Your Questions About Healthy Food Choices

Susan asks…

What are good healthy food choices for studying?

As a university student, I always tend to pick unhealthy food choices while studying. I always have the need to eat something. So I was wondering if there were any quick snacks I can conjure up for those long nights.

admin answers:

You can buy chewy bars or granola bars, they are what I call brain food. Also pasta gives you energy, do if you are going to crash styding one night drink pasta with cold coca cola.
Any cereal or grain snack is very good.

Mark asks…

What are some healthy food choices for my one year old?

I don’t want to be the too busy mom who warms up mac and cheese or spaghetti O’s for her little one. I want him to have healthy meals to set him up to make healthy decisions later on. I’m just running out of ideas for him. He won’t be one until September, but he already is through with me spoon feeding him. Also, I’m so used to watching how much he eats by reading the ounces posted on the side of the baby food jar. How do you know how much food to give a pre-toddler?

admin answers:

I guess it really depends on how well your baby is doing with eating foods of different textures at this point. I agree with previous posters, soft foods like bitesize pieces of fruit (I’d steam harder fruits like apples and pears bc they can be too hard to swallow if they cant chew well, and cut grapes in half to minimize the choking risk) and steamed veggies. You can make soft things like quesadillas filled with cheese and shredded chicken and just cut them into really tiny chunks. Breads, spaghetti/pastas, hot dogs cut into small pieces…. Probably your baby could eat a lot of what you are aleady preparing for the rest of your family to eat. Just be sure that it isnt too hard to chew, and that it’s in bite sized pieces. You can give them a portion the size of your palm, and if they want more, let them eat until they are done! You dont have to use extreme portion control, so long as you are feeding them healthy meals and your baby isnt overweight (which your doctor would tell you if it was something you needed to be concerned about.)

Ruth asks…

What are healthy food choices for someone who wants to lose 40 pounds?

I am 20yrs old, male, 220 and I want to lose 40 pounds. I box 4 times and week and I also run when I have the chance, however, I eat everything. When I start it’s difficult to stop. I want foods that are healthy and I could eat and not gain much weight. I must admit that I have slowed down on the food I eat!

admin answers:

Lettuce & tomatoes
Carrot & celery sticks
Baked potato
Broiled chicken or fish
Non-fat yogurt
Non-fat pudding
Sugar-free jello
Shredded Wheat
All fruits
All vegetables
All juices
1% milk


John asks…

Healthy food choices for a job that can be somewhat sedentary at times?

I work security at a plant and at times it can be very sedentary. I work 12.5 Hour shifts and try to eat abt every two hours. I need healthy food options that will not cause me to gain alot of weight. I do go to the gym after work most day.

admin answers:

Lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. No processed crap, no sodas.

Carol asks…

What are some healthy food choices for a second time pregnancy?

Please help me! I am pregnant for the second time, but I swear I am always hungry. I have been eating fast food, which I am ashamed about because I know it’s poison for you. But by the time I get out of work, I am so hungry I am shaking and I know it would take too long to cook. I gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks, and that was the final straw. What are some suggestions for quick, healthy meals for me? I CANNOT blow up, I did such a good job with my first.

admin answers:

I ate tons of salad and sandwiches the second time around. Yogurt smoothies for breakfast (made at home…those at the smoothie places tend to be full of sugar and other empty calories, and are WAY too expensive). Egg salad, peanut butter (occasionally) and such for lunch. I made lots of salad ahead of time. I would have some chopped chicken from the night before, or some cheese, or some chopped egg in the salad. Also, don’t use fat free dressing. You need a little fat for 2 reasons: it helps you feel fuller, and it also helps your body absorb the vitamins in the salad. Low fat is fine. I LOVE full-fat ranch. I would prefer to eat most of the salad dry, then have a few bites at the end with the really yummy stuff than eat some low-fat dressing.

Don’t be ashamed about the fast food. I’m pretty much off of it, as I feel very sleepy after eating it. With 2 homeschooled kids, I have NO time for being tired! Still, it’s OK to have a treat every now and then.

Worst case scanario, you will gain some weight. I gained a TON with my first child, and after two children, I now weigh less than I did when I got married. Of course, there are risks with excessive weight gain, but I gained SO much, and I was fine.

Edit: Almonds are GREAT to fill you up.

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Your Questions About Obesity Epidemic Questions

Mary asks…

reality television : an epidemic dumbing down the american youth by gluing them to the tube, escaping life?

haha i love this question…what do you think? i personally love reality tv. even though most of it isnt too “real”. its all in good fun on the surface but is it dangerous to our society (im american) watching excess tv is a serious contribution to obesity ( im a chub chub), ignorance, laziness, our youth reading less, etc. i love it BUT too much of anything is bad. anyway on a less serious note: who watches i love new york? i love that show dammit! message me if you want darlings! l8ter!

(ha ha i love how i said “our youth” when i just turned 17. lmao.)

admin answers:

I do not watch “reality” TV, it is just too stupid, almost painful to watch. No offense to you, dear, but this younger generation, is going to hell in a hand basket. I hope there is a few of you kids that have your head on straight.

Ruth asks…

D you think that I should have seen this trolling set up coming?

Question: Is religion responsible for the epidemic of obesity in the U.S. today?

Question Details: Given that various religions restrict certain activities such as masturbation, certain kinds of sexual pleasures, drug use, and various other earthly pleasures to varying degrees, one of the pleasures which remains is the consumption of food. In the absence of these forbidden pleasures, does food become one which may be abused, therefore leading many of various religious beliefs to consume food in excess? PLEASE NOTE: I have reviewed the Community Guidelines, and this question is none of the following: Venting, ranting, or using hate speech. Chatting or otherwise violating the question-and-answer format. Being mean or obscene. Exploiting the community. Cheating. Violating the law. Behaving maliciously. Misusing Answers. Doing harm. Thank you. THE MIGHTY RA: FYI, I’ve reported your response since it does NOT answer my question. I posted this again because someone reported it previously,
I cant remember who this was but certainly watch out for them
I said basically that He didn’t like fat people and was continually asking this question till he got the answer he wanted to hear
what a pompous arsehole
It was my answer that was reported

admin answers:

He has a point you know…. The bible belt of America is the fattest place in the world.

Plus, drugs and sexual activity help people stay thin…..

At the same time though, I do agree that he shouldn’t have reported your answer.

Lisa asks…

Is it just me… children…too many… weight concerns?

