reason why there are big secrets to having good skin, and being skinny, are because one way does not work for everyone.

Ruth asks…

What is the perfect body weight for 5’6 14 year old girl?

I weigh 165, and i know im overweight. So what should i weigh? And what can i do to achieve that weight in atleast 5-6 weeks. I wanna have a really attractive body when i start high school. I really dont like eating many healthy foods. I do enjoy fruit yogurt and fruits and i can learn to eat salad, like i dont lioe it but i’ll eat it. And how much and how many times a day should i be eating? And what exercises can i do to loose the fat on my shoulder/arm pit, flatten my stomach, loose fat on my back, waist, and hips?

admin answers:

I’ll tell you a secret. Don’t pay attention to your numbered weight we all carry it differently. And there is no perfect body type.I feel a better way to set a goal is to buy a dress or a pair of jeans you want to fit into. Spending the money will motivate you to work for the body. If you want to loose weight you need to get into the healthy mind set. You don’t just need to learn to eat salad you need to learn to enjoy it. Begin paying attention to your stomach, simply eat when you’re hungry. Go with your parents to buy groceries and tell them you want to eat healthier.

If you want to loose weight:
-Don’t drink soda, or save it for special occasions like parties.
-Drink plenty or water, sometimes when you hungry it is because you body needs water.
-Eat vegetables, and more vegetables. Learn to love them, I can not even begin on how important it is to eat vegetables everyday.
-Don’t go heavy on the dairy, you mentioned you like yogurt and that’s okay but yogurt can hide a lot of hidden sugar. To get calcium I suggest unsweetened Almond Milk, less sugar, less hormones, and just better all around.
-Go outside and do something everyday. Be committed, you don’t have to do heavy running or anything just go outside everyday and be active in some way.
-Don’t be overwhelmed by all the weight loss tips. I think this is the big one that threw me off in the beginning. You will hear tips left and right, claiming to be fast or easy but truthfully weight loss is a long-term thing that can take awhile. So don’t be frustrated if you don’t see results in the first two weeks. It took me over a year to get the swing of it. Make small changes, and see small differences until your ready to make big changes.
- And last, don’t deprive yourself. If you like junk food, or ice cream don’t stop eating it cold turkey. Many diets say to limit it to once a week, but I wouldn’t even do that. Just eat it. As your diet and your lifestyle grow healthier you will begin craving it less.
-Don’t have “cheat” days, you know the days when you raise all barriers off your diet. Because cheat days turn into cheat weeks and into cheat months. If you must indulge get the small popcorn not even the medium, get the small ice cream, only drink half the soda. “Small” changes turn into smaller sizes.

And, don’t give up. No matter how many times you want to. Stick with it, eventually you will find something that works for you.

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Your Questions About Obesity Essay Thesis

Steven asks…

I have 2 write a persuasive essay on preventing diabetes but can’t come up with thesis or what to persuade HLP

In my essay, major topic is diabetes, but I would like to relate it to economy, fast food, exsercise, and mesurments to prevent it, I just don’t know how to tye it all in, and what to persuade the audience to. Please give me some ideas and help me come up with an argument on what to persuade on.

admin answers:

The major cause of diabetes (type 2) is obesity. People who carry more weight around the stomach (visceral fat) are most at risk compared with people who carry fat at other areas of the body such as the hips (subcutaneous fat). Depending on how in depth your essay is I could give more info on why this is, but its probably a bit boring and complicated if you don’t need to write about this.
The best way to prevent diabetes is to prevent obesity, so educating people on how to eat healthily is important. Coming up with constructive advice for those who need to lose weight, and the best way to do this healthily. Increasing awareness among those most at risk of developing diabetes to encourage them to do more to prevent it. Also, some people believe type 2 diabetes to be a “mild” diabetes – educating on the complications of type 2 (blindness, vascular problems leading to lower limb amputation) may encourage people to do more to improve their health. Hope this has helped.