It saddens me just how many children i find 13 years old and such concerned that they’re fat or are overweight! I have 5 children and they are health conscience, my husband and I work hard to promote a healthy food/eating experience in their lives so that it will become apart of their lives now and stay with them as they grow! They really enjoy their food lifestyle while we still allow them to be children; we incorporate these good things into the regular diet! Our whole family gets great products and there is a wonderful children line that my children take, they are ages 3-11 and they love it! I guess my question is, with obesity being such the epidemic it is where are all the parents? We have to put in the effort to help keep our children safe, and good-eating habits are safety from death!! Does anyone else feel the same? If anyone wants to look at the products we use as a family the website is: the site owner is willing to happy to provide info!

admin answers:

I think it has a lot to do with today’s society and just kids being kids. Everyone knows that the “fat” kid is one of those who gets teased a lot. Girls are starting puberty at ages 6-9 because they are overweight. So by the time they hit their teens they’re obese and face a ton of ridicule by their peers and I know that from experience. Not every family has the resources to promote healthy eating habits, and not many try either. So it’s now being left up to the schools to teach kids how to eat and exercise to stay healthy. With all the teasing and bullying going on, it’s no wonder 12-13 yr olds want to lose weight. I’d be concerned too if I found out I had diabetes and I wasn’t even in high school yet. I guess it’s society’s “what’s hot” look and the pressure to look a certain that might push some kids to worry about that stuff too. Either way it’s not a good situation to think about.

Thomas asks…

A question about fedral agencies?

I am writing an government class essay and it is about the epidemic of obesity among american children. It should include an identification of the federal agencies, executive branch officials, and committees or members of congress responsible for addressing the problem.

Can someone help?

admin answers:

Just write “THEY ARE TOO FAT”
and that should cover it.

Mandy asks…

Infant mortality: Is this what we want to see in our country?

I was reading the NYTimes and saw the following article:

“In what health experts call an ominous portent, progress has stalled and in recent years the death rate has risen in Mississippi and several other states.

The setbacks have raised questions about the impact of cuts in welfare and Medicaid and of poor access to doctors, and, many doctors say, the growing epidemics of obesity, diabetes and hypertension among potential mothers, some of whom tip the scales here at 300 to 400 pounds.

“I don’t think the rise is a fluke, and it’s a disturbing trend, not only in Mississippi but throughout the Southeast,” said Dr. Christina Glick.”

Is this how we care for the children who are living?

admin answers:

What they do not talk about is the high influx of illegals, nor do they talk about the excessive numbers of young unmarried kids who are getting knocked up and thinking they can hide it from their parents. Don’t take all you read to heart. There is more often than not a whole other story on the other side of the coin. Especially with news print.

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Your Questions About Food Safety Questions For Kids

Susan asks…

parents of kids with serious food allergies:?

how much confidence do you have that when your child is away from home they always ask about or read ingredients before eating something? how much confidence do you have that they won’t necessarily just take an adult’s word for the fact a food is safe if that adult isn’t very knowledgeable about the allergy and about how often the allergen shows up as a hidden ingredient in foods where you don’t see or taste it? what do you do to make sure your child will be appropriately advocating for her own safety?

i worry a lot about my quiet 10-year-old as she starts eating more meals at other kids‘ houses. their parents know about the allergy, of course, but whether they know that there are nuts in the multigrain cheerios or plain m&ms or salsa or whatever is another question entirely. i *hope* my daughter asks every time, but i worry that she won’t pursue it if the parent says “don’t worry, this is fine for you.”
you are all quite tactful, lol. i do talk at length with other parents about the allergy and how serious it is and how to read labels for it. [there are way too many foods that can have nuts to make a comprehensive list ... virtually anything can if made in a facility that makes other things with nuts]. my main concern is how to train my daughter so that she also is advocating for herself, so when the parent slips up despite my warnings she still catches that before eating something that could make her stop breathing.

admin answers:

It’s a big leap of faith to expect parents who don’t deal with these types of allergies to be sufficiently on top of things to ensure your daughter’s safety.

Perhaps it falls to you, as the parent, to speak with her friend’s parents, and explain your concerns. They can help her become more assertive in asking, but they can also demonstrate that they DO know the food is safe by showing her the ingredients, or explaining how they know it’s ok.

Failing that, it sounds like you’ll have to send her with her own food, to feel completely safe.

Good luck.

Michael asks…

??? concerning foster kids and their safety?

I’m a fairly new foster parent. I had 2 children placed in my home last April (1st for me). At the time, we were told they had displayed no behavior problems. We were their 5th placement (in under 2 months) but when we questioned why they had been moved so much, we were told it was problems with the foster homes, not the kids. So we take these 2 kids in. Right away, we see huge problems and when we start complaining, DSS starts telling us why they were really moved so many times. The girl, who was almost 2, seemed to be doing ok. You could tell that she had been neglected & probably spent most of her 18 months with the parents in a crib. She could walk but not well, very clumsy, didn’t know how to walk down the stairs, etc. You could also tell she had some emotional issues (she had severe diarrhea all the time & she couldn’t get enough to eat). She spent most of her time in our kitchen looking for food. She didn’t know how to play & she didn’t talk very much. Her eating problems made me feel like these kids had gone some time w/o food.

The boy had severe issues, showing signs of all kinds of abuse (sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally, you name it). He demanded attention all the time, good or bad. He would hide food around our home. He would break toys & hit the other kids (I have 2 boys of my own). Once he tried to hit my beagle with a bat & when I yelled at him to stop (I saw him from the window), he turned around & smiled a smile that sent chills up my back. You could tell this child was evil. He would pee in our bedroom floor & when we caught him, he started peeing in the bathroom but not in the toilet, he would pee in the trash cans or on the wall. We finally had the child moved, not because of this behavior so much but because of the sexual behavior he was trying to demonstrate on the other kids. He would put his sisters face in his crotch or tell my toddler to look at his “D*ck”. He would get out of the tub & shake his privates & say, “hey mom, look at that thing”. It was truly disturbing. We kept him for 5 months before they moved him to be the only child in a home. By this time, we had gotten him started w/ a counselor but only because we pushed so hard. They didn’t think he needed it.

He went to stay with an elderly couple (they had kept both kids for respite so he knew them) but his behavior only got worse. DSS lied to them as much as they lied to us so after a few months, they had to move him again (DSS had told them they would pay for his daycare since they did volunteer work but then a month later, told them that they wouldn’t be doing it anymore so she requested that he be moved). Now he is w/ a lady that is so passive & again, his behavior has only gotten worse. He’s done stuff like sneaking out of his carseat, jumping around her seat & jerking the steering wheel, causing her to land in a ditch. He’s locked her out of the house (it was dark & she went out to take the trash). He turned on all the lights in the house & started throwing stuff at the windows. He’s spent time in a psych ward (he’s only 4 now). He bites the blood out of people & he pulls his pants down in headstart & pees on the toys. He’s really out of control.

So, here’s my question: DSS knows the parents abused him (these kids are in care because mom burned the skin off his genitals & he ended up in the burn center w/ 2nd degree burns). He will tell you she did it. DSS says his testimony is not enough to keep him from going back b/c the parents have done the requirements to get them back. DSS agrees that they shouldn’t go back b/c the parents have done the minimal amt to get them back, nothing more). No changed have been made with these parents & we all know they will end up back in care in a short amt of time…unless of course, he’s dead before then. Mom & dad both favor the little girl but apparently not enough to keep from neglecting her. The parents just got unsupervised visits in their home (6 hours including drive time to & from daycare) & the little girl came back last week w/ the same diaper on & her pants soaked w/ pee from not being changed so long. The kids also tell us they eat chocolate cereal for lunch when they go there. The little girl is back to severe diarrhea & eating like she’s starving all the time. This weekend was hell b/c she was constantly searching for food, even though she just had dinner (and I mean instantly looking, not 2 hrs later)

I’m just having a hard time believing that nothing else can be done to protect these kids when we all know they don’t need to go back? Since I’m new at this, I want to make sure I shouldn’t be doing something else to help these kids. I don’t want their blood on my hands because I fail to do something that I didn’t know I could do to help w/ this. I know some of you guys are social workers… Any suggestions? By the way, they are getting read
to move him again. His foster mom can’t take much more. He is currently in extensive therapy (in home and at school) but DSS doesn’t want to move him to therapeutic care because they said they didn’t want to “label him” in case he goes for adoption.

admin answers:

Not sure what you believe DSS can do..they believe in reunification no matter the cost it seems…just as a few people in this section don’t believe in adoption, no matter the cost.

Really sad

Mary asks…

Under what circumstances would you call the cops about an 11-year-old boy?

I’m in an apartment complex, and planning to try buying a house later this year. I realize awful neighbors are part of the package with apartment living, but I have one neighbor that is far above the average level of “awful neighbor.”

He’s 11 years old.

Day 1 in our new apartment, this kid did 2 things that had us ready to fight or move. My kids (3&5) were eating Happy Meals just outside the door, and when I came through with a box, my 3-yr-old had no food. My 5-yr-old told me “that boy” asked if he could have it, my 3-yr-old said “okay” (which is his standard response to big kidsquestions) and the kid walked off with his dinner. Later that evening, my 5-yr-old ran outside in his underwear (not used to apartments) and the kid used a camera phone to take posed pictures of him with virtually no clothes on.

We’ve stressed to my kids rules about safety, and that this big kid is not their friend, but my 5-yr-old, for some reason likes him and thinks they’re buddies.

Tonite, though, this kid has made me fear for our safety. I was grilling outside, and had to run inside to use the bathroom. I stupidly left a bag of quick-lite charcoal briquettes outside, and when I came back, another kid took me around the side of our apartment and there was this kid with several, lighting them and watching them burn in grass within feet of our bedroom window.

Everytime there’s an incident, we go to his mother, and my husband has gone to the apt office a few times, but each offense is worse than the last. The mom thinks her son’s an angel, and it’s like he gets more vindictive everytime we complain.

What would you do? It’s just the one kid, and I am NOT cool with breaking our lease and going through a move to basically run from a child.

Would you call the cops on a child in a situation like this?
Somuthus: Well, thank goodness you answered my question. Tell me, have you ever considered writing a book to teach idiots like me how to be a perfect parent, just like you?

Where would you suggest children should be in the process of moving? For their safety, I had them out of the way, in the one place I was likely to see them the most. Of course I don’t “let” my son run outside in his undies, but he’s far from the first 5-year-old to have darted outside in his underroos. I am more strict about watching them than almost every parent in our complex.

If the food had to cook for about 30 minutes, plus the time to get the briquettes ready, what should I have done when I had to pee?

I’ll thank you to stop acting like a self-righteous moron and try to force yourself to be helpful or shut up.

And you, at the bottom, I don’t need your opinion of what I gave my kids for dinner. An occasional meal of chicken nuggets, apple slices and lowfat milk is not going to ruin them.
kprofait…: I don’t know of all that many neighbors who have a huge problem with him, but I do find it odd that his best friends (our actual neighbors, he lives in another building) will tell me immediately if he’s getting into trouble. They play because their neighbors, but I get the feeling the kid is kind of out there on his own. His mom isn’t ever out there with him, from the time he gets home from school until after dark, he’s skateboarding or otherwise getting into trouble. I’ve seen and heard a lot of arguments between him and the other kids in the complex, mainly with the other kids saying he’s gonna get in trouble and they aren’t going down with him. Along those same lines, the adults don’t seem to be openly irritated with him, but they do seem wary of him.

I can handle an abrasive personality, but I can’t and won’t tolerate him taking advantage of my kids and putting my family, and others in the complex, in danger.

admin answers:

I would call the police especially about the incident of taking pictures of your child in his underwear. Maybe it’s just a “kid” thing but you never know. If nothing else, you would have a report on file if this 11 yr old harms your children or other children in the complex.

While my husband is the first to admit that he gets called to a lot of “nuisance” calls that take him away from helping others, he would agree that any time that children are involved, it is important for the police to become involved. 1) for safety of both the child victims and the one causing the trouble, and 2) if left alone with no authority interaction or someone telling him this is wrong behavior, a criminal is being born.

I would suggest that you contact the police with the next incident, and also start putting your complaints in writing to the apartment manager so that you have copies of the complaints.

Good luck to you.

Linda asks…

Should you be responsible for safe products or should companies not sell unsafe products?

In a libertarian Republcian world you would be responsible for the safety of food and toys for your kids. Do you have the time and resources to check products yourself or should there be big government regulations stopping lead paint toys before they get to stores? And the bigger question is why can`t our fading generations have the morals to make safe products the first time around?

admin answers:

In my opinion, it is a bit of both. You’re right: companies should be enjoined from selling obviously and egregiously dangerous products (well, dangerous in ways other than that which they were built for in the first place…I can only imagine what some nanny-staters would have us do with chainsaws, etc…). I do not like the idea of extra-flammable baby clothes, for example.