EDIT- Being overweight is the major PREVENTABLE cause of type 2 diabetes. Of course it is not the only cause, genetics plays a part and many people who develop type 2 diabetes are not overweight, but in terms of preventing the disease – you can’t change genetics. Identifying those with a family history and encouraging a healthy lifestyle may prevent some from developing diabetes, but many, who can be thin, eat healthily and take regular exercise, will unfortunately still get diabetes.
Increasing numbers of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the obesity epidemic are not a coincidence – in vitro models of obesity have shown the molecular mechanisms that may be involved in causing diabetes.
Of course, many overweight people will never develop diabetes, but it is certainly the largest preventable risk factor.
For statistics on numbers of people with diabetes check out the World Health Organisation website.

Joseph asks…

what kind of impact does fast food have on young people?

I am writing an essay and I need help focusing on the topic. The prompt asks: Discuss what makes young people such an attractive audience for fast food, as consumers and/or as employees, analyzing the impact such strategies have on the target audience. What kind of things should i include in my thesis and topic sentences? please help Im stuck. Thank you!

admin answers:

These fast food places cause child obesity, but because the children love the food so much, they go back for more. They become addicted to the unhealthy food. The toys you get with some kids meals at mcdonalds and burger king encourage children to eat the fast food, and at the same time, the parents are having to spend their money on these unhealthy meal options.

Laura asks…

How to make a research paper longer?

Here’s my thesis: While technology has many outstanding results on the society, it also generates numerous problems such as laziness, social obstacles, and obesity.

We did a peer review and the guy told me not to make it pronged (?).

It has to be at least 3 pages and it’s almost 2 pages long, double spaced.

admin answers:

Is this a big research paper? Do you write papers like this often?
I am really curious because at my high school we write a critical analysis like once a week, 3 pages minimum. And big papers need to be 5 pages long.

First of all, your thesis is weak. It is not an argument’; it is stating facts. You need to take it further and be specific. Yes, although technology has improved society, it has created many problems. See how that was just stating a fact? Ask yourself: why should someone care? Is this good? Is this bad? Pick a side. Pick a stance.
I think your thesis should be: despite technology’s significant contributions to the enrichment of society, its negative byproducts: obesity, social problems, and laziness, far outweigh any positive.

Anyway, here’s how the structure of your research paper should be.

Introduction. Thesis statement. Introduce your three claims.
Paragraph 1, discuss the so called positive aspects of technology and then make the bad stuff seem more numerous and much worse.
Paragraph 2. Focus on the laziness technology inflicts on this generation. Use cynical news articles to support this
Paragraph 3. Focus on the relation between obesity and technology. Support w proof and research
P 4. Focus on the social deficiencies people have developed as a result of excessive technology use.
P 5, crush any claims that technology can be positive.
P 6. Combine everything you’ve said about laziness, social obstacles, and obesity.
Conclusion- end it smugly, confident you’ve just turned your readers to think about technology in a different way

Always remember, a thesis statement is an argument (a point of view) not a fact. Google Toulmin’s method and use that in the future to help with essay writing.

Your topic is really vague, you easily can discuss anything you want for pages. Just pick a suggestion for a paragraph or two that I wrote, and bam! 3 pages. Good luck, I hope I helped, and I hope you get an A+.

Lizzie asks…

Good Books for a Grade 9 Academic English ISU?

I’m a ninth grade english teacher and am open to any suggestions for books at a grade 9 level, preferably shorter books, considering there is only 2 weeks of school left. An ISU stands for “Independent Study Unit”, and the students will be required to write detailed novel reflections on a variety of questions, write a 5 paragraph essay in MLA format on a theme from the book (with a thesis and 3 pieces of evidence), and do a creative extension – make a comic strip of a prominent scene in the book, pick a song that relates to their theme chosen and present it in a PowerPoint with lyrics and explain how it relates to their theme, or create a board game.

admin answers:

There may not be enough time to acquire these, but worth keeping in mind for next year…
Blades and Dangerous Days, both by J. William Turner. Realistic fiction in the first-person about Australian teens in several tense, dramatic, life and death situations set in many parts of Australia, plus California and England, and dealing with teenage, adult and social themes. The plot of each novel unfolds as a series of four-stories-in-one in normal hardcover (and on Kindle + e-reader devices via Smashwords) as two professional guys recall the troubles, adventures and life lessons of their youth, and how these have shaped their lives.
These two series of sub-stories are also available singly on Kindle and other e-readers via Smashwords under their individual names, Street Kid, High Country, California Dreaming, Aftermath, Storm Ridge, Paddle Hard, Outback Heroes, and Enemies Within.
Also try the psychology-based novel Fat To Fast by same author on Kindle and via Smashwords about a teen boy beating obesity to become a top athlete.
More info in Yahoo web and other book/author searches.