That being said, the extent to which some people think the government should protect consumers from unforeseen consequences is ridiculous. A perfect case in point was Vioxx. The drug had passed every FDA test for safety and efficacy, and was one of the most effective drugs available to help those who suffered from acute arthritis live full, productive lives. Unfortunately, it was eventually pulled because it was shown that if one were to take enough of it to kill a horse, and KEEP taking it at that level for a month, it might give one person in 1000 a heart attack.

Nancy asks…

Questions about the military?

Just a random thought.. I am interested in the benefits of the military and stability of work, but never really knew if all of the training would balance it out. Also, as a child I refused to even consider joining the military because I was your typical punk kid who opposed the government. I am a food safety inspecter (I do health inspections in restaurants) and am going to graduate soon an a Culinary Artist. Also, I am married now.. Any random information anyone can provide me, mostly about what my husband would do, how long you’re gone for, benefits, experience you’ve had, how it’s changed your life? I don’t know anything about different branches. I live in Jacksonville, FL. Thanks.

admin answers:

The benifits are great, but when you know that even in the littlelest of ways you have helped your fellow mankind out in times of need and stuck up for your country thats the greatest reward of them all, and besides you can get in someplace that wouldn’t mean going to a battle field, cooks are always needed forthose hungery men and woman out there seving us…God Bless all that are in the services no matter what branch..

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Your Questions About . Therapy Providence

Sandy asks…

my plans blew up in my face, i need to know some good clubs in providence r.i?

im in pawtucket and had plans to go to therapy tonight, but its more expensive than i thought. other than the complex, what are some good 18+ clubs in providence?

admin answers:

Here is a link to a whole list of places.


Have fun!

Mark asks…

Could Anyone Hire Me From Providence?

I am 22 years old, have a high school education, I live in Pawtucket Rhode Island. I have volunteered at Charles Gate Nursing Home, taking care of the animals, as well as the Providence Animal Rescue Legue. I have experiance in handling animals, cleaning cages, pet therapy, and other things that have to do with Animals. I have also volunteered as a maid at the Japan Language and Cultural Center. So I can also vacuum, clean and organize.

I am trying to earn money for college. So please only serious answers.Thankyou!

admin answers:

If your considering working at home to make extra money so you can go to college, I know a great International (Japan) company to refer you to that will help tremendously. Please see my profile and email me because Yahoo doesn’t like for us to relay links. Good Luck!

John asks…

Can i get into University of Vermont, Northeastern University, Quinnipiac University, or Providence College?

I am a junior in high school, have a 3.48 GPA, 1450 on all SAT parts (but that was first time and definitely going to take them again) and National Honor Society member. Also, i participated on the Track & Field team for 2 years, basketball for 2 years, and football for 1 year. I also have many other clubs as well as working. I have taken AP bio, and plan on taking AP calc senior year. I plan on majoring in physical therapy, or civil/environmental engineering. My math grades have been pretty good for the most part, as well as my science grades. Do you think i can get into these colleges/universities, and what other schools in the north east have a good engineering program and/or physical therapy program?

admin answers:

You need to have a 4.0+ GPA to get into any college of your choice safely. But, you have time to work on your GPA and make sure that you have a very decent SAT score too.

I know this great site, I’ve posted some links for you from that site which would help you.


There you will also get to read reviews written by students who go there and other relevant information (like admission guidelines, contact details). Ideally, this should help you decide.
PS.. Dont forget to have fun while in school..:)

Robert asks…

I need a complete physical and no insurance. how would you go about by going to cook county hospital.?

I loss my medical when my daughter made 19. I am suppose to be on estrogen therapy. I havent .taken my pill in over a year, plus I need a physical inside and out. Im not working and lately I have been having problems health wise. Would I just go in or do you need to make a appointment. Which hospital would be better Cook county or Providence. Both are suppose to county hospitals,.

admin answers:

Try getting a cheap health policy before you go to the hospital. You may want to try a website that compares multiple companies at once to get you the best price. I am paying less than ½ after I did.

Go to:

Take care,

Sandra asks…

Transgender in Rhode Island?

Does anyone know of a psychiatrist (preferably in the north providence to woonsocket area) that i may start seeing so that i can work towards starting a hormone therapy? And do i need to become a patient at a medical center to take hormones? I dont have health insurance, and theres no way that I can afford it =( i can make enough money to pay for psychiatrists and hormones, but i cant afford health insurance.

IDK what to do, i just want to be happy in life =( i just want to be a real girl.

admin answers:

From the list of trans friendly therapists:

Marie D. Sauro, Ph.D.
Wayland Wellness Associates
120 Wayland Ave., Suite 4B
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 829-7527

They are the only one in northern Rhode Island. Keep in mind therapists run about $100-150/hr and per the Standards of Care they need to evaluate you for 3 months before okaying you for hormone replacement therapy. If you’re lucky they may be willing to work on a sliding scale. Also hormones, especially if bought retail (like Walgreens) can be EXPENSIVE.

You sound kind of young, I would suggest you join an on-line support group like this one: They specialize in young transitioners.

P.s. You are a real girl.

Edit: Learn more about transition here:

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Your Questions About Healthy Food Choice Questions

Steven asks…

Is whole grain bread healthy to eat or just better than white bread?

I like eating bread and I know white bread is very very bad for your health (lots of sugar). I also know that wholemeal/grain bread is a healthier choice. My question is, is it a healthy food to eat/snack on OR is it just a better choice if you were going to eat white bread?

admin answers:

Whole grain bread is healthy in moderation, unless you have allergies to wheat or other ingredients in a given loaf of bread, or have gluten intolerance. You may also want to make sure the bread doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavorings, preservatives, etc. Otherwise, it’s great.

Paul asks…

Healthy food question?

I want to start eating healthy and lose some weight. Im a girl, I’m 18 and I’m 5″3′ and 123. My weight varies between 121 and 123. My ideal weight is 115 or less. I do have a lot of muscle mass. I just want to know what better food choices should I make? Ofcourse like everyone I like food so I would like good tasting food options. I recently started playing soccer, so that’s my form of workout. Should I do more than just that?

admin answers:

Aim to eat just meat (beef, pork, chicken), eggs, and leafy green vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage). Of course, don’t beat yourself up if you consume pasta, a bagel, or a banana now and then, but aim for meat and vegetables.

Laura asks…

Please help a teen with healthy food choices?