Maria asks…

ib extended essay on children and advertising thesis statement help?

Hi, I’m in the ib and desperately need a thesis statement!!!! I’m doing A2 english, and can do a cultural option. I’m interested in doing it about children and advertising in the states, as the regulations there are much less strict. Do you have any specific topic ideas that i could turn into my own thesis statement?

I was thinking about perhaps the “tween” generation and how its gotten so much younger, or about gender stereotyping in advertising, but anything works.Thank you so much!!!!!

admin answers:

Maybe go with your idea of how advertising pressures kids to act more adult
or maybe food advertising and obesity
or image problems in girls caused by beauty commercials & models
or to go off your gender stereotyping how commercials encourage toys to be either “boy” toys or “girl” toys.
Hope this helps you out a little and my God have mercy on the soul of the IB student. (I’m a proud IB dropout because my high school had it organized so badly, haha)

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Your Questions About Research Questions About Obesity

Mark asks…

please check this paragraph for an errors? ?

Ok so…this paragraph is comparing two writings…can u check it for any spelling, grammar errors…and how should i add flow in it? also what r some other reasons i can name that to why it did not support my secondary research?

The secondary research demonstrated the affects and impacts of television on children. Based on the research, it showed that television has an impact on childhood obesity, aggression, attention problems, and television also has an impact on children’s school performance negatively. However, based on the primary research it showed entirety an opposite answers to the research question. The results show that the majority of mothers believe that their children are not considered obese; they do not have attention problems at school or at home, that they are not aggressive, nor do they have poor school performance or grades. For example, one of the questions on the survey asked, “Do you consider your child to be overweight for his/her age?” and about 65% of the mothers said they don’t consider their child to be overweight and only 28% said they do consider their child to be overweight. Therefore, the results show that the primary research did not support the secondary research, perhaps because only 35 mothers were surveyed, or maybe because it was only mothers and not fathers. The other reason could be because the mothers did not wanted their child to be presented as an aggressive or obese child.

thanks a lot for your help :0

admin answers:

For the second sentence… “Based on the research, it showed that television has an impact on childhood obesity, aggression, attention problems, and [cut out "television also"] has an impact on children’s school performance negatively. Read that sentence aloud; it sounds better without “television also”.

Sentence after… “an opposite answers to the research” should be “an opposite answer entirely to the research”. Also you spelled entirely wrong. It’s entirely, not entirety.

Two sentences later… You said “about 65% of” and later didn’t say “about” when speaking of the 28%. So it is good grammar to either remove the first “about” or add it in later.

Last sentence… I suggest you change “could be because” to “could be that”. Read that sentence aloud using both, and you’ll see what I mean.

Good paragraph, and I hope I helped you!

Thomas asks…

Easy Question: Which Research Topic should I pick?

Alright well I narrowed these 3 topics down from a list of 38 topics. The only problem is I can’t decide which one to do. Could anyone please guide me in the right way and tell me which topic I should choose based on how much information there is on the topic on the internet I need to write 8 paragraphs about the topic including the introduction and conclusion. This is due on May 27th and I don’t want to choose a topic with little info. on it on the internet. If you were in my situation, which topic would you choose?

1. (CELL PHONES) – How have they changed us socially?
2. (SPANKING) – Should it be outlawed (illegal)?
3. (FAST FOOD) – Are we taking it to far by blaming fast food restaurants for obesity? When is it individual responsibility and when is it appropriate to blame the fast food restaurant?

-Thanks in advance!
-Dominick :D

admin answers:

I think cell phones would be interesting, because they have completely changed the world within the past decade.

Ken asks…

What are great world issue problems to write a research paper about?

So for junior english class, we have to write a research analysis paper about a world issue. The thing is, i do not know which topic to choose. There are topics such as teen pregnancies, child obesity, gang violence, etc. But a can NOT find a problem that is unique and uncommon. I don’t want to choose a topic that other people may write about. So if you guys happen to think of unique ideas, please answer my question, i will greatly appreciate it. Thanks a bunch! :)

admin answers:

I had a topic like this before
ideas i didn’t chose but liked
- how tv shows influence people
- diet trends
- immigration/ people from one place now living in another [adapting to culture, language, acceptance]
- education/ testing results
- pesticides and enhanced/ genetically modified food

Donna asks…

My wife is over in Paris with a wealthy, decorated war hero?

My marriage has been unraveling for a long time. About five years ago, I started having an affair with a prostitute, but it eventually overwhelmed me. I met ‘Dirty Blonde’ (the hooker) in the hotel for the last time and cried out, “I can’t do it anymore! I think I love my wife!”

But on the way home I downed a bottle of liquor and could barely see by the time I made it to our driveway. My wife’s dog, a labrador retriever named Zeus, got in the way of my car and I wound up running him over and running the car into a tree. The dog died and I was rushed to the hospital and had one of my legs amputated. Two years later, I lost my other leg to diabetes, from alcoholism and obesity.

It’s been downhill ever since. I was courageous enough never to tell my wife why I got drunk that night and ran over her dog, and why I needed that emergency amputation, but she’s never gotten over the death of Zeus.

The makeup of our marriage isn’t helping anything. I’m on social security at the age of thirty, and she’s a distinguished English professor at our local college. I’m wheel chair bound for the rest of my life, which becomes a pain when I go to AA meetings and doctor visits and trips to the pharmacy, and she is a health nut. She’s not a heavy drinker and sticks to water, and I can’t make it through a day without several drinks. Alcoholics Anonymous has been great, but I still need a drink at night. This, naturally, has lead to many fights.

But now she’s over in Paris with a war hero–a 6’6”, blue eyed, dark haired Medal of Honor recipient, who wound up in her advanced English class after he came back from Iraq. She and this war hero are over in Paris because the English department was awarded with a study abroad grant. Three of the students in the class were invited to go study in Paris, but only he acted on the offer. The two of them will be over there for the next four months.

He isn’t just a war hero, though. About six months after his return from the battlefields, the local newspaper ran a story on him. On the front page they ran pictures of him shirtless–and showing his scars from the war and his Navy SEAL tattoos. Eventually word went through the grapevine and reached a dying uncle of his who, after being overwhelmed by his nephew’s courageous actions on the battlefield, decided to leave him ten million dollars in his will. The uncle passed shortly after restructuring his will. So now the 6’6” Navy SEAL over in Paris with my wife is rich.

I want her back, though. I want her to cancel the rest of her trip and come take care of me, which I don’t think is selfish at all. I’m having to use the city bus to get to my AA meetings and doctor appointments, and things were easier when she was here as my chauffeur.

However, I’m worried about how faithful she is being to our marriage. I went to her class one day and met him and can’t dispute his physical appearance: according to my wife, he even turned down a modeling contract after he got back from Iraq. Yet I’m hoping my wife is unattracted to him because of the scars on his chest and back from the grenade shrapnel. I noticed in the newspaper that the scars aren’t very big or ugly, but I hope they will be enough to keep my wife uninterested.

One last note: The trip was only supposed to be a two month gig, but my wife decided to extend it for another two months, for research purposes.


Do you think my wife is cheating on me?

If she is, can you suggest how I can get her back?


admin answers:

I will always love you.

The good news is I drink to much also, so i will start coming by to pick you up and drive you to AA, no more city bus for my best friend Joey TBS! I am 10x’s better looking than the Navy Seal, well you know what i mean.

As far as your legs go.. Who needs legs anyways right?

*hey, if you ever go overseas to study, I am the one you are taking right? Do I need to be in your class to go? Could you imagine the poetry you and I could come up with in Paris… I’m thinking Venice or Marseilles.