*note im not trying to lose weight im trying to gain healthy weight*
Well it is sort of embarrassing to ask this but i would like to know. Thank you for taking your time to read this anyways here is my question I am going threw puberty at age (14) and I wanted to make healthy choses. I don’t eat bad foods I don’t eat candy and hadn’t had a pop in 11 months because I realized it was bad for the bones but yeah I’m wondering if a wise adult can tell me what healthy foods I should eat to grow up to be big and strong please answer this with your best advise examples like what fruits and vegetables should I eat or how much of them. and just to let you know height: 54 build:small weight:112 anyways thank you

admin answers:

First of all, let me commend you for being one of the first 14 year olds to think about nutrition that I’ve known! Sounds like you’re well on your way right now to healthy eating because you don’t indulge in sodas and candy, or other sugar heavy items. Gaining weight can happen in a variety of ways, but first you have to see if your frame and body type needs to weigh more than it does right now to be healthy. If you don’t, then consider bulking up by including weight lifting in your exercise regime. You can add a good multi-vitamin and protein shake to the diet and you’ll probably be just fine. Be liberal with your veges and complex carbs and conservative with your meat. Choose proteins that are lean cuts and lower in fat, even if you are trying to gain weight! Eat 5 or 6 small meals a day to keep your blood sugar level and make sure to eat at least 3 fruits a day as well. Since you’re still growing, you’ll need to get plenty of low-fat milk or milk products such as lowfat yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding etc. Also, please remember that you might yet have another “growth spurt” and will find yourself taller or heavier than you are now. Don’t let it bug you, just enjoy these years as much as you can!

Helen asks…

Which food would be the better (healthier) choice? A food with _____. ?

Which food would be the better (healthier) choice? A food with _____.

140 calories with 25 calories from fat

90 calories with 55 calories from fat

100 calories with 30 calories from fat

100 calories with 60 calories from fat

grrrr stupid questions

admin answers:

The first one is the best;_ylt=AjIjzJgVYJosB3T92qxsYarsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081214115652AAq0Rt2

Chris asks…

what fast food restaraunt is the healthiest?

i know it sounds dumb saying fast food and healthy in the same question because no fast food places are healthy, but what place has the healthiest choices?

admin answers:

Subway and Togo’s. You can do wheat bread, no mayo and stack up the veggies at both places. Yumie :o )

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Your Questions About Which Of The Following Substances Is Not A Carbohydrate

James asks…

Which of the following substances is NOT a carbohydrate?


admin answers:

Oil. It is a lipid…

Ruth asks…



admin answers:


Nancy asks…

Which substance is not stored appreciably in the body?

I am stuck on a biology question please help me.

Q.Which of the following is NOT stored in the body appreciably
a. Proteins
b. Carbohydrates
c. Lipids
d. All of the above

I know for sure that lipids is not the right answer.What I am really confused about is proteins and carbohydrates.
I will highly appreciate your help

admin answers:

It has to be proteins, because there are fat deposits in your body, and there are deposits of sugar in the form of glycogen stored in your liver and in your muscles. So it must be A

You guys are all wrong, your liver and your muscles store glycogen (polymer of glucose) they are used when your body needs quick energy, these deposits of sugars are associated with insulin, and glucagon to keep blood glucose levels in check

Donna asks…

I Need Help in Biology review questions, Google isnt working right?

A chocolate candy bar contains the following ingredients. How many calories are in the candy?

Total Fat 11 grams
Total Carbohydrate 20 grams
Protein 6 grams 37 148
203 333

Part 7-7
Select the best answer from the choices provided. (Each question is worth one point)
65. Which of the following is the metabolic pathway in which plants use sunlight to create their own food? anaerobic respiration cellular respiration
photosynthesis metabolism

66. Two friends, Josh and Justin, eat the same amount of food. They are the same weight and height. Yet Josh has 22% body fat, while Justin is 6% body fat. Who requires more energy throughout the day and why? Josh requires more energy because he has more fat. They require the same amount of energy because they are the same weight and height.
Justin requires more energy because he has more fat. Justin requires more energy because he has more muscle.

67. Which of the following substances is NOT a carbohydrate? sugar cellulose
oil starch

68. Carleton consumes a bag of potato chips. According to the nutrition label, there are 10 grams of fat in the bag. How many calories from fat are contained in this bag of chips? 4 9
48 90

During photosynthesis, light absorbed from the Sun reacts with _____ to form _____. glucose and carbon dioxide, oxygen and water water and carbon dioxide; oxygen and glucose
oxygen and water; carbon dioxide and glucose glucose and oxygen; water and carbon dioxide

72. _____ is the loss of electrons. Fermentation Oxidation
Reduction Respiration

73. Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of cellular respiration? Calvin cycle electron transport chain
glycolysis citric acid cycle

_____ is the gain of electrons. Fermentation Oxidation
Reduction Respiration

76. Where does the citric acid cycle take place? chloroplast cytoplasm
matrix stroma

77. Which of the following processes produces the most energy? electron transport chain fermentation
glycolysis Krebs cycle

78. If cellular respiration begins with two molecules of glucose, how many molecules of ATP can be generated? 4 34
38 76

79. Adenosine is a nitrogen-containing compound. Adding phosphate groups changes the compound. If three phosphate groups are added to adenosine, which compound is formed? AMP ADP

What is the M phase? phase of the cell cycle that occurs when the nucleus divides into two phase of the cell cycle that occurs when the cytoplasm divides into two
phase of the cell cycle that occurs when the DNA is synthesized and copied phase of the cell cycle that occurs when the cell is growing and not dividing

82. How many chromosomes are found in humans? 2 23
46 4

83. What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis? Mitosis results in 2 haploid cells; meiosis results in 2 diploid cells. Meiosis results in 4 haploid cells; mitosis results in 2 diploid cells.
Mitosis results in 2 diploid cells; meiosis results in 2 haploid cells. Meiosis results in 4 diploid cells; mitosis results in 2 haploid cells.

84. Which of the following describes reproduction in prokaryotes? binary fission fertilization
meiosis I meiosis II

Part 9-7
Select the best answer from the choices provided. (Each question is worth one point)
85. What happens during the S phase of the cell cycle? nucleus divides growth of cell
DNA is copied cytoplasm divides

86. In humans, a zygote will develop into a male if the _____. egg donates an X chromosome and the sperm donates a Y chromosome sperm and egg both donate a Y chromosome
sperm donates an X chromosome and the egg donates a Y chromosome sperm and egg both donate an X chromosome

87. In which phase does the cell spend the majority of its time? cytokinesis interphase
telophase mitosis

88. A cell that contains half the number of chromosomes is _____. diploid haploid
somatic DNA

89. Place in chronological order the steps for cellular growth and reproduction.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
2, 5, 4, 3, 1 2, 5, 3, 4, 1

admin answers:

All i know in boilogy is a man puts his pee pee in a girls wee wee and they make a poowee poowee

George asks…

1) Which process results in offspring that are genetically unique?