Nancy asks…

Cysts On My Ovaries? I’m to scared to go to the doctor cuz Ovarian Cancer runs in our family?

Imagine going threw puberty dealing with normaly body changes as well as growing a full beard. As I struggled with trying to figure out why I have a beard or why I have chest hair, my family just told me don’t worry about it nothing is wrong. After years of asking questions and tearful research I find out that Ovarian Cancer runs in our family, and my aunt even has it. Knowing this my family never took me to a doctor. I had all the symptom of both Polycystic Ovaries and Ovarian cancer,(excessive hair, no longer getting periods, obesity etc). This cause my situation to get worse and now that Im old enuff I’m finally taking my health into my own hand. Why would my family let me search aimlessly for the answers they already know and put my health in jeopardy instead of just telling me what runs in the family. Now my self-esteem is s low cuz I have hair growing on my chest, breast and all over my face.Am I wrong for being angry at my family?

admin answers:

Calm down, take a deep breath. I am not going to tell you you are wrong for being angry at your family, but I am going to tell you they did not ‘give’ you this.
As for them ‘knowing’ are you sure? Are you 100% positive they KNEW that you had PCOS or cancer? I doubt they would have let you search for a cause instead of getting a cure for cancer, and as for PCOS, it wasn’t really the first thought until the last 15 years or so.
Rather than worry about what they ‘did’ to you I would worry about getting a dx immediatly, especially since you have the cysts, acne, hirsutism and IR (obesity) that comes with PCOS.
It can be treated, it can be managed, and you can live a fairly normal life. From what you describe it sounds more like PCOS than cancer. Since you have done much research, as you state, I am not going to go into the other things it could be, it sounds like you might have ruled them out on your own
Follow the links below for one of my favorite PCOS forums. You are not alone!!!
Make and appt with your OB/GYN and take control. Forgive those in your family who may have wronged your through ignorance.

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Your Questions About Most Healthy Fattening Foods

Sandy asks…

Is fruit and vegies fattening? I have heard they are and that they are not!?

Are fruit and Vegies Fattening? I have heard they are and that they are not? If they are how fattening would you say they are? Any ideas? I just hate how most healthy foods you buy in a store don’t have a chart like other foods!

admin answers:

Fruit and Veggies should never have a chart because if they do it means that they are packaged and no one should be buying packaged veggies, fresh fruit and veggies are the best. Fruit and vegetables 99% of the time are NOT fattening in any way. Some veggies are fattening though like Avocados.

Paul asks…

Most healthiest breakfast fast-food?

I know the question sounds a little odd but let me explain. I’m going to go on a long road trip to Florida because I’m moving there. And the way my family eats is not that good. I’ve been on a diet to lose weight since September and I would HATE to break it.
I already have my dinner and snacks planned for this trip. But what fast food chain as the most healthiest breakfast foods? If not healthy, well the least fattening?

admin answers:

Candian bacon slices(Low in fat) and fruit yogurt cup from mcdonalds..
If you ask most places already have thier salads ready and most fast food offer fruit now
jojo do they all serve oatmeal?i have never seen that offered on our’s in fla..never.did not know it was

Lisa asks…

Ah! Going to Grandma who cooks fattening food’s house?

This weekend I’m going to my grandpa and grampa’s house. They’re both very overweight and consume the most fattening foods. How can I survive at their house while I’m trying to eat healthy? I was going to bring some Lean Cuisine meals but they’ll be so hurt and think I don’t like their food. I also can’t just explain I’m trying to stay trim, because they’ll scoff and say I don’t need to lose weight. What should I do?

admin answers:

I dealt with the same problem when I went to a friend’s house a few weeks ago. All the food was very fattening, and I’m trying to maintain my weight by sticking to vegetables, fruits, fish, white meat, etc. Maybe you can offer to cook dinner for the three of you one night. That way, you can include all healthy ingredients.

David asks…

Anyone have a simple and effective way to lose weight???