A. cell differentiation
B. mitosis
C. cytokinesis
D. sexual reproduction

2) How are the chemical equations of photosynthesis and cellular respiration similar or different?
A. The two equations are opposites of each other.
B. The chemicals involved in each process are different.
C. Glucose is the starting molecule for both processes.
D. The two equations are identical.

3) Which process takes place in meiosis but not in mitosis?
A. crossing-over
B. cell division
C. metaphase
D. spindle fiber formation

4) A farmer plants soybean seeds in a field and the soybean seeds sprout. When the first leaves of the soybean plants emerge, photosynthesis begins. Which chemical substance serves as food for the soybean plants?
A. water
B. glucose
D. sunlight

5) A soybean plant uses cellular respiration to generate usable chemical energy, released from the cell as molecules of what substance?
A. carbon dioxide
C. glucose
D. chlorophyll

6) The production of egg and sperm cells follows a certain sequence of events. Which of the following lists those events in the correct order?
A. fertilization, meiosis, cell differentiation
B. meiosis, cell differentiation, mature gametes
C. sexual reproduction, cell differentiation, mitosis
D. cell differentiation, meiosis, sexual reproduction

7) Which statement is true about chromosomes?
A. They are made up of DNA wrapped around proteins.
B. They are made during meiosis.
C. They are not involved in mitosis.
D. They are made of lipids and carbohydrates.

8) Scorpions are born live, two at a time, and they immediately crawl onto the mother’s back for protection and care. They remain there for 2 weeks as they grow big enough to take care of themselves. As baby scorpions grow larger, which process occurs in their body cells?
A. Mitosis separates one cell into four cells.
B. Cells divide by mitosis.
C. Meiosis produces all of the new body cells.
D. Meiosis splits the chromosome numbers by four.

9) Scorpions are born with fully developed bodies that have many special parts, such as the stinger on a scorpion’s tail. Which process enables a scorpion zygote to develop into cells that ultimately form different body parts?
A. reproduction
B. cell differentiation
C. cell breakdown
D. meiosis

10) The skin cells of a scorpion organize together to form a hard, protective covering. Which term refers to a group of similar cells working together to perform a certain function?
A. tissue
B. organ
C. organism
D. system

11) How does the number of chromosomes in a female scorpion’s egg cells compare with the number of chromosomes in her body cells?
A. The egg cells have the same number of chromosomes as body cells.
B. The body cells have half as many chromosomes as the egg cells.
C. The egg cells have half as many chromosomes as the body cells.
D. The number of chromosomes in egg and body cells depends on the size of the scorpion.

12) A scorpion’s cells undergo cellular respiration, just as a human’s cells do. During cellular respiration, which process takes place?
A. Oxygen is used and ATP is produced.
B. Carbon dioxide and glucose are produced.
C. Carbon dioxide and water are used.
D. Glucose and oxygen are released.

13) Which compound is released by photosynthesis and is used in cellular respiration?
A. water
B. carbon dioxide
D. oxygen

14) In a cell that is undergoing mitosis, what first happens to the chromosomes after the nuclear envelope breaks down?
A. They replicate to make a new copy of DNA.
B. They are moved to either pole of the cell.
C. They pair up as homologous chromosomes.
D. They line up at the equator of the cell.

15) Which sentence best describes a gene?
A. A gene is a segment of a DNA strand.
B. A gene is a segment of a protein.
C. A gene is a complete protein.
D. A gene is a part of the cell membrane.

admin answers:


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Your Questions About Finger Pinch Test

Maria asks…

Two numb fingers….?

I have recently picked up trying to learn how to play the guitar (whether this has anything to do with it I don’t know) and have noticed that my pinkie and ring finger on my left hand have gone numb and have been numb for about 3 days now. It is also numb on the same half of my palm and back of my hand. Any ideas as to what this might be or what could have caused it?

admin answers:

You may have cubital tunnel syndrome, a pinch nerve at the elbow. A neurologist or physiatrist can perform a nerve conduction test to make the diagnosis.

Steven asks…

Numb fingers?

My hubby and I have been laying tile in our den. The first night 2 of my fingers on my right hand were numb(well not really numb but they have that “tingling” feeling like when your hand falls asleep) – It went away after a few hours. I worked last night and now my fingers still feel that way – What have I done? My hubby suggested that I may be pinching a nerve laying the tile. Will it go away! Its a little scary

admin answers:

I am assuming here that it was your ring and pinky finger. It is likely that your husband is right and you may have pinched a nerve actually it is in your elbow and runs down your arm to your hand and fingers. Other considerations may be that you are beginning to experience early sign of carpal tunnel syndrome or similar affects because of the repetitive motion while laying the tile.. It will take time to heal and there are some thing you can do to help such as not sleeping on your arm or hands and using an ice pack as well as getting a soft exercise ball at your local drug store. If the tingling and numbness continue I suggest you see a neurologist for a nerve conduction test. Save yourself the trouble and time of going to your doc and then an ortho and finally a neurologist. Check out these sites for more info

Michael asks…

Gestational diabetes test?

Ok soI keep hearing you have to be tested for it during pregnancy && im just wondering how they draw blood for the gestational diabetes test because ive heard they draw it from your arm but then I also heard they prick your finger instead…i hate needles!!!

admin answers:

I just got home from my glucose testing for gestational diabetes. I failed the 1 hour test, or in other words I tested really high so today was the 3 hour test. I ended up throwing up after about 30 minutes after drinking the sugar water, so they took blood again and decided I was o.k. And got to go home early, which was nice lol. I still feel queasy though.

For the 1 hour test, your doctor will either send you home with a 10oz bottle of flavored sugar water and have you drink it 1 hour before your appointment, or they will give it to you once you get there and have you wait for an hour in the waiting room and then take your blood. The taste isn’t really too, too bad. It taste like cheap kool-aid. It isn’t all thick and syrupy, it’s got an average consistency, but about half way through it starts getting harder to drink because you need to drink it all right away.

1 hour after drinking the solution, they will do a blood work test, and most likely will draw your blood and take a small vial. I also dislike needles, and it helps a lot if you just look away and try not to think about the poke! After the poke, it’s painfree. And the poke isn’t even too bad, just a little pinch. It really does help a lot though to look away, it’s a mind over matter type of thing for the most part.

If you test high, they will want you to come back in the next week or so for a 3 hour test, so be sure to bring a book, or some form of entertainment. My sister offered to come with, so I had a chatting partner lol, but I (somewhat!) lucked out and threw up and was able to go home with a passing score after only being there about an hour. They will take your blood 4 times. Once before the drink, then three times after drinking it every hour. The drink this time will have twice the sugar, but still tastes the same. It might make you a little sick, but nothing extreme. Many people fail the first 1 hour test, but pass the 3 hour, so don’t worry if you your first one comes out high. It’s pretty common. And unfortunately, they will most likely draw blood for the 3 hour testing as well. But if it makes you feel any better, I got my blood taken twice from the same arm I had the blood taken the original time a few days before. I still had a little bruise and everything, and it didn’t hurt bad at all.

Take care :)

Chris asks…

Why is my ring finger, but NOT my pinky, numb near the tip?

I know the ulnar nerve, when pinched, numbs both of those fingers, but the only thing numb is the outermost digit of my ring finger (and I had a diskectomy when that nerve was pinched for the other side, so it’s doubtful C7-T1 is pinching this one now).

I was doing stuff around the house and carrying heavy, unwieldy bunches of things that might have pinched it, but I don’t remember that happening…

It’s been this way for maybe 24 hours. Any ideas? Thanks.

admin answers:

I recommend you see a neurologist medical specialist for your condition and have them perform a diagnostic test (EMG/NCS). That way, you can find out the nature & extent of the problem and a treatment plan can be formed.

Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Blood Testing? please…im scared?

i have to get blood tests…im only 12 years old.

i dont want the needle in my arm. is it possible to get it put into your finger? can you tell me some more on blood test? im extremly scared

admin answers:

Depends on what they are testing for. If its just a small test they may be able to do a finger prick. But if they need a good sample it will have to be from the arm. Its going to be a pinching feeling, and yes it will be uncomfortable, but it wont be unbearable. Make sure you have someone in the room with you and look away. Dont watch the nurse, look away and talk to your mom/dad. Dont worry its like a pinch, once its in it may burn a little bit but thats as bad as it gets. Its pretty fast, good luck you will be fine!

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Your Questions About Health Trust Jobs

Daniel asks…

how long does a police check normally take as i have been offered a job with our local health trust and i am?

just waiting for the police check before a start date everything else is in medical i passed it and references are in as well its just this one hold up its a hospital switchboard
ilive in belfast so will it take longer

admin answers:

I’m also waiting to start a job as a Support Worker. I had to have CRB checks done for the last ten years. They take ages, I had to pay for my CRB checks to be done and it could take as long as 4 months! I hope to start soon as I’ve been unemployed for 8 months which is far too long!

Jenny asks…

Do you think we should lose our jobs over religion?

The Health Trust and the council have informed staff that if they talk about there faith, they will lose there jobs, do you think this is right?

admin answers:

No. That’s very wrong!

David asks…

Who do you trust more with health care, Unclesam or Insurance co.?

with Govt we do have the power of the vote, But Private insurance co we have no say at all. Also Govt don’t need as much profit as private co. We all get sick and die its just a matter of time. usually when your sick, you lose your job and health care , I know it happen to me. but I was lucky that I served in the army and go VA help. and was happy with Govt run health care, it was the best

admin answers:

We are starting something here you might be very interested in- a new political party where the bylaws of the county primary are voted on by the general public registered voters. All candidates will have their stances on issues, ideas, and promises written down and that’s what we vote for.

If this sounds like something you would want to know more about- you can email me

Ken asks…

How do we trust a man who has less Business Experience than a Paper-Boy reform Health Care?

The Community Organizer said that his Stimulus would create 3 million new jobs by June 2009

He was wrong …he was WAY OFF, and even lost on AVG 600,000 per Month

Now he wants to REFORM Health Care………..WTH…???

BTW: For all Democrats…we, know…it’s all Bush fault…we know, we’ll
hear that until we dump Obama worthless azz in ’12

admin answers:

Obama never did deserve our trust.

Susan asks…

Do you trust someone to reform your health care that is for a single payer?

Listen closely!!

If you don’t understand how our government can pay for health care reform, then you can’t be for a government option.

BHO is for single payer.…

When medicare/mediciad has unfunded commitments over $39 trillion, what makes you think that a third program won’t be broke like the other two?

Look for yourself.

How can we pay for a government option?

If you think health care is free now, wait until it it free.

The UK’s NHS is the third largest employer in the world and we are almost 5X’s larger than the UK.

BHO said a foot amputation the doctor gets paid 30-50K when the truth is it is between 500-2000. If he is off that far on something as easy to figure out as that,


He gave jobs to Van Jones and Holdren and Ezekiel Emanuel.


How is it going to be paid for?

Do you understand that if something is free it is abused? If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it is free.

You can’t insure your health. You can only insure your assets. We have non-profit hospitals that treat everyone and have to in order to keep non-profit status.

What most are against is government taking more and more from us. Medicare and social security have huge unfunded commitments and that is mostly because our government has wasted that money.

Medicare and medicaid have huge unfunded commitments. Don’t you think that gov should show they can keep those solvent before they try a public option for all???

Just because the major cities don’t have non-profit hospitals and many go without treatment there doesn’t mean that everyone should have to suffer and pay more to the government because so many want to live in major cities.

admin answers:

I don’t particularly trust the insurance companies to have my best interests in mind, if that is a consideration in your ramblings.

I don’t know that the proposed changes will be either good or bad, there is so much noise and nonsense floating about that it is impossible to find the truth about exactly what is being planned.

I do know that I consider the absence of basic healthcare for a large proportion of the population of our immensely rich country to be a moral flaw, a bad thing, something that should not exist in our country and which should bring immense shame to all of us but apparently doesn’t.

And I do know from personal experience that other countries provide pretty decent healthcare despite being government run. I do know from family and people I know that state-sponsored medical care (meticaid) in the US is greatly appreciated by those who receive it and gives many people care that would not otherwise be able to afford it..

I do not really understand why so many americans seem to be so strongly set against having decent health care provided to all of us citizens, but there it is. I guess it all gets lost in the noise

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Your Questions About Reading Food Labels

Linda asks…

How many people have you told what “by-product” means?