Okay, I have put on some extra pounds lately and would LOVE to get rid of them. My lifestyle doesnt provide alot of time for taking long runs or walks. I’d just like to find a simple and effective way to get rid of the extra pounds. What in home exercises could I do, and what is the most healthy and least fattening foods? Please help me!!!

admin answers:

Easy. Just drink a lot of water and cut back on the amount of food you eat, especially cut down on the junk food and food that has a lot of sugar. Keep doing this and you will mange to lose some weight. How much water to drink, figure 10glasses a day, it can be teas such as green or herbal so long as you don’t put sugar or sweeteners in them. A bit of lemon juice is okay though.

Richard asks…

Uh oh… They are FATTENING?

I just ate like… I don’t know at least 2 cups of walnuts (I love them and I couldn’t stop myself…) then I was informed that contrary to my belief that they are perfectly HEALTHY they are in fact one of the most fattening foods in the entire UNIVERSE! X_X How bad exactly is eating 2 cups of walnuts? Unsalted.

admin answers:

It’s not bad… Walnuts are healthy. They’re just nuts, it’s not like you ate a tub of ice cream

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Your Questions About Sugar Spike After Eating

Paul asks…

Issues about blood sugar / diabetes?

I switched from white starches (breads & pastas) to whole wheats several years back when I was 1st diagnosed with diabetes. I can’t say it has done a lot to improve my readings. I still spike pretty bad following eating these. Any ideas for a low glycemic index bread or pasta?

admin answers:

I found almost no difference between white and wheat bread, or white and wheat pasta — they all caused unacceptably high spikes for me. Even the “Dreamfields” pasta didn’t work for me. So I eat different things instead.

Instead of bread, I might have any of the following:
- low-carb lavash or pita (we get Joseph’s brand at our local grocery store. The lavash is 7 g carb, 3 of which are fiber; the pita is 8 g, 4 of which are fiber, so both are 4 g net.)
- GG Scandinavian Crispbread: it’s almost all fiber; it’s basically bran held together with water. It tastes a bit like pressed sawdust at first, but I have acquired a taste for it now.
- Bran-a-Crisp: they tasted like wood pulp at first, but they taste almost decadent now compared to the even-more-fibrous GG crispbread
- Wasa crispbread (check the carb counts; some a much higher than others — the fiber rye is the lowest, I think, though I haven’t bought them lately)

Instead of pasta:
- for spaghetti: spaghetti squash
- for ziti or penne-sized pasta: green beans
- for lasagna: sheets of extra-firm tofu cut thin with a cheese slicer

Instead of rice: grated steamed cauliflower

Instead of potatoes:
- mashed: mashed and seasoned cauliflower
- roasted: small white purple-topped turnips, lightly oiled and seasoned
- cubed (like for hash browns or in stew or chowder): small white turnips again
- shredded (like for potato pancakes): shredded zucchini
- potato salad: lightly steamed bite-size chunks of cauliflower in your favorite potato-salad recipe

Instead of oatmeal: a bowl of hot cereal that is mainly ground flax seeds and hot water, plus some ground almonds, and just two spoonfuls of real oatmeal mixed in for flavor. (Oatmeal is a huge spiker for me, although I often see it being touted as diabetic-friendly.)

Instead of almost any kind of beans (as in chili): Eden’s Black Soybeans. For some reason they have a much lower carb count / higher fiber amount than regular beans or white soybeans have.

A lot of these are acquired tastes. I had never even heard of spaghetti squash before being diagnosed as a T2. It’s still the only kind of squash I’ll eat — I really dislike all other kinds. Cauliflower used to make me gag, but only after experimenting have I found that what I really don’t like is _overcooked_ cauliflower — light cooking and the proper seasoning make all the difference in the world. Turnip was another huge turnoff for me; it’s bitter and nasty. I read a trick that makes it much more palatable: peel and cut it, and then soak in a bowl of water with some cream in it. Drain it off before cooking. It takes the bitterness away.

Sandra asks…

blood sugar spikes 2 hours after I eat low carb?