I work at PetSmart, and contstantly I find myself telling over and over the meaning of “by-product”. I don’t know how people I’ve told HOW to read a dog food label either …

Most people don’t believe me, and continue feeding Pedigree.

Do you know what it means?
How many people have you told if you do know?

admin answers:

Yea it means the left over beaks, legs and crap that isn’t even meat lol. I’ve only discussed it with my boyfriend and a told a few people on YA!s.

Most people don’t care about their dogs as much as we do..
Or don’t believe that cuz it’s on TV it’s a bad food..
Or don’t think buying high quality food is worth it.. (cheap asses)
or don’t know the health problems poor food can create..

Maybe try telling them the benefits of feeding better food.. How it may cost a little more, but cuz it’s full of nutrition the dogs eat less (and poop less), and will have nicer hair, more muscles.. And just be healthier.. Saving vet costs in the future to fix problems caused by the food.. Like gum disease, tooth decay, cancers, skin problems, and even farts lol..

People just aren’t very accepting of new information.. =/ good for you for trying to help out their pets though :)

Chris asks…

How come a food product like blueberrys have no food label?

Blueberrys are a moderate source of vitamins and some chemical compounds or so Ive read. I dont know why they have escaped not having a food nutrition label?
I understand the main purpose of having food labels is to define the contents of the food product like; vitamins;minerals; protein; or calories (just to name a few). Yes; it is a law to have labels but in their beginning it wasnt just the USDA who wanted the labels–there were many grassroots groups that also wanted them. Have a great day.

admin answers:

Because they are made by nature. And unlike other pre-packaged foods, they do not contain artificial flavoring or preservatives that the USDA requires labeling for.

Nancy asks…

Do all vegetables have fiber?

When I read food labels of canned vegetables most of them say there is no fiber in the vegetable, but everyone says they do. I also read the nutrition facts on recipes and even if the vegetables are fresh they do not contain fiber. What gives?

admin answers:

Probably canned are so processed that the fiber content is next to none.
Fresh well of course laden with fiber in certain varieties not all the same ?

Sandra asks…

When did High Fructose Corn Syrup become a key ingredient ?

Almost every food label I read or look at has HFCS as an ingredient.

admin answers:

Not too long ago.. Slowly in the early 90′s when Pepsi and Coke led the charge… When chemicals could be used, without anyone complaining. And it sounded like corn + syrup as named, so many people didn’t think too much about it.. As the soda companies increased profits.

(TV news wouldn’t say a peep, with all the $$$ coming in from soda etc. Companies all day, and all night.)

Sugar companies have gone bust. The long-time Domino Sugar refinery in Brooklyn left, with 300-400 jobs. And now, people are growing to realize that this can harm them, over time.. As can the plastic bottles they’re delivered in.

Robert asks…

How to lose weight with proper food and exercise?

I’m 5’10 male, 26 years old and weigh195 lb, I lost 5 pounds but I want to lose another 20 pounds. But I want to know what should I be eating and what type of exercise I should be doing to lose the weight. I drink water instead of the sugar drinks, I rarely drink soda. I would like to learn what foods I should eat and even snacks to help burn fat while exercising. When I read the nutrition label on foods what key things I should look at. I know calories is one of them. What would be a good calorie range when looking at the food labels. If you guys know any good websites where I can search this that would be great. So far I haven’t found a good one I can read on, because be setting unrealistic things like how to lose 15 pounds in 10 days.

Since I just have a some stomach fat and not huge amount of fat, I should be able to get my abs in months.

admin answers:

Weight loss is possible with the help of exercise and intake of less calorie diet. You have to go for morning walk of 45 minutes every day. You should avoid sweets. Afterwards you have to avoid oily and stuffy foods. Also you should drink a mixture of 1 tea spoon honey and lime juice with one full glass of water. Also you have to drink lots of water. Again you have to walk for 20 minutes at night before going to bed. You can also join dance and gym classes for weight loss purpose.

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Your Questions About Bmi Ranges

Mandy asks…

What ‘s the perfect BMI range for a woman about 5″4′?

admin answers:

Well, you need to define perfect. Everyone has a set healthy and unhealthy bmi range. According to the calculator I just used, your healthy BMI range is 108lbs to 145lbs. BMI calculators are kinda shady way to judge, but they’re mostly fine for the average person. Of course that is just the normal range.

Perfect range varies by each persons definition of perfect. I would say that ideally a 5’4 woman should weigh about 110 – 115, but a lot of women look better weighing more or less than that, so it’s tough to say. That’s just my general range of “ideal” weight for a 5’4 woman.

George asks…

What is a normal BMI range for a female who is 5′ 5″?

admin answers:

Try this site: . It is very helpful.

Paul asks…

Weird Q: Is there a BMI range that is preferable for wearing a bikini?

Thx a mill!
I’m confused because people say I’m skinny, but I don’t feel it. Yet I’d really like to wear a bikini by summer. I’m in the healthy BMI range and I’m a size 5. Do I have a ways to go, or is that alright? I should steadily be getting more toned tho by summer…
Sorry, 5 – 7 depending.

admin answers:

It’s not a weird question – it’s a trick question.
Have you ever seen a bodybuilder in a bikini? Did she look like she shouldn’t be wearing one? According to the BMI “rule” a bodybuilder, who has a high percentage of muscle mass and next to no fat on her body, is overweight. That’s because muscle “weighs” more than fat, throwing the accuracy of the calculation way off.
Bottom line – if others think you would look good in a bikini then you probably will. Forget BMI and go for what you think looks best.

Lizzie asks…

Will having a lower BMI make my asthma better?

I am currently 5’7” weighing about 150lbs. My BMI is in the normal range, but more on the side of overweight than underweight. If I were to lose weight and lower my BMI, do you think my asthma would improve?

admin answers:

Possibly… But it would depend on your asthma. If it’s a condition you developed after gaining some weight, then yes, losing weight would probably help. If it’s a chronic condition unrelated to your weight, then, no… It probably won’t help much if at all.

Jenny asks…

Is it still healthy to be on the border line when calculating BMI?

I am a female
18-23 Age range

According to the NHS bmi calculator my BMI is 18.5

- 18.5 is underweight but what about 18.5?
Yes I very healthy (balanced – no fad diets)- I prefer fruit and veg to chocolate and I do plenty of exercise.

admin answers:

If you are eating healthy and living right, you’re fine. I’m 5’7″ my BMI is around 16.5 bc I have a thinner build genetically. Embrace it girl.

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