Ok, I have not been diagnosed as diabetic yet, I go do the A1C test tomorrow. My dad was diabetic, his dad was diabetic and my mom is diabetic. I am probably diabetic. I have been eating low carb for a few weeks. Last week I bought a blood glucose monitor to check my sugar levels. So tonight for dinner I ate some avocado, celery, cucumber, hummus and laughing cow cheese wedges. The totals are 471 cal, 32 carbs, 35 fat, 11 protein, and 16 fiber. Before the meal my reading was 151, one hour after it was 153, two hours after it was 221! I thought it was supposed to go down, so I am confused as to why it went up. I feel fine, no headache, blurred vision, thirst, etc (though I am hungry). Does it take longer for my body to metabolize vegetables? If I eat low carb why is my blood sugar so high, is this normal for people on low carb diets?
Yeah, I’m pretty sure my test will say I do have it, I am sorta accepting that. I had water as I have cut out soda and juice. I made sure I didn’t eat anything else because I knew I was going to do the blood test. I had no idea that the hummus would bring my blood sugar up…another thing I can’t eat, one I thought was healthy too :( I also noticed when I tracked it all that avocado has a lot of carbs.

admin answers:

Hate to tell you, but glucose readings in the 150 = diabetic or pretty close. Postprandial 200+ virtually guarantees a diagnosis. At this point the A1C will just tell you how bad it is. 30 g carbohydrate in a meal is on the lower side, but it isn’t “low carb” by a long shot. The definition varies but most would consider it <50 grams carbohydrate, if that. Chickpeas (in the hummus) would not be eaten as part of this diet.

At this point I would ask you what you had to drink with your meal. Was there a snack after dinner? Are you 110% certain of your portion sizes? The glucose rise had to come from somewhere, and it had to be related to what you ate.

Carol asks…

Carbs and sugar = fat?????????

Hey there!

My friend asked me today if consuming grams of fat in food is the only reason we get fat. And i said no, because something like sugar, which has no fat in it makes you fat if it combines with carb.

Then i actually thought about it. So if i had say, a baked potato with around 40g of carb in for dinner. And then after this i had some chocolate or something sweet for pudding…lets say 30g sugar. How much fat would this make and is it bad!?

admin answers:

There are different kinds of carbs and sugars, and your body responds differently to each one of them.

Simple sugars, like you would find in chocolate, is the easiest thing for your body to convert to fat. It takes nearly no effort at all, and due to a series of complicated biological processes, nearly all of the simple sugar we eat is stored as fat.

The sugars, in, say, fruit, (fructose) isn’t easily stored as fat.

Carbs have either a low glycemic index or a high glycemic index. Simple way of thinking about it is a carb with a High GI spikes your blood sugar and insulin levels quickly – meaning your body then stores most of the carb you eat as fat.

A low GI carbs, like a potato or whole grain breads, don’t spike your blood sugar level.

“Have you ever heard of like marathon runners or football players before a run or a game they eat TONS of pasta or other high carb foods because they give them a larger reserve of energy. If your active, eating a lot of these foods will put on the pounds yes, but calorie counting is still the most efficient way to know if your making yourself fat :)

It’s not that simple. You can eat 4000 calories a day and be muscular, or you can eat 4000 calories a day and be a fatass. It’s all about where the calories come from.

Daniel asks…

what does it mean when ….fasting blood sugar is in normal range..BUT after eating gets real/too high?


admin answers:

Blood sugars normally spike after eating. After two hours, the sugar has been metabolized by the body’s normal insulin production and provided to those body cells in need of it; then blood sugar readings return to normal.

Lizzie asks…

How many grams of sugar does it take for insulin spikes?

i.e. how much sugar is too much?

Most candies have about 20g of sugar per serving
Most cereal have about 6-12g per serving.

My question is, how many grams of sugar does it take for spikes?

admin answers:

A non-diabetic can eat as much sugar as they like without seeing spikes. This is because their pancreas will just pump out the necessary amount of insulin.

I have Type 1 diabetes, my pancreas does not produce any insulin. 10g of carb will raise my blood sugar by 3mm/ol or 54 mg/dl. Which means that anything more than 10g will cause a spike in blood sugar. I don’t have any insulin spikes because my body doesn’t produce insulin.

And I have to correct two things in what you wrote.

First, it is not sugar that causes insulin spikes but all carbs.

Secondly, most cereals have about 30g of carb per serving.

